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August 24, 2017

MAINE TRAVEL GUIDE: Best Hidden Gems For Shopping.

     I'm so excited to bring y'all some travel guide posts all about my home state of Maine! I wrote a post last January called "Visiting the Kennebunks Region of Maine in the Winter," and I knew after visiting home for a long weekend this summer that I really needed to write more travel content about home! I am after all from a state with a motto called "Vacationland!" I know that many of you are probably interested in visiting New England or Maine at some point, or maybe even have trips planned, so I hope that I can be a resource. For newer readers of SBIT- I'm from Kennebunk, Maine, and lived there until moving to go to NC for college! My parents and most of my friends from high school still live in or near that area, so at least for the next several years to come I'll continue going home a couple times a year.

     Since I have a lot to share about Maine, I thought it would be easiest to break up these travel guide posts into more specific smaller ones, rather than doing one big huge one! Today's post is inspired by one of my favorite hobbies: SHOPPING! It is so funny- during the years I lived in NC I didn't do much shopping at all when I was home, minus a couple of the places on this list. However, now that I live in Vermont (which has some of the worst shopping options ever), the few times I've gone home since moving all I have wanted to do is shop! Haha, funny how things change! Anyways, I promise these stores are some great hidden gems, and do not disappoint, depending of course on what you're looking for. There are various types of stores on this list, so definitely something for everyone!

     *The Pink Tangerine (11 Western Ave, Kennebunk): This is the store that's pictured above! It is Maine's only Lilly Pulitzer signature store, and is conveniently located in my hometown. 😉 This is the store that I purchased my very first Lilly dress at, during Winter break of my freshman year of college, so it will always hold a special place in my heart for that reason! I honestly prefer shopping at Lilly signature stores to actual Lilly stores because signature stores definitely have better clearance sales throughout the year. When I last visited The Pink Tangerine this summer, I purchased a current tank (still on Lilly's website) that was marked down to 40% off! Another reason that I like Lilly Pulitzer signature stores are because I think they sometimes have really fun local charm and character to them! One more benefit to shopping at The Pink Tangerine? It's next-door to my absolute favorite Maine store, listed below:

      *The Best of Everything (9 Western Ave, Kennebunk): My favorite store to visit when I am home! The Best of Everything is a Florida based jewelry and accessories store, and they opened a location in Kennebunk several years ago. I fell in love with this store in high school, and it was my go-to destination for accessorizing for school dances! They sell sterling silver and costume jewelry, and almost everything is $25 and under! (Think Charming Charlie, but even cuter stuff.) The Best of Everything team recently saw an Instagram post that I shared about their store, and they were so kind as to send me some goodies from their Florida locations. I can't wait to style those on the blog soon- I've already been wearing everything! Seriously- this is my favorite store in Maine, you need to go if you're in the area!

      *Abacus (Locations throughout the state, I recommend the Kennebunkport or Ogunquit locations): This is where I worked for three and a half years during summers and winter breaks home from college! Abacus is a really interesting store, and to this date I've never found anywhere else like it. Abacus sells artwork and American-made crafts and jewelry from different artisans. One of the owners of Abacus is an artist, and one of the best selling items is his annual calendar which features 12 original art prints. All Abacus locations are very colorful stores- perfect for fun Instagram pictures! Abacus didn't sell too many things that I was interested in purchasing (I own only a couple things from my time working there), but it is a beautiful store to browse in! And a great place to find a gift for that person you know that has "everything."

      *Marden's (Multiple locations throughout the state, best locations in my opinion in Scarborough and Sanford): Marden's is something that I grew up with being from Maine, and I guess I didn't appreciate how quirky these stores truly are until I moved away. Marden's is Maine's version of a discount "department" store, and probably one of the most unique stores ever. You can find just about anything at Marden's, and it's a surprise every time you go! My favorite things to get there are shoes and books. Marden's often gets name brand shoes (kind of like TJ Maxx/Marshall's), and they market them at very low prices. I love Nine West shoes, and have found some of my favorite pairs at Marden's over the years. Some Marden's locations also have great book selections, and other things like gift wrapping supplies, greeting cards, etc. Other interesting things you can find at Marden's which I could not recommend include lingerie, expired packaged foods and makeup, weird dietary supplements, and much more which varies week to week! (This funny video on Youtube chronicles a guy in a Marden's looking for the strangest things he can find.) Visiting Marden's truly is a unique Maine experience that you can't get anywhere else... if you go, you'll soon be singing their slogan from their TV commercials: "I should've bought it, when I saw it, AT MARDEN'S!"

