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February 20, 2018

#IHaveThisThingWithPink: Winter Edition

     Confession time: my favorite color is blue, and if we're getting specific it's the gorgeous aqua hue that is Tiffany Blue. However- you'd probably never know that based on how much I enjoy incorporating pink in my wardrobe! Last summer, one of my favorite outfit posts that I shared I entitled #IHaveThisThingWithPink. Today's outfit reminds me of a winterized version of that look! 


Pink Sweater Dress Outfit

Winter Hot Pink Outfit

Hot Pink Sweater

Hot Pink Hunter Boots in Snow

Photography by Melissa Lynn Studios 

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     I found this sweater dress during my New Year's trip to Indiana, marked down for just $10!! I didn't even think twice before snatching it up. I'm all about adding color into my Vermont winter wardrobe, and if I can do it for just $10 that's even better. My exact sweater dress sadly isn't online, but this one is and it's pretty similar! My new Hunter boots are a shade darker than the sweater dress, but I love styling different coordinating shades of pink together. This was such a fun winter way to wear a bright hue, and it sure brightened my day to wear this outfit! For photography purposes I didn't wear tights or leg warmers with this outfit, but for wearing an outfit like this to work in the winter I probably wouldn't have bare legs! 😉

     I hope that you enjoyed your President's Day weekend! My company does observe the holiday, so since I had the day off yesterday I decided to take the day off from the blog as well. I also want to give a reminder that today is your last opportunity to take my blog's annual reader survey if you haven't yet! You can take it here.

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese




  1. My favourite colour is blue as well! Nonetheless, I do love a bit of pink in my wardrobe. You look so cute! I could never wear a dress without tights in winter - sooo cold! Respect ;)
    xx, Theresa

  2. I've been incorporating more pink into my wardrobe lately! The sweater dress is so cute!


  3. Somethings about your boots, dress, and lip color just brought such a smile to my face!! It's like your outfit is walking love and joy!! :-)

  4. Pink is the best! Love seeing the bright colors in the middle of winter too. And those boots!! I had no idea Hunter made pink ones!

  5. oh wow this looks amazing!! pink totally suits you, i wish i could wear such a gorgeous shade during this time haha

  6. This outfit is so perfect! The pink is so flattering on you!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

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  8. Oh my gosh, this look is SO cute! I love how happy it is--a perfect way to bring in a little spring while it's still cold out there.

    Molly // Miss Molly Moon

  9. How did I not know we have the same favorite color!? Aqua is the best! Also loving this pink on you- it screams Annaliese!

  10. I'm obsessed with pink. Always have been and always will be. Loooove your outfit.

  11. You look so adorable!
    I'm really into those necklaces!
    The Critical Babe

  12. I NEED this sweater dress - love how you layered it w/ a furry vest! x, nicole //

  13. all of this pink steals my heart!

  14. WOW Annaliese you look gorgeous wearing your pink Dress and i'm totally in love with your pink Wellingtons you look really adorable wearing them and buying a pair of pink Wellingtons is deffo on my to do list, my boyfriend will love them.


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