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August 21, 2017

Sunny Yellow Dress + Self Care in Busy Weeks.

     Summer isn't over just yet, and there's still time to wear your favorite sundresses! Today I'm styling this gorgeous yellow off-the-shoulder dress, and also sharing a few easy tips for self care during busy work (or school) weeks.

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      Well, the warm summer weather sure waited until the last possible second it seems to make its debut here in Vermont! While June and July were surprisingly and disappointingly cold and rainy months, August has had its fair share of warm and humid weather. Unfortunately for me, work has really picked up this month so I haven't been able to be outside as much as I was in earlier months, but so is life I guess! At least the weather was warm and beautiful on the day these photos were taken. 😊

     This beautiful yellow off-the-shoulder dress surprised me in so many ways! It's from my favorite lower cost online retailer, and their items can always be hit or miss- a risk that you take when order things at such low price points. But this dress is made of thicker (not see-through) material, and is overall a really great quality! I hadn't previously owned too many things in yellow, I find it to be kind of a hard color to wear and style. But I thought this dress paired beautifully with some turquoise accessories and rose gold jewelry, and I ended up loving this look! Wouldn't it be a perfect look for a late summer date night, or a nice dinner out on an end-of-summer vacation?

     Moving onto a different topic, I wanted to talk for a little bit about the importance of regular self-care! I mentioned this briefly in last week's posts, and I'll be able to go more in depth about what all is going on in posts to come in September, but the short story is that work has been crazy for me in the past two weeks. Part of that was due to the fact that I had to fill in on other radio shows for some coworkers who were taking their summer vacations, in addition to doing my regular show and job duties. But the larger part of the craziness is that some things (good things!) are changing at work soon... and that combined with my fill-in duties, and having my first ever weekend off in between... meant it was a crazy two weeks! The best way not to let work overwhelm you is to make a little time for self-care. Of course, the same can also be applied to busy seasons in school if you're still a full-time student. I remember very well how killer midterms and finals weeks were!

      I have some favorite more "luxurious" and time consuming self-care activities, such as getting a pedicure at a nail salon, but in super crazy weeks sometimes you physically don't have time to do things like that! So below are a few very simple, affordable and not super time consuming self-care ideas. Perfect for extra busy weeks!

     *Buy your favorite treat or adult beverage at the grocery store - I love to bake and cook, but during busy workweeks the last thing that I want to do when I get home is whip up a treat to eat. If life is stressing you out, treat yourself to taking home your favorite junk food treat or adult beverage! I'm not a big drinker in my home, so my favorite splurge treat are ice cream cakes! Yum!

     *Do a face mask - I've been getting really into face masks this summer. I love taking a shower right before bed, climbing into cozy pajamas, and then doing a face mask in bed as I relax and watch Netflix. What a nice way to wind down after a very long work day! I've been trying them from lots of brands this summer, but so far I've really liked ones that I've found at Sephora (from Sephora brand) and Avon.

     *Visit the local library (or find a book on your shelf that you haven't opened before) and READ uninterrupted for 30 mins - I love reading, and so often I let the business of work, blogging, and other day to day things get in the way of this joy. Set the timer on your phone for 30 mins if you can't afford to spend all day/evening reading... but truly the best thing of all is to be able to read for as long as you want to!

     *Facetime with a long-distance friend: On a night last week, I really needed to finish the next day's blog post when I got home from work. But instead, I put my laptop away for the night and decided to Facetime two of my college friends. It was SO needed! It can be such a nice breath of fresh air in a crazy week to Facetime with a dear friend who might live far away- take advantage of modern technology!

     *Read and catch up on your favorite blogs uninterrupted for 30 mins - A main part of why I love blogging so much is the blogging community! It brings me so much joy to read my favorite blogs and see what's new in everyones' lives. However, between working full-time and running my blog, sometimes I don't have as much time to read and comment as I'd like to. Take a few minutes aside in a busy day just to read your favorite blogs can be a wonderful break in the day!

     What are your favorite easy self-care tips for busy weeks? Please share with me in the comments!

     Wishing you all a great Monday! It is warm and sunny in Vermont yet again- and it's Solar Eclipse day! Vermont is only supposed to get 60% visibility of it, but we will see how that turns out.

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese (or Charlotte XO on the radio!)


  1. How cute are you! I have that yellow dress too its so comfy! I wore it a ton last year!

  2. Ahhhh I love everything about this look! I love the yellow on this dress and how you paired it with the bright turquoise clutch! I'm currently obsessed with everything off-shoulder. You look so gorgeous! I really enjoy the Sephora masks too!

  3. I love the dress and all of your self care ideas! I've been really into face masks lately too :)

    Kristen |

  4. OH I love this color on you. Such a cute dress!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  5. This yellow dress is so cute on you, lady!

  6. I also love to do facemasks! I really like the rose one from Sephora! I also like to pick a podcast to listen to while I relax for a little while.

  7. totally agree with the face mask tip! it always leaves me refreshed!

  8. This is such a cute dress, I love that color on you! I soo agree with doing a face mask - it is the most relaxing thing!

  9. Thats such a stunning dress :D

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  10. This is one of my favorite outfits on you! I love doing face masks for self care.

  11. That dress is so cute! I love how bright and fun it is!

  12. My goodness, it's been so incredibly sunny in Louisiana. I feel like I'm melting every time I go outside. I would love a little bit of rain! This dress is so cute! Yellow is my absolute favorite color.

    I definitely enjoy unwinding with a glass of wine after a long day at work. It makes me feel so Olivia Pope-y. I also actually just visited my local library and checked out some books, and I haven't done that in so long, so I'm glad you mentioned it here!

  13. I'm with ya on milking every last bit of sundresses I can - 'tis the season! This color looks great on you girlfriend!

    Coming Up Roses

  14. That colour looks beautiful on you! You seriously look like a disney princess ;)

    Jennifer Ashley //

  15. I am in love with the dress! It really compliments your skin tone and hair color. Does it ride up your shoulders when you shrug? xo

    with love, Jordyn |


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