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June 14, 2018

Casual Workwear // What I Wear to Work: Spring/Summer 2018

     I've been having a lot of fun over on my Instagram sharing my work OOTDs most weekday mornings! I love seeing what other bloggers who work full-time wear to work each day, so I figured I'd do the same and share my daily outfits. I started doing this sometimes while I lived and worked in Vermont, but I've been better about documenting this almost daily since moving to Virginia.

     It's really fun for me to put together dressier or more creative looks for some of my outfit posts and photo shoots on the blog, but the reality is that I do have a day job and I definitely don't dress up every day of the week! I do however like to look cute, classy, and colorful each day for work. Radio is an extremely casual industry- truth be told neither my current job nor former job actually had dress codes for radio personalities! Seriously... isn't that crazy? The freeing thing about that is that I can make my own dress code for work! If there ever is a morning where I have a lot going on before work and don't really have time to get ready, I can show up in athleisure clothes and be totally fine. Or on the other end of the spectrum, if I feel like looking really dressed up and wearing a Lilly dress and wedges to work, that's fine too! That's the beauty of making my own dress code. Sometimes I do wish I worked at a job with a business casual dress code and I could wear heels and traditional workwear everyday (I had a business casual internship while in broadcasting school which I loved), but at the same time, I know that a lot of people are jealous of my current dress code situation, so I try and enjoy it!

     So you'll notice that many of my outfits are very casual! Lots of jeans and casual tops and dresses comprise my workwear- and often the things I wear to work are some of the same things I wear on the weekends. With having no dress code at the radio station though, I have had to set a few personal dress code rules for myself. We are allowed to wear shorts at work- but I try to wear them only on Fridays in the summer, or if the weather is like 90+ outside. For skirts and dresses, I use the fingertips test to determine if they're too short for my personal preference to wear to work. Anything below where my fingertips end, I usually don't wear, just as a professional personal preference! And I also try not to wear spaghetti straps or any top that shows a lot of cleavage at work. When I do wear a spaghetti strap top or dress, I always wear a cardigan or jacket over it, and I just don't think anything that shows a lot of cleavage belongs in any type of workplace- casual or not!

     Alright- let's get to it! Here are most of my work outfits from May. A lot of the things I'm wearing are older pieces from my closet, but I've tried to link similar items for everything:

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Casual Work Outfit - spring / summer

I love wearing casual dresses to work in the warm months! Originally from this August 2015 blog post.

SIMILAR PIECES: Dress // Jean Jacket // Necklace // Shoes //

I bought this dress at a Charlotte boutique for The Blog Societies Conference that I went to in 2016. I still love wearing it because it's so colorful! Originally from this August 2016 blog post.

SIMILAR PIECES: Dress // Cardigan

Everything I'm wearing here has been on the blog before- I'm obsessed with this kimono! I actually bought it while studying abroad in France. An outfit similar to this from this May 2017 blog post. 

SIMILAR PIECES: Kimono // Top // Jeans // Earrings // Necklace {exact linked} // Sandals // 

Lilly for Target was three years ago now, but I'm still obsessed with both dresses I bought from that collection! This is about as dressed up as I'd get for work in the summer. Originally from this April 2015 blog post.

SIMILAR PIECES: Dress // Sandals // 

I liked wearing this dress at the end of winter in Vermont with tights and a coat (back when I was craving spring!), and it's been great to wear here in Virginia for nice weather too! Originally from this February 2018 blog post. 

I've worn this striped dress multiple times a week in spring and summer since I bought it two years ago- it's such a closet staple! Originally from this July 2016 blog post.

SIMILAR PIECES: Dress // Jean Jacket // Sandals // Scarf // 

A very casual jeans look! I ended up doing denim on denim and wearing my favorite jean jacket with this because I'm always cold at work with the AC. 

SIMILAR PIECES: Tank // Jeans // Sandals // Necklace //

A cute shorts outfit for a very hot day in Charlottesville! I tried to dress up these shorts and make them a little more dressy by pairing them with wedges and one of my favorite white blouses. My top originally from this June 2016 blog post. 

Pink and navy is a color combo that I really do love but don't wear as much as I should. This little scalloped leather blazer from Zara is a favorite item in my closet, especially for work! It's originally from this May 2017 blog post. 

SIMILAR PIECES: Jacket // Tank // Jeans // Sandals //

Here's a Casual Friday outfit from a couple weeks ago! I love mixing old and new pieces from my closet for work. This denim skirt is new, and I've had this button down top for I think four years? This skirt originally from this May 2018 blog post. 

     Please let me know if you enjoyed this type of look into my work wardrobe! I'm happy to do another post like this for the fall and winter months. And in the meantime, you can keep up each day on my Instagram Stories

     Have a great rest of the week! I have posted only three times each week on the blog this week and last... things have been so busy for me over the last few weeks. I haven't had much time to breath between work, social commitments, and some not so fun stuff like car maintenance and doctors appointments! I'm so excited though to be working on a very fun blog collaboration in Richmond this weekend... and to be getting back to posting four times a week soon! 

     God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 


  1. How nice to have such freedom with work clothes! I feel like a lot of jobs in DC is more formal - even girls wearing Lilly Pulitzer dresses would stand out a bit. At least in my office, a Lilly dress is too casual.

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  2. How fun!! I work at home so I don't really have a dress code either but mostly I'm in athleisure clothes and pajamas, lol. I love royal blue on you!

  3. Loving them all! Great style
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  4. So cute! My work doesn't have an official dress code either-- which is odd because I work at a college! I set my own rules on my outfits though: no denim or shorts unless it's Friday (I can wear a college t-shirt with jeans/capris), and no leggings/tunics unless it's winter outside and I pair them boots. I always wear cardigans, which helps with the bare shoulders too!

  5. You seriously have the cutest work outfits! I love those blue scalloped shorts!

    The Classic Brunette


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