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June 5, 2017

HAIR TUTORIAL: How To Get Big Southern Curls (+ My First Blog Video!)

      Today is a very exciting Monday on Southern Belle in Training! Many of y'all have been requesting that I do a hair tutorial on the blog for years. (And no I'm not exaggerating- actually for years now! Cue the #embarrassedmonkeyemoji) And friends- that day is finally here- YAY!

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      I have a few excuses as to why it took me so gosh darn long to finally do this thing! So obviously most outfit posts are shot outdoors, but a hair tutorial is something that needs to be shot indoors , and preferably in a bathroom. In college, I always lived on campus, and my #1 complaint about my dorm rooms was the awful lighting. There was almost no natural light, and the artificial lighting was minimal and quite dismal. So I always said I would do the hair tutorial once I graduated and had a place of my own! And then of course my year in broadcasting school ended up being much busier than I anticipated, and it was hard just to keep up with normal blog posts. So it continued to get postponed.

      But I held true on my promise to y'all! Literally two days before moving to Vermont, my classmate Hogan from broadcasting school came to my apartment and we filmed this in my bathroom. The rest of my apartment was completely in boxes, but I made sure to leave some parts of the bathroom in tact for filming purposes, haha! 

     So this is the hairstyle that I wear in most of my blog posts: "Big, Voluminous Southern curls". The video is a little longer than I hoped it'd be, but in it I talk all about the products I use, a cheaper alternative to the curling wand that I now use, and then of course show y'all how I curl my hair! All of the products mentioned in the video including my T3 curling wand, and the $30 curling wand that I used for 4 years before getting my T3 are all linked below! 

     A huge thank you to my friend Hogan from broadcasting school for filming and editing this video. Hopefully as I myself get more confident with video editing there will be more video content to come in 2017 to Southern Belle in Training! You can subscribe to my new Youtube channel to be notified when I make new videos. 😊

     Thanks so much for watching! Feel free to email me or DM me on Instagram if you have any specific questions about this tutorial!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese (Charlotte XO)



  1. Ahhh this makes me miss my long hair! I have really really thin hair so I have to curl with a wand or with my straightener if I want them to last!


  2. This is such a great tutorial! My hair is about the same length as yours and naturally curly, but I have to curl it for it to come out like that haha! It's beautiful!

  3. I can't wait for my hair to grow out again so I can do something like this! Your curls are gorgeous. I love that you filmed the video with everything still in boxes lol

  4. love this! I was just thinking about getting a new curling iron yesterday!

  5. Your curls are gorgeous, and definitely full of southern volume!
    Love hair tutorials like this!

  6. Your hair is SO gorgeous! It's making me want my long hair back!

    Carrie |

  7. I love any product that is from Big Sexy Hair - great quality products! I can't wait until my hair is as long as yours again.

    1. The Yogi Wand Hair Styler is an innovative product which allows you to transform your old look, into something more funky. hair curling wand

  8. Your hair is so voluminous! I'll definitely be incorporating some of your tips :)

  9. I've been wanting to try the T3 wand. It looks promising! Love your hair, A.

  10. Your hair is so pretty! Mine is also very long but I rarely make time to curl it in the mornings. I save that for the weekend! Thanks for sharing some of your favorite products.

  11. Beautiful curls! This makes want to buy a curling wand! Thanks for the tutorial!

    xx, Melissa

  12. Curly hair, don't care! I'm so thankful my mom made me learn how to curl my own hair in Junior High. I have so many friends who are 25+ and don't know how to, to this day!

  13. Curling wands are my fave! My hair really only responds well to them over the standard barrel

  14. Girl I love this video!! You did a great job and your hair looks amazing

  15. Curling wands are the way to go! They leave hair looking so natural, yet so put together. Thanks for sharing, and congrats on your first blog vid!

    Much love,
    Ashley |

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