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June 2, 2017

Chasing Parking Decks (My First Outfit Post In Vermont!)

     I'm so excited to finally be sharing my first outfit post from Vermont! Shooting for the blog is one of my favorite things about fashion blogging, and getting back into it last week felt so wonderful. The dress that I'm wearing in today's post is also not only affordable, but also very comfortable!

Photography by Melissa Lynn Studios

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     Today of course is my first outfit post that was shot in Vermont.... and who is honestly surprised that it's coming to you live from a parking deck! 😉 A lot of bloggers are obsessed with colorful murals as a setting for photoshoots, but my obsession of course would be the top level of parking decks! Good decks are definitely harder to find in Vermont (let's be real there isn't even really a skyline here...), but there are a couple in Burlington! The Target parking deck back in Charlotte will always hold a special spot in my heart, and I had some other favorite decks in Charlotte too. Would you guys like to see a "Favorite Parking Decks in Charlotte?" post at some point? Let me know if so! 

      Every girl needs at least a few LBDs in her closet. Last fall, I did a post featuring a more conservative LBD. A dress like that is essential for life's more serious occasions- job interviews, religious services, and of course more serious events such as court or funerals. But of course we all need our fun LBDs as well! And the dress that I'm wearing today fits that bill well. It's under $20, and seriously one of the most comfortable things that I've ever worn! It's a bodycon dress, but amazingly comfortable. I felt like I was wearing pajamas with it on- no joke. The neckline makes such a bold statement that this dress is kind of a "one and done" in terms of an outfit- you don't need to make a lot of effort with accessories! 

     Funny story about this dress though- the one downside of it is it can be hard to put on with all of the criss crossing. I had to change into it in my car in the parking deck wear these photos took place, and it was quite the little ordeal. My new photographer Melissa had to help me and give me guidance on which criss cross of the straps to stick my head through! I had to keep promising her that usually my blog pictures are not so difficult or high maintenance. 😊 Once it's on though the dress is very comfortable!

      Wishing you all a great weekend! Happy month of JUNE! I'm hoping it gets warm here in Vermont soon.... these pictures were taken on a rare 70 degree day here last week.

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese (or Charlotte XO on the radio!)




  1. I am so not even aware of the parking deck situation in Seattle but your parking deck photos are always so cute...I need to get it together and get to know my parking decks. Every girl needs a fun little black dress you are SO right and this one looks fab on you <3

  2. I seriously love love love these photos! And I love that you were able to keep your location style going!

  3. LOVE your photos and your dress is so cute :)

  4. I love me an LBD anyday! Your pictures are so great, plus awesome location.
    Ash |

  5. I always forget that parking garages make for some good outfit photos <3 Loved this, and love the simple outfit <3

  6. This dress is so cute! Love the cutouts.


  7. These photos are so cute! Also love that black dress. I hardly own any!!

  8. Your photos are fabulous. I love your locations.
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    Love, Esther

  9. Every girl needs a good parking deck! Love this dress on you!

  10. Love this dress on you! And so cool you were able to keep your parking deck photo theme going!

  11. Vermont looks great on you! Nothing feels better than moving to a new city and finally being able to shoot.

    xo //

  12. That dress is super cute! So glad you've found a parking deck in Vermont, hope it helps with the adaptation to Vermont! :)

    Ane || Basque Prep

  13. Girl you look stunning and this LBD is perfect for you!

  14. Yay for your first post in VT! Loved the neckline of this dress, so fun for a girl's night out!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

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