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February 6, 2018

Ultimate Vermont Bucket List.

     I've mentioned having a "Vermont Bucket List" a few times on the blog since I moved last April- but I've never actually shared it.... that's changing today! I've always been a big bucket list maker- I love the idea of setting goals, both professional ones and fun ones, and working towards accomplishing them. (I wrote a big bucket list blog post in my first year of blogging, and since then I've accomplished many of the things on that list, which is so cool to me!)

     I decided to make a specific one for life in Vermont, as a way to try and get excited about my time here in my new home state. It's probably not a surprise to you if you've read my blog for awhile that transitioning to life in North Carolina for college was much easier for me than re-adjusting to New England life here in Vermont. Even though my current location isn't what I see as my forever home, I'm all about keeping a positive attitude, and the best way to do that is by celebrating the cool things around you. Every place has something to offer- I truly believe that! (Trust me... if I can find cool things here in Vermont, you can definitely find them wherever you live!) Without further ado, here's my list of things to accomplish, try, and experience while living in Vermont. Some of these are seasonal, and some things can be done at any time of the year. The items crossed off are things I've already done in the past 10 months!

Ultimate Vermont Bucket List

     *Go apple picking

     *Visit one of the Burlington area breweries (Goodwater Brewery in Williston and Citizen Cider in Burlington, both June 2017)

     *Find a new church home in Vermont (June 2017)

     *Learn my way around Plattsburgh, NY (biggest town in Upstate NY across Lake Champlain) (First visited in May 2017, learned my way around in September 2017)

     *Drive all of Route 2 through Champlain Islands in Lake Champlain (July 2017, when my friend Ciera from Charlotte was visiting Vermont)

     *Ride the Gondola up Mt. Mansfield in Stowe (September 2017, with my mom on Labor Day)

     *Go downhill skiing  (January 2018)

     *Go cross-country skiing

     *Visit this library/opera house in Derby, VT that is half in the US, half in Canada

     *Visit The Vermont Country Store (October 2017)

     *Attend an event to celebrate maple sugaring season (between March-April)

     *Tour the Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory (April 2017)

     *Tour the Cabot Cheese factory 

     *Visit a Vermont winery 

     *Shop at the Manchester, VT outlets 

     *Day trip to Middlebury, VT

     *Do the sunset cruise on the Spirit of Ethan Allen III boat on Lake Champlain (August 2017 with my dad)

     *Walk the entire Colchester Causeway path along Lake Champlain (June 2017)

     *Visit the Champlain Valley Fair for fun/not for work (All employees at my radio station have to work a few shifts at the fair)

     *Day trip to Lake Willoughby

     *Day trip to Greensboro, VT in the Northeast Kingdom region to visit the bed and breakfast I grew up vacationing at with my parents (June 2017, with my dad for Father's Day)

     *Go on a solo drive to enjoy the foliage during "peak week" in the fall (October 2017)

    *Watch a movie at the drive-in theatre in Colchester (preferably on a date)

    *Go sledding

    *Visit the Burlington Farmers' Market

    *Have a full night out in downtown Burlington with new Vermont friends (I went to karaoke in November with a few new friends but it was only for a couple hours so I'm not counting this one just yet!)

     *Go kayaking on Lake Champlain (August 2017, with my dad)

     *Discover a state park (July 2017, Sand Bar State Park)

     If I'm adding all of this up correctly, that's 13 items checked off out of 28! Not bad for just 10 months here in Vermont. I definitely have some more things that I can work towards this winter, especially the seasonally appropriate things like cross-country skiing, sledding, and the local maple sugaring season events which will be coming up soon!

     I don't think I ever shared my bucket list for my years living in Charlotte- although I did have a virtual one for my time there as well. I'd be happy to still share that if y'all are interested! I'd love to know as well if you have a bucket list for life in your city or state. Let me know in the comments!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese



  1. Such a fun list of things to do! I've never been to a drive-in theatre, so that would be fun to do!


  2. Love how specific your bucket list is. So many super fun things to do!!!

    Hub City Girl

  3. Okay I'm SO jealous of the Ben & Jerry's factory tour!! What was it like??? {Foodie dreams}

  4. That's awesome that you've got almost half your list crossed off already! Hope you keep going!

  5. I have never even thought about going to Vermont (I live way south) but this sounds fun!

  6. Like Nicole, I'd love to go to Ben & Jerry's factory since that's my fav ice cream haha.

  7. oh, love this list you put together!! i didn't know ben and jerry's were from vermont haha

  8. You've done so many in such a short time! At this rate you'll finish everything by the end of the year!

  9. I've never been to Vermont, but I can tell you the first thing I would do is visit the Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory. If I ever do go I will reference your very comprehensive list!

    April |

  10. I love bucket lists! You've checked so many things off! Great work!!

  11. Wow you've done so much already! Good luck on crossing the rest of these off your list - they all sound so fun!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  12. I think you've done more than me & I've lived here my whole life! I need to check some of these things off too!

  13. love that you made a list of the things you want to do & are checking them off for all of us to see! my boyf keeps talking about taking a wknd trip to vt, if we do, I know where to go for ideas of things to do! x, nicole //

  14. Love this! I would love to go apple picking and to a drive-in theater too!

  15. This has inspired my husband and I to make a "new england" bucket list for our last few years here! Great idea!

  16. Drive the through Smugglers Notch in October! Try fly fishing!


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