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September 5, 2018

Midweek Ramblings.

Cute Lilly Skort

{Showing off my SNS manicure from Anthony Vince Nail Spa in Charlotte! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk

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  • Great nail salon experience: During my trip to Charlotte this weekend, I was treated to a manicure and pedicure at Anthony Vince nail salon in SouthPark. This beautiful nail salon opened after I moved away from Charlotte, so I'm glad I finally got the chance to visit. If you're willing to spend money for self-care on your nails and toes, you'd probably want a relaxing and luxurious experience right? Anthony Vince nail salon provides just that! They have the widest array of colors that I've ever seen, and the decor and environment salon itself is just lovely. Already looking forward to my next visit here when I'm in Charlotte again! There are Anthony Vince salons located all over the US- find your nearest location here
  • My (actual) birthday plans: My birthday usually falls near Labor Day Weekend, so I celebrated it early in Charlotte this weekend! My actual 24th birthday is tomorrow. I finally figured out my day-of plans! I have a fun blog photoshoot with Meredith before work. And after work? NOTHING! 😊And I'm really excited about that. I'm hoping to call a couple of my good friends out-of-state and my parents, and then catch up on some TV on-demand. A relaxing evening at home sounds perfect to me after the craziness of being in Charlotte last weekend! On Friday night after work, I'll be doing something casual with some girlfriends- probably going to the movies! 
  • Funniest Tweet of 2018: I love Twitter- mainly because I'm always on the hunt for funny tweets to make my day a little lighter. This tweet might very well be my favorite of 2018- I keep thinking about it and laughing!!

Weekend Recaps:
  • Last weekend: I spent Labor Day Weekend back in Charlotte! WOW- what an incredible weekend. I was able to see so many of my friends, and I spent time in nine neighborhoods/parts of the metro area, which is quite a feat considering that Charlotte and its suburbs are all very spread out! The highlight of the weekend was going to my favorite rooftop bar and nightclub to celebrate my birthday with friends new and old. My friend Caroline's birthday is two weeks before mine, so we had a joint birthday celebration with her friends and some of mine! Truth be told- I was really sad to leave Charlotte on Monday. I hope and pray that beautiful city will be my home again someday! 
  • This weekend: I have a lot of "adulting" tasks to take care of on Saturday. Sunday morning I'll be going to church (I've missed the past two weeks of services for travels!), and then I'm hoping to check out another winery in the afternoon with girlfriends to celebrate my birthday.

  • I scored some amazing deals in Charlotte this weekend! I got the cutest aquamarine button up shirt on clearance. It's not online- but this shirt is from the same retailer and similar in style! 
  • I am SO excited about this next Labor Day Weekend purchase. I've been wanting a high quality tweed blazer for a couple years now- it's such a good closet staple. I finally found one this weekend. It fit like a GLOVE, and was marked down about 70% off from the original price. SCORE! It is sold out online since it was on clearance, but here is the houndstooth version of the blazer!
  • There's a new Dillard's Clearance Center outside of Charlotte, in Gastonia! I seriously need to write a full blog post on this amazing shopping experience soon, but for now I'll just share what I purchased. Their formal dress department was 60% off original prices, and an extra 50% off the sale prize. INSANE! I found the cutest red cocktail dress- originally $70, for $12!! It is very similar to this dress
  • My favorite find from the Dillard's Clearance Center was the most beautiful beaded cocktail dress- perfect for fall and winter formal events. Get this- it was originally $250- I got it for $40!!!  This dress is from the same designer and is almost identical- mine is just in a darker color (and it's on sale as well!).
  • Not a recent purchase- but wanted to give a shout-out to the dress I wore for birthday festivities in Charlotte this weekend. It's the cutest LBD and under $15!! See it styled in this blog post.

  • I saw this stunning dress in-store this weekend, and it would be perfect to wear to work and church in early fall!
  • These pink earrings are such a statement item! I saw them in-store this weekend and I might consider getting them with my birthday discount that I have for the retailer. 
  • The next practical clothing item that I'm hunting for is a basic black turtleneck. This one is under $15!
  • Now that I have a tweed blazer. I'm on a tweed kick! Loving this classy dress
  • Um... how perfect is this coat for fall outfits? It also comes in light pink!

Recipe of the week: 
  • I was out-of-town for the past two weekends, so I haven't done much cooking lately with from-scratch recipes! (A lot of boxes of Annie's mac and cheese... #noshame) 

Song of the week: Photograph by Ed Sheeran. This song is about a long distance relationship, but for some reason it's the song that I associate the most with how much I love the city of Charlotte. I really resonate with the lyric "Wait for me to come home." I kind of interpret this song as an ode to any type of long distance love- not just a person, but also a special city. Anyways, I had this on repeat on Spotify all weekend! 

On the blog this week: 

     Special birthday/blogiversary post coming tomorrow!!

     God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 


  1. I was so jealous of your IG stories about the Dillards Clearance center- it just looks amazing!! So happy you were able to spend the weekend in Charlotte with all your friends. Happy Early Birthday!! :)

  2. So glad you had a great weekend in Charlotte! I'll have to check out that nail salon the next time I'm home!


  3. Happy birthday! Mine's coming up later this month - yay September babies!
    And lucky you, living near a Dillards! They always have such great deals!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  4. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you have great plans! Staying at home it's not boring at all. For me, if I have cake then I have a good birthday hahaha

  5. Sounds like you had a blast in Charlotte! It's always nice to get away for a little bit.

  6. SOmeone's got a lot on her plate! hope you'll be able to cross of your list and buy all the things you want!

    Sheena |

  7. Happy Birthday!! I feel like the song makes sense, i think you can totally be in a relationship with a city lol!

  8. You've got a lot going on! Happy Birthday! We're in Columbia SC, not too far from Charlotte - guess we better make a trip up there soon :)

  9. Happy birthday! Tweed, plaid and houndstooth is going to be HUGE this fall!

  10. Happy 24th birthday, girl! I have loved year 24 :) I just saw about the Dillards clearance center opening up in Gastonia and I SO want to go next time I am in the Charlotte area. Charlotte has such great shopping!

  11. Your nails are so cute! I've been meaning to find a great salon but there isnt any great ones in my city!

  12. I was supposed to be in Charlotte this weekend. That's so funny! I'm glad you had a great time visiting :)

    -xo, Azanique |

  13. What a fun weekend! I'm loving that polish color too, so pretty!

  14. Omg Annie's mac and cheese... I am craving some now!! Happy Birthday!! Spending time alone on your birthday actually does sound amazing. And so nice you were able to see so many of your friends the weekend before so you've had a nice balance :)

    x Sarah

  15. That houndstooth blazer is SO CUTE!! I'm loving the blazer trend this season. And HBD, girl!!! Hope your 24th year is a magical one 💗

  16. Happy Birthday, girl! Mine is coming soon!


  17. Charlotte is one of my favorite towns to visit! It's so serene and elegant and quintessentially Southern! So glad to hear you've had lovely experiences visiting there!


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