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June 7, 2017

Midweek Ramblings + Recent Purchases + Current Wishlist.

{A little peek of my favorite outdoor spot in Vermont! You can read more about in this post on my Instagram. I hope to shoot blog photos here soon. Follow me on social media @miss_alk}

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  • A bit of honesty sums up week's ramblings: this has been one of the harder weeks since I moved to Vermont. It didn't help that the weather was unseasonably cold over the weekend (50 degrees and rainy on Saturday. 50 degrees!! In June!), but I can't blame it all on the depressing temperatures. I knew that moving to a new state for work would bring its challenging moments in the first few months, and this week just happened to bring a lot of them. I can't say enough how lucky I am that I do really enjoy my job and my workplace, however this week more than others past I found myself struggling outside of work. I really miss the social life and connections that I had back in Charlotte. I do try and stay busy so that I'm not just sitting in my apartment in the hours that I don't work, but overall I do still spend a lot of time alone, and it has been hard to meet other young people here. I keep toying with whether to write a longer blog post on all of this- I already sort of touched on it in my blog post about struggling to find a church home here in Vermont. 
  • For a little bit of entertainment news- who else heard this week about the spin-off show of That's So Raven that's coming to Disney Channel this summer? Raven's House premieres in July, and I might just be tuning it! That's So Raven was always my favorite Disney Channel show growing up, and I'm too excited that they're making a sequel to this! (And also feeling very old...)

  • The Francesca's store in Burlington is going out of business soon, and I popped in this week since they're beginning their closing sales. Three fun facts about me: 1. Gift giving is my main love language, 2. Because of that, I am HUGE on giving Christmas gifts to those near and dear to me, and 3. I actually shop for Christmas gifts year round so that it's easier on my budget when the holiday season arrives! Pro gift giving tip: store closing sales are a GEM to find and can be a great place to find stocking stuffers or even larger gifts to keep and save for Christmas presents. 
  • I found a bunch of adorable things at Francesca's thanks to their great sale! I'm not going to link most of them since they will be Christmas gifts for family and friends (who all read my blog 😉), but I definitely did well in this sale and that's always a great feeling! 
  • One thing that I did buy for myself was this adorable wall art for my new apartment! The only thing that I have left to hang in my living room is a gallery wall, and I wanted to mix up the art pieces that I had moved from the gallery wall in my apartment in NC with some new art as well. The canvas is SO cute and I can't believe it's marked down to $5 online as well! (Yes- $5!)

  • How cute is this Lilly Pulitzer inspired pajama set? It would be just darling for the hot summer months. 
  • My mom says green is one of the colors that looks best on me, but other then a couple of green dresses I really don't own much in the color. This top would be great to wear all spring long- you could layer it with white denim for early spring, and in summer pair it with shorts! It comes in other colors too!
  • Remember the cute criss cross top that I wore in this blog post? It sold out, but there's a new top out at the same retailer that looks almost identical and is at a similar price point! 
  • This off the shoulder dress has pom poms and would be really cute for a beach vacation! Affordable price point too!
  • I really like these statement earrings. They're not too bright in color so I think they would match lots of outfits. 

     I hope that you've been having a great week! Finally some warmer and sunnier weather is headed towards Vermont this weekend. Let me tell you- I am beyond ready for that!

      God Bless

      xoxo Annaliese (or Charlotte XO on the radio!


  1. Oh my goodness, That's So Raven is having it's own spinoff? I have never heard of this before, but that's awesome! I miss the Baxter fam.

    Much love,
    Ashley |

  2. I definitely think that if struggling with your move and homesickness have been on your mind, you should write about it! You definitely will find that you're not the only one, and may even get some valuable advice out of the openness of the post.


  3. Wow! 50 degrees in June!? That's crazy! I totally understand how moving away from friends can be really hard. My husband and I moved away a year ago and are still trying to make friends in our new city!

    Carrie |

  4. I had no idea about the spin off show!! that so cool!!!

  5. A spin off of thats so raven?! I can't wait!

  6. I'm so pumped about the That's So Raven spinoff. I'm just hoping it's not terrible, like some other reboots I've seen.

  7. Moving to a new place where you hardly know anyone is so difficult. I moved across the country a few years ago and can absolutely relate. I think it would absolutely be worth writing about!

  8. love those statement earrings too! and I feel you, for whatever reason this past week has been kinda tough for me too (I also blame it on the weather... 50F and rainy and gross wtf new york???)

  9. That's awesome you were able to score some good finds at Francesca's-- they always have the cutest stuff and I love browsing their gifts section!

  10. I just discovered the joy of franchesca, so I'm definitely going to be local one when I get back!

  11. A big move is always tough, but it would be cool to read a blog post about meeting new people in a new city! Hopefully the weather will warm up and people will start heading out again and you can meet new people. It's been raining almost constantly here, so I definitely feel you with the bad weather slump!

  12. That SheIn dress is so freakin' cute!


  13. That PJ set is SO cute! I love wearing cute sets in the summer because I don't have to be bundled up and can look cute haha! I can't wait for the Thats so Raven spin off - it's going to be amazing (I hope)!

  14. I definitely understand your social struggle. After working on the ship for seven months, I was excited to come home and see my friends, but so much has changed since I've been gone. A lot of my friends are in relationships and have less free time. Others have moved away or are deployed overseas. Plus, the dynamic overall has just changed, and it sucks because I miss hanging out with my friends everyday. So I'm definitely understanding what you mean.

    Also, I'm super excited for the That's So Raven spin-off as well. I know it's not going to be nearly as good as the original, but I'm excited for Raven's sassiness and Chelsea's sillyness.

  15. 50 degrees!? Omg you should so buy those PJs because you are enduring that weather!


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