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November 9, 2018

Monticello Wine Trail: Moss Vineyards.

    Continuing my journey of (responsibly 😉) drinking my way through Central Virginia! Welcome back to my Monticello Wine Trail wineries posts. Today's is a bit belated- I visited Moss Vineyards over a month ago, when my mom was visiting me. But better late than never for me to share about a winery, right?

     Moss Vineyards is an intimate, family owned vineyard located in deep in the hills of the northern part of Albemarle County. (Albemarle is the county that surrounds Charlottesville, and it contains a lot of the Monticello Wine Trail vineyards!) Moss Vineyards is definitely off the beaten path from the main roads in the county, but it is for sure worth a visit. My mom and I were actually trying to find Stone Mountain Vineyard, but my GPS got confused on the rural mountain roads, so we ended up at Moss!

    What really sets Moss apart from some of the other vineyards is that they really specialize in red wines. I did a wine tasting during out visit, and I'm pretty sure that all but one wine on the tasting menu were red varieties! They do have their own Viognier, which has become my favorite white variety since I moved to Virginia. Their Viognier was just a bit drier than those of other nearby wineries. I have to be honest- I'm not normally a red wine drinker! In the spirit of trying new things, I enjoy sampling different reds during tastings at wineries, but red wines aren't ever my preference. With that said, I enjoyed trying the red wines featured at the Moss tasting! My favorite out of the ones that I tried was the Architettura Reserva, which is a red blend of a few different varieties. This wine won bronze in the Virginia Governor's Cup this year!

     Moss Vineyards seems like it would be a great vineyard for a date. It's a smaller winery and has a more secluded feel to it, and I think that it would be very romantic to sip wine on the porch or in the open air pavilion. Moss really does have stunning views of the mountains- I could have spent hours gazing at them! I'd alsosay this winery is a must-visit specifically to anyone who loves red wine, as this is truly what they specialize in. Moss also has an event venue on-sight to host weddings- and I imagine they are just beautiful!

    I've made it easy for you to browse my past Monticello Wine Trail blog posts- just go to the "Travel" tab on the homepage of my blog, and then click "Virginia Wineries" to read more!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


  1. oh my gosh how fun is this- i love def tasting all sorts of different wines and your choices are great! i love that they specialize in red wines too!

  2. Girl, firstly: love your blog so much! I have only been wine tasting once, and it was this year actually and absolutely loved it! I loved that you shared your experience with us! I hope you had the best time, xoxo

  3. This looks and sounds a wonderful place!

  4. Oooo I'd love to try their red wines!

    The winery looks beautiful


  5. Awe how fun! I love a great vineyard!


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