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September 19, 2018

Midweek Ramblings.

{Checking out the beautiful views of Charlottesville last night at the Graduate Hotel's rooftop bar, Camp Ten Four!}

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  • Camp Ten Four comes to Charlottesville: Last night I went to my first media event (on behalf of my blog) here in Charlottesville! This was also the first media event that I've been invited to since I left Charlotte, so I was extra excited. Some of you might remember that I had the chance to do a weekend stay at the Graduate Richmond hotel this summer! There is also a Graduate hotel right here in Charlottesville, and they just renovated their rooftop bar and restaurant. The new bar is called Camp Ten Four, and the menu and decor are themed like a sleep-away camp! I was so excited to be invited to the opening preview party for Camp Ten-Four, and I took my friend Alicia with me. The rooftop views of Charlottesville are beautiful- this would definitely be a fun spot to check out if you're visiting the area. As far as the new menu- my favorite item was the hushpuppies with maple butter, yum!
  • Hurricane Florence's funny meteorologist: It has been so sad to see all of the damage from Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas over the weekend. One funny story though to come out of the bad weather was of a Weather Channel meteorologist giving a very interesting live report... apparently the storm was much worse for him than for some people walking a few feet away. If you haven't seen the clip yet- you must, it's hilarious! 
  • Serial Season 3: The third season of the hit podcast Serial comes back this week! I was obsessed with the first season, although I listened to it a couple years after most people did. I didn't get into the second season, but I'm so excited for the third! This really is the OG True Crime podcast. If you haven't listened to the trailer for the new season yet, this article is a great summary about it! Speaking of podcasts- last year I shared a couple blog posts detailing some favorites, but since then I've found a lot of new podcasts. Would y'all like an updated post on that? 

Weekend recaps: 
  • Last weekend: All rain Saturday and Sunday thanks to Hurricane Florence! I stayed indoors for a lot of the weekend, and binge watched a lot of Superstore on demand. (I can't shut up about this show- I know!) On Saturday afternoon, I went to see A Simple Favor with some girlfriends. I didn't love the movie... but it's always fun to see Blake Lively on the big screen! Sunday morning I went to church, and then stayed in for the rest of the day. 
  • This weekend: Heading out of town- and hoping the weather will be better than last weekend! Looking forward to a girls' weekend with my friend Mercedes, who lives in Washington DC. We have some really fun plans in the works and it will me a much needed fun weekend.

  • No fun purchases this week, since the big Lilly sale was last week! 

  • I need some new jeans for fall! This brand is expensive, but I'm loving this pair for fall. 
  • If you have to dress up for work, a chic skirt like this one would be great for the office in cold weather!
  • I can always use more classy pairs of heels- perfect for church! I love the style of these pumps
  • I received a stunning coat for Christmas a few years ago in a different color. It's back for this winter- but in PINK!
  • If I had gotten to go to NYFW this year, I feel like this rainbow striped dress (paired with some killer heels!) would've been a great outfit. 

Recipe of the week: No Bake Icebox Cake from my blog.  This is an old recipe of my mom's that I love making! I shared the recipe in a blog post last summer. Typically this makes the ideal summer dessert, but last week I was craving it, so I made it again and devoured it! 

Song of the week: The Way I Am by Charlie Puth. CAN'T stop listening to this song!! So catchy- probably my favorite Charlie Puth song yet. A great one to belt out in the car!

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  1. Love that dress you're wearing! AG jeans are definitely pricey but fit so well.

  2. Mmm that cake looks so yummy! I also really want to check out that sounds so unique!


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