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June 4, 2018

My Summer 2018 Bucket List!

     I have my Instagram friends to thank for the theme of today's post! Last week I was feeling a bit stumped for what to write about for the topic of today's blog (I pre-write my posts a few days in advance), so I posted a poll on IG Stories asking which you'd rather read between two post topics. My Summer Bucket List was the clear winner- so here you go! I'm excited to share this today, and these outfit details as well. These photos were taken a few weeks ago, back when all of the spring blooms where still going strong in Charlottesville.

Shein Summer Outfit

Blue and White Crop Top Matching Set

Blue and White Striped Bow Top

Blue and White Matching Crop Top Set

Blue and White Stripe Tropical Outfit

Photography by Lacey Botteon

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Crop top & shorts set c/o // Shoes // Earrings c/o // Necklace {old, similar here} // Sunglasses // Bracelets c/o // Purse {old, similar here} // Lipstick // 

     This little crop top and matching shorts set is from Shein! I've worked with them on my blog to style and review their clothing for a couple years now. Generally speaking, despite their very low prices, I usually like most of the items that I get from this online store. This top and shorts was a miss sadly, It did photograph well in these pictures, but I found the quality of the fabric to be terrible, and the zipper was so poorly made on the shorts that they didn't zip fully! So I actually wouldn't recommend this.... if you do want to buy it for like a beach vacation, expect that you're getting what you pay for! But generally- I do really like Shein. 

     Alright, onto my summer bucket list! Sharing a few things that are personal goals for the summer, and some things that relate to life in Charlottesville and Virginia. I'm planning to put together my first ever 1001 in 1001 style bucket list for my birthday and blogiversary in September, so consider today's bucket list a little preview for that!

      My Summer 2018 Bucket List

      Personal Bucket List:
  • Try one new recipe a week - either a dinner, snack, or dessert recipe! (I haven't been as creative in my cooking since moving and want to step up my game again!)
  • Find a new primary care doctor in Charlottesville and make an appointment, and make an appointment with my new dentist for a teeth cleaning. 
  • Begin my 401k savings account once I become eligible through work (and if eligibility date is later in the year, put the money I would put into that into my remaining student loan during this summer!).
  • Work out three times a week - either at my apartment gym, playing tennis, or going for a long trail or neighborhood walk. 
  • Find a new-to-me show to watch this summer on Netflix.
  • Finish (re-watching for me) Season One of Hart of Dixie on Netflix with my friend Becca- we are watching together!
  • Read a minimum of three books each month.
  • Call my grandma at least once a week.
  • Host my housewarming tea party in my new apartment.
  • Host friends from out of town at least once a month at my apartment!

Charlottesville / Virginia Summer Bucket List:
  • Plan an overnight trip to see one of Virginia's beaches.
  • Visit one new-to-me hiking trail somewhere in the mountains. 
  • Find a local nature walking trail in Charlottesville for weekly walks.
  • Drive more of the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  • Visit 12 wineries (by the time summer is over) on the Monticello Wine Trail!
  • Go to a polo match at King Family Vineyards.
  • Go to Sunset Series at Carter's Mountain Orchard (Thursday night concert series).
  • Shop at Short Pump in Richmond (the nicer shopping district, similar to Charlotte's SouthPark).
  • Go tubing on the James River.
  • Continue meeting weekly with my women's Community Group at my new church.
  • Continue participating in monthly service projects with my new church.

     Historically speaking, when I share things on the blog it does hold me pretty accountable to getting them done! So hopefully since I shared this with y'all, I'll be able to report in September that I checked all the items off. 😊Have you made a summer bucket list this year? If so- what's on it?

     Even though today's post focused all about my new life in Virginia, in an upcoming post this week I'll be taking y'all back to Vermont1 I'll be sharing a travel guide specific to visiting the Burlington, VT area in the summer months. Vermont of course is a popular state to visit in the winter with the plethora of ski resorts in the state, but it also makes for a very unique and different type of place to go to for summer vacations as well. I might not have had the best experience living there as an actual year-round resident, but I think Vermont could be great for a certain type of summer vacation, so I am excited to share some recommendations from my time living there later this week on the blog!

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 


  1. Your summer bucket list sounds amazing girlfriend!! Also, this outfit is AMAZING!!!!

  2. I can't wait to hear about all the new places you're planning on going to and discovering over the summer in Virginia!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  3. Great bucket list! My friends and I are planning a tubing trip as well, though in Harper's Ferry.
    Also, I love your matching co-ords!

    xo, Deborah
    < Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  4. Good for you for making it a goal to work out 3 times a week! I aspire to be that disciplined. Have a lovely week!

    Ashley |

  5. This set is super cute! I love the light color! Your Summer bucket list looks super packed! I should make one cause I have nooo idea what I will be doing, haha!

    xo, Chloe //

  6. Both lists sound like excellent bucket lists. I hope you check them all off by the end of the summer. And that top is so fun with the out of the box sleeves. You look great and like you are more then ready for summer!

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  7. wow, seems like your list is so extensive!! i wish you all the best in completing it <3

  8. What a fun list! Love the idea of visiting all the wineries!

  9. What a fun bucket list- I've heard so many good things about Short Pump! Love your outfit too!


  10. That shorts and crop top is so cute! I went tubing in a river a while back so I need to go again.

  11. Love your summer bucket list! As a lifelong VA resident, I can definitely recommend Virginia Beach. While the Oceanfront is a typical touristy beach (think Myrtle Beach but more low key) I definitely recommend Sandbridge, which is part of Virginia Beach that mostly just locals and renters go to! It's such a beautiful area!

  12. Oh girl you look amazing, those shorts are beyond adorable. Your bucket list looks so good!!

  13. On my summer bucket list I have a trip to Greece (which unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to do but to dream about doesn't hurt!!), a lot of days at the beach, some bbq with friends!

  14. That's a great buck/to do list. I always like having actual adult productive things on my bucket lists.

  15. Hart of Dixie is such a good show! I completely forgot about it lol. I need to re-watch!


  16. You’ve got a great summer ahead of You with this list! Can’t wait to follow along!

  17. You look so gorgeous, Annaliese!! Good luck checking everything off your Summer bucket list!


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