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September 26, 2018

Midweek Ramblings.

{Outside of The White House this weekend with my DC friend, Mercedes! Follow me on social media @miss_alk} 

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  • Inna Concert: I apologize for sounding super redundant if you watched my Instagram stories about this after I got home from DC, but y'all- I went to one of the best concerts ever on Saturday night! Since high school, I've loved Romanian pop artist Inna. I think I first found her through Pandora back in the day (she hasn't had a lot of success on US commercial radio- which I don't understand since she's amazing!). Anyways, she doesn't tour in the US often, but was doing a few shows this fall, and the one this past Saturday was in DC. It was at the Howard Theater, which is a very intimate venue. The show was incredible! Inna sounds even better live, and her concert was like one giant party. If you like Clean Bandit or Calvin Harris, you'd probably like Inna- her sound is very Europop/house music, and she has a beautiful voice. This September has been kind of a rough month for me, so attending this concert in DC with one of my dear friends was such a blessing! 
  • Fall TV: I get so hyped about fall TV that I dedicated my entire blog post on Monday to this topic! Have you watched any of the premieres yet? The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon both had fantastic episodes on Monday night- and it's a great week for fans of those shows, since both have new episodes again airing tomorrow night! Tonight I'm excited for season three of Star, and the premiere of A Million Little Things.
  • Two Headed Snake: In REALLY creepy Virginia news, a (LIVE!) two-headed snake was found in Virginia this week. I wouldn't consider myself to be super scared of snakes... but now that I know that poisonous ones with two heads are alive in this state... it's safe to say I'm a little worried. Yikes!

Weekend recaps:
  • Last weekend: I had a wonderful little weekend getaway to DC! This has now been my third trip there since I moved to Virginia- I think I'm going to try and keep going once a season. The main reason that I went up was for the Inna concert, but Mercedes and I still made time to tour the Capitol and Library of Congress on Saturday morning, and eat at my favorite restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory! On the way back to Charlottesville on Sunday, I stopped to meet up with a friend of mine from my old retail job in college. All in all, a perfect weekend.
  • This weekend: My mom is here visiting me in Charlottesville right now! I have to work on Saturday (my usual radio schedule is M-F, but some Saturdays I do have to work), but hopefully Sunday after church I will get to do something fun with my mom. Maybe a winery visit?

  • Had to do some shopping at Zara while in DC- one of my very favorite stores! Zara is sadly really hard for me to link for y'all from their website (one of the main reasons I prefer to shop there in-store and not online!), but I've found similar items to what I got. First up is a gorgeous orange sweater dress- this one is very similar!
  • I also purchased a new pair of jeans. Zara jeans are my FAVORITE, and for under $100 the quality is great (many pairs are also under $50). If you have a store near you, take advantage of the great denim! (I wouldn't buy this online as their sizing can run weird from pair to pair.) 

  • A lot of bloggers are super excited this week about the launch of the Something Navy Collection at Nordstrom! This is my favorite piece from the collection.  
  • This is a great staple shirt for fall (pefect for layering) - it's on sale for under $20 right now! That's like NSale pricing.
  • Animal print is all the rage again this fall. These printed loafers are gorgeous! 
  • This Draper James dress needs to get in my closet ASAP.
  • This going-out dress comes in multiple colors, and is under $30! I think the style of it looks a lot more expensive than the price.

Recipe of the week: Crispy Black Bean and Rice Burritos from Gimme Delicious. I know I've shared this recipe before- but it's so easy and cheap to make! When I make this recipe, I love eating the burritos for dinners, and then I will take just the rice and corn/beans from this recipe to work for lunches! 

Song of the week: Yalla by Inna. Obviously sharing an Inna song this week since her concert was amazing! This is one of my favorite songs of hers, and I was so excited she did it at the show. 

On the blog this week:

     xoxo Annaliese  



  1. I'm ready for Fall TV too! Wow, a two-headed snake. I don't like snakes, but this... well I hope to never see one in person.

  2. I have to go check out the new collection of Nordstrom and that black bean burrito recipe looks delish!

  3. Fall shows are the best!! Thank god for DVRS and Hulu so we all don't miss a beat! two headed snake... no thank you!! And I can't wait to move so I can finally go shopping again, trying not to because that would mean more to pack!

  4. Mmm that crispy bean burrito sounds DELICIOUS!


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