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September 10, 2018

AFTER PARTY SALE IS ON!!! My Lilly Pulitzer Try-On + What I Bought!

     Today is the happiest Monday morning for fellow Lilly Pulitzer lovers!! The late summer (early fall?) edition of the twice-annual Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale begins TODAY at 8 am EST on Lilly's website. There was an early in-store preview event on Saturday and Sunday at Lilly Pulitzer stores and signature stores this weekend. Yesterday afternoon, I headed to my local Lilly store to check out some of the APS offerings- and I was thrilled with what I found! I took a ton of dressing room selfies to show y'all how the pieces in this sale fit me, and what I liked/disliked. I'm also sharing my picks for best finds in general for the After Party Sales.

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Guide

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     This was my first time shopping the After Party Sale in-store, and I really enjoyed it. It was fun for me to get to try-on many of the pieces in the sale, and I'm glad that I now have updated sizing info for myself as well! The Lilly Pulitzer APS is final sale, so the more that you know your sizes, the easier the whole process will be. I visited my local Lilly store yesterday afternoon! A lot of the sale merchandise had already been purchased on Saturday (sadly I wasn't able to make it over that day), but there will still a lot of goodies to choose from in many sizes. Here's a look into what the sale racks looked like:

     I took a ton of dressing room selfies of things I tried on to show y'all! Excuse the weird lighting and my mediocre iPhone quality photos (iPhone 6 y'all 😉) - but here are some of the items in the sale! I will be re-updating this post after 8am EST to give direct product links to each outfit! 

     *Margot dress - size XS (Runs LARGE)

     *Essie top - I'm wearing a S but should've worn XS (Runs LARGE)
     *Colette skort - size 4 (Runs SMALL)

     *Tatum Cardigan - size S (Runs true to size)

     *Etta t-shirt - I'm wearing a S but should've worn an XS (Runs LARGE)
     *Adie shorts - size 4 (Runs SMALL)
     Ignore the fact these two prints don't match at all! Lol 😄

     *Tala Romper - size S (Runs true to size)

     *Elsa top - size S (Runs LARGE)
     *Kelly skinny pants - size 4 (Runs SMALL)

     *Elsa top - size S (Runs LARGE)
     *Buttercup shorts - size 6 but should've worn 4 (Runs true to size)

     *Mila shift dress - size 4 (Runs SMALL)

     What I Purchased In-Store:

     *Elsa top in Jet Stream (pictured!)

     *Earbuds in Catch the Wave (my friend Niki gave these to me for Christmas and I loved them so much I wanted a back-up pair!)

      Things I Always Look For During The APS: 

     My Online Sale Picks:     



     The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale will be online through Wednesday, September 12th! It is still happening in stores today-Wednesday as well, so if you didn't make it to the sale preview this weekend, there's still time to go. And friendly reminder- Lilly is always free shipping for shopping online! (Sometimes shipping does take a few weeks with After Party Sale orders due to volume, but it's still free.) Also wanted to give an important reminder that if you are shopping today right when the sale opens, be prepared to wait awhile in the queue! Do NOT refresh your web browser or you will lose your queue number. It's tough to wait it out, but soon enough you'll be let in to shop, and there will still be tons of good stuff!! 

     More After Party Sale fun comes to the blog tomorrow! There aren't many sales that I *heavily* promote on my blog, but I am such a huge fan of Lilly Pulitzer and truly love shopping this sale. I really enjoy sharing everything APS related with y'all for both the end of summer and winter sale! 

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 



  1. OMG LOVE ALL THESE! Great choices! Especially love those blue check pants <3

  2. Ahhh!! So many great picks girl! I need all of these pieces in my closet!

  3. Absolutely love your pink boots! SO cute!

    Xoxo, Ashley /

  4. These pieces look so cute on you, Annaliese! I have a dress in the print of the Elsa you purchased and I absolutely love it!


  5. Lilly Pulitzer always has the most fun prints!


  6. Goodness! You got some great pieces! Love how colorful their style is and you can wear these for next year also.

  7. You are the LP queen! I love those pink scalloped shorts!

  8. Ohh those pink scalloped shorts are adorable!

  9. I love what you purchased! I have the earbuds, and I love them :) I'm glad you had such a positive experience shopping in store. When I did last year, it was unorganized and the pricing was high, but I loved being able to actually try things on!

  10. I LOVE the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale!!! You look so cute in all of your finds. I'm going to have to check out the Kelly skinny paints - the blue plaid is adorable!!!! Lilly Pulitzer is seriously the "happiest" of clothing brands (if that's a thing, LOL). :)

  11. Such cute outfits! You look fantastic! I don't know if I could pull off wearing such bright colors though :)

  12. The outfits are soooo beautiful. love them.

  13. I love the Buttercup shorts you tried on, they are so so cute! I haven't shopped the Lilly afterparty sale but oh my gosh your purchases are so cute and there are soo many great deals!


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