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February 27, 2018

3 Ways to Get Nordstrom Gift Cards for FREE!

     Today I'm sharing a few of my secrets to getting gift cards for shopping online or in-store at everyone's favorite department store! 

How to get Nordstrom Gift Cards for FREE!

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     Nordstrom is definitely one of the top retailers of choice in the fashion blogging world these days. I'm personally more of a Nordstrom Rack fan than a true Nordy girl, but don't get me wrong- there are lots of things that I love about regular Nordstrom as well! I definitely look forward to the big Anniversary Sale every July, and some of my favorite purchases in my closet have been made during this sale. I really appreciate how Nordstrom carries hundreds of the best brands- everything from high-end designer labels, to their affordable house brands like BP. There's something for everyone!

     Affordable fashion has always been a focus of this blog, and as much fun as retail therapy can be, it's always better to choose financial security over an impulsive shopping spree. If you are on a tight budget either because of being a full-time student, paying off loans or debt, or working at a job that's making it hard to make ends meet, these are the types of things that need to come before blowing a ton of money in things like the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Sometimes with the consumerism side of fashion blogging it can be hard to remember that! (It can even be hard for me to do so for myself!) Anyways, it's a lot better to feel guilt free about shopping at one of your favorite stores if you're shopping with gift cards that you got for free! Today I'm giving you my three life hacks for getting free Nordstrom gift cards. Because here's to #TreatingYoSelf... responsibly of course!

      1. Getting a Nordstrom credit card for store purchases: This one probably seems like a given, but it just makes sense it you enjoy shopping at Nordstrom! Their credit card has so many advantages, first and foremost the fact that all purchases give you the chance to earn Nordstrom Notes (gift certificates). There are also many double and even triple points shopping days throughout the year for cardholders, so if you're shopping at those times with your Nordstrom Card you're even closer to your next Note. I don't spend enough at Nordstrom to become a high level card holder (I'm just a Level 1), but even so I've already earned a few Notes for shopping in the two years that I've had my card.

     2. Redeem your regular credit card rewards for Nordstrom gift cards: This will be a whole separate blog post topic... but if you're using a debit card or cash instead of a credit card for your daily purchases.... STOP that ASAP and get yourself a no fees rewards credit card of some type. There are tons to choose from. Last year, I had enough credit card rewards accumulated from one of my regular credit cards to redeem for Nordstrom gift cards that covered most of my Anniversary Sale purchases! Most no-fee rewards credit cards have a marketplace that you can redeem your points for gift cards in. You can usually redeem them on all types of things (gift cards for restaurants, retailers, travel, etc), and last year I chose to redeem most of my points towards Anniversary Sale purchases!

      3. Sign up for a reputable online survey panel: Here's the last way that I've been earning free gift cards to shop at Nordstrom this year, and probably my biggest #LifeHack way out of the three. I've been quite open here on the blog that during my first months in Vermont last year, outside of work and blogging I really didn't have much of a social life. That gave me a lot of free time that I didn't know what to do with, so one thing that I started doing for awhile was taking online surveys through a reputable panel. There are lots of scammy survey websites which can end up doing more harm than good to your computer, or don't actually pay or reward you for taking them... BUT there are also many reputable websites too. I did my research and joined one of the larger survey platforms, and then started doing one or two every weekday, which would take me approximately 30 minutes. On the platform I use you earn points for taking surveys, and once you have a certain amount you can redeem them either for Paypal cash, or gift cards. I redeemed my points for Nordstrom gift cards so I could treat myself! To date, I've earned $75 in Nordstrom gift cards from online surveys. That's not bad for something easy, free, and not super time consuming. I bet if I was taking more surveys a day and also doing them weekends, I could be earning even more points and then gift cards!

     If you're interested in signing up for the survey panel that I use, email me and I'm happy to refer you!

     So those are my three tips for getting gift cards to shop for free at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack! Do you have any hacks for getting gift cards to your favorite stores? Share below! I'm also linking a few of my current Nordstrom favorites:

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese



  1. I love my Nordies card! It's fantastic at giving you money to shop in the store! Thank goodness for Notes, right?!?! I think I just used $50 the other day!

  2. Girl you know I love FREE! Thanks for the three easy ways to get a giftcard!

  3. ahhhh i loveeee nordstrom andddd freeee! haha! I definitely don't use my notes or CC rewards and things as effectively as I could for getting more gift cars from Nordstrom

  4. WOW these are all such great tips! I really should look into getting a Nordstrom credit card!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  5. Ooooh such a good idea to sign up for a survey site! I always use my general CC points towards paying off my balance but I ought to look at getting some gift cards too.

  6. I love taking surveys on survey sites haha. Such a fun way to earn a little extra cash. :)

  7. hmmmmm... i might have to join their rewards program.... ><

  8. These are very great ideas. I need to look into these. I love Nordstrom but don't shop there too often.

  9. i love nordstrom, i'll have to look into these tips to save me some money!

  10. I'd love to know what survey panels you're a part of. I participate in a couple different ones that I like a lot. I love earning some extra spending money on the extras it's so nice!

  11. I have a serious Nordstrom obsession, lol! I love the Nordys notes, they're like Christmas morning! ;)

  12. Love these tips! I will definitely have to look into them. I could not afford to shop at Nordstrom without some gift cards hahaha

    Kayla |

  13. Great tips! Having a Nordstrom card is the best! Love me some Nordstrom notes.


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