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February 7, 2018

Midweek Ramblings + Recent Purchases + Current Wishlist.

{Burlington's shopping and restaurant area, The Church Street Marketplace, all lit up on a Friday night! Follow me on social media @miss_alk}

  • Fancy Saturday Night: One place that I've been turning to lately to find local things to talk about on the radio is Eventbrite. Some weeks in Vermont (especially being winter) there's not a ton going on, but other weeks I've learned about some cool things that I wouldn't have heard about otherwise. Anyways, a few weeks back I saw a fun semi-formal type event being advertised on Eventbrite and I got really excited! Things like this are kind of a rarity here in Vermont, and if you know me you know that I never turn down a chance to get dressed up! A couple of my new friends and I went to it on Saturday night and it was really fun! I couldn't believe it was the first time I have had a reason to get dressed up since moving to Vermont (well a reason that wasn't taking pictures for the blog 😉). If you're feeling in a bit of winter rut like I've been, take a look at Eventbrite or the Facebook events for your community. You might find something fun and unexpected like I did! 
  • A new skill: So this is something that's probably kind of lame, but was exciting to me that I realized last week! I was driving in downtown Burlington, and instead of opting for the parking garage like I normally do... I decided to try parallel parking. I almost had it the first time, and was in the spot perfectly the second try! As much as I'd like to think it's a strong skill of mine, driving in general is probably not one of my strong suits, and for years I've been terrified of parallel parking. Since moving to Vermont, I've had a lot of chances to attempt it in downtown Burlington. There's so little traffic there generally that's it's a pretty stress-free place to get good practice at parallel parking. I was so proud that the months of attempting it have apparently paid off, lol! 
  • Rapping nursery rhymes: This was the funniest thing that I saw online this week. Rapper Post Malone appeared on a Youtube video series, and was challenged to rap a nursery rhyme in the style of rap group Migos. I was laughing so hard watching this!!  

Purchases: I am in the final week of a month long shopping fast, so no personal purchases this week! I'm getting excited to do some shopping later in February.

  • Okay if I was headed somewhere warm and tropical soon I would definitely order this adorable little set!! (Sadly I think I would stick out like a sore thumb if I wore this in Vermont, even if I wore it in the summer.)
  • Ummm this is the cutest and most practical shirt for spring!! I definitely might order this after my shopping fast is over! 
  • It will still be very cold for about two more months here in Vermont, and as spring technically gets closer I'd love to start figuring out more ways to wear spring colors in my wardrobe, without sacrificing comfort in the cold. This adorable preppy vest would be perfect to wear in March/April here in Northern New England.
  • It's been awhile since I've invested in a classic pair of hoop earrings. I love the knot detail on these- it adds a fun touch! 
  • This embellished crossbody bag would be so cute to wear as wardrobes transition into spring, and I think it definitely has designer elements to it! 

Recipe of the week: My Favorite Matzo Ball Soup (blog post here!). I had a big recipe fail this week which I talked about on Instagram Stories, so the best thing I made this week was a tried and true favorite that's actually one of my own recipes, a delicious matzo ball soup! If you're looking for the perfect soup that's comforting and warms you up on winter days, this is it.

Song of the week: She Loves Control by Camilla Cabello. This week I finally listened to some more songs from Camilla Cabello's new debut album. Some of them are a little slow for my taste, but I LOVE She Loves Control! It's so catchy and fun. I added it to my Workout playlist on Spotify and have been loving hearing it at the gym this week. 

On the blog this week:

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. I totally feel you on being somewhere warm and without snow!!! We had such a nice January in Chicago and now we're paying for it :.(

  2. I haven't parallel parked since my college days -- I don't know if I could even do it anymore. LOL!

  3. I'm so over the cold weather!! I'm pulling out all of the spring colors and pastels today because I'm done with wearing winter clothes! I'm hoping it will warm up soon, but who knows.


  4. Ahhhh I’m so jealous of the parallel parking! I’m a HORRIBLE parallel parker and will go out of my way to avoid it haha.

  5. Omg, I cannot parallel park to save my life. You go girl for figuring it out.

  6. congrats on being able to parallel park!! i actually enjoy it when there aren't any cars around me waiting but when there is it starts freaking me out a little xD

  7. Eventbrite is such a gem! Love how you were able to discover something new, that's such a great place to look.

  8. OOO love the recipe of the week! That's so cute!! XO

  9. I have to parallel park everyday for work so by now I'm a pro haha! I can do it in no time flat and in pretty tight spots, so it's funny watching people try to sometimes!

  10. I’m impressed with your month-long shopping oratory him! And I just learned about eventbright myself. It was so nice to learn about all the fun events in my community.

    April |

  11. I'm soooo ready for spring it's not even funny! Bring it!

  12. Yay for spring coming! I love a good snow though!

  13. Proud of you for committing to not shopping this month! I'll admit, it's not something that I'm even attempting to do because I definitely know myself and I know that I'd break it haha although I am trying not to spend too too much this month. It's just hard when my boyfriend's birthday is 7 days before Valentine's Day haha

    Logan |


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