     *Reny's (Multiple locations throughout the state, best locations in my opinion in Wells and Saco): Reny's is another unique to Maine store, that's similar to Marden's! I don't love it quite as much as Marden's as it isn't quite as quirky (and a little bit more outdoorsy geared), but you can still find good things sometimes at Reny's. Their stores are a little bit smaller than Marden's, and focus on clothing, food and home departments. They often sell a lot of "Maine" tourist shirts and items at really affordable prices as well! Reny's slogan is "A Maine Adventure," and they have a fun Instagram page that features pretty locations throughout the state.

      *Old Orchard Beach Shops (Old Orchard Beach): Old Orchard Beach, or OOB as it's affectionately called by locals, is one of my favorite beach towns in Maine. It's like Maine's mini version of Atlantic City or Myrtle Beach! There is an amusement park and several hotels right on the beach, and it's one of Maine's only beaches that is quite built up right along the ocean. There are also lots of really cute beach shops in OOB! I don't have any names to specific shops as many sell similar things, but this is a great destination to get a deal on swimwear or any sort of summery apparel. Plus it's just fun to shop around and enjoy the Old Orchard Beach vibes!
      *The Kittery Outlets (Route 1, Kittery): These are conveniently located on the very first exit coming into Maine from New Hampshire on I-95! Kittery is a huge outlet area- there are both Premium and Tanger outlets located here. Some of my favorite ones here are J. Crew Factory, Talbots, LOFT and Ann Taylor, but there are something for everyone!

      *LL Bean (95 Main Street, Freeport): I would be a traitor to my home state heritage if I didn't give a shout-out to Bean! While I personally am not a fan of LL Bean, the factory store in Freeport really is a sight to behold. It's very large, and has huge departments for both outdoors, home, and clothing. Fun fact: it's also open 24/7 including holidays! Something VERY rare for Maine (as most of our fast food and Walmarts aren't even open 24/7...). Freeport is Maine's other outlet shopping destination, and there are outlets near LL Bean in downtown Freeport as well.

      *Nordstrom Rack (200 Running Hill Road, South Portland): I realize that many of you probably live in locations where Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack are found in abundance, so visiting one in Maine probably isn't on the top of your travel list. However if you're like me, and live in a Nordstrom-less state (or just really like visiting them!), Maine's one and only Nordstrom Rack is really good! It opened only a few years ago, and I've found some of my greatest Rack finds there. It's well organized and clean, and they often receive good designer merchandise.

     And those are my best insider shopping tips in Maine! Have you been to Maine before? If so, where did you enjoy shopping? Feel free to leave any comments for upcoming Maine travel posts!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese (or Charlotte XO on the radio!)



  1. Hey,
    Thanks for sharing these awesome tips. Hope these will help to save some bucks.

  2. Great roundup! I haven't been to Maine since middle school, but I remember the big LL Bean store!

  3. I adore Maine! Everything about it is beautiful, but I've never been on a good shopping day there! I need to PIN this to refer to next time I go!

  4. ohhh i can't wait to get back to main ASAP and try all these places!

  5. I love Maine! The store from the picture looks so pretty!

  6. Love love love maine! I've only been once but this post is making me want to go back!

  7. I love this! I've only been to Maine once--to Portland/Freeport and I want to visit again!

  8. Now I really want to go to Maine just for the shopping lol!

  9. I need to save this! I've never been to Maine, but it sounds like there's so many fun places to stop and shop!

  10. I would absolutely love to visit the LL Bean store-it's one of my favorite brands!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  11. I've been dying to visit maine! I might have to do it this school year haha these seem like some amazing shops! can't wait to see what you got ;)

  12. If I ever visit Maine, I'll keep these in mind! Can't wait to see more posts about Maine!

  13. I actually have a trip planned to Maine Very soon! This will be helpful for me.


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