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September 14, 2016

Midweek Ramblings + Recent Purchases.

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  • Recent Travels: After spending the past two weekends out of state, I am finally back home in Charlotte for awhile. I spent Labor Day Weekend in Las Vegas- my roommate and another friend and I traveled out there mainly to see Britney Spears perform, and she was absolutely incredible! Would you guys like a full blog post recap of the concert? And then this past weekend I was in New York City, primarily for a family reunion, but I also met up with a friend from college who lives there now and got to attend a NYFW event! I recapped that in yesterday's post, and I'll be sharing more about it this Friday. 
  • Birthday part 3: Since I have been away for the past couple of weekends and also worked a full day on my actual 22nd birthday, I am finally getting a chance to celebrate with some of my Charlotte girlfriends this weekend! I'm having a staycation in the heart of Uptown Charlotte this weekend, and I can't wait to share more about it on the blog next week. It is so fun to play tourist in your own city sometimes, especially with your best friends! 
  • Switching My Closets: So here's something funny... during my college years here in NC, I would dread the arrival of cooler fall weather, and would wear my summer clothes as long as physically possibly! In Maine we always had such a fleeting summer season, and I wasn't quite ready to give it up despite the start of the school year. But now that I've survived my first summer in NC (with full-on insane humidity levels), I think I'm more than ready to welcome fall! I'm thinking about packing up my spring and summer clothes this weekend and switching over the my fall and winter wardrobe. I'm just chuckling at myself because I never would have done this until almost Final Exams time back in college- my how times change!

  • This technically isn't a new purchase, but something in my closet that I've rediscovered my love for is this tank top. I wore it in an earlier blog post this summer when I talked about atheletic wear, but I recently learned that it also makes the perfect top for traveling! I wore it on three out of my four flights in the past two weeks- it's comfortable, lightweight, and perfect for layering. Would definitely recommend! 
  • This next item makes me feel slightly guilty... so I will admit that I totally used to hate on the blanket scarf trend when it first came out! I thought that it was a fad item that would blow up and then go away the next season. Clearly I was wrong, and blanket scarves have also grown on me. I officially picked up my first Zara blanket scarf while in NYC... they're pretty much the store behind the trend, so I guess I can't hate anymore!
  • I was supposed to wear this outfit for the NYFW presentation that I attended last weekend, but despite paying for rush shipping, it didn't arrive to me until after I got home from the trip. Luckily, it's still a super cute outfit and I can wear it for my Charlotte staycation this weekend!
  • I also bought this fun necklace that didn't arrive in time for NYFW, but I'll be wearing it this weekend as well. 

     My weekly question for y'all: have you ever taken a staycation in your town or city before? :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK


  1. Sounds like you've had a busy couple of weeks! Have a great birthday celebration in Charlotte!
    -Anna |

  2. How amazing are Zara blanket scarfs?! They are literally blankets, I love them!!

  3. so jealous that you saw Britney live! I wanna hear all about it!

  4. Sounds like an exciting time with some awesome new goodies for your closet!

    Rachel |

  5. That coord set is going to be SO cute on you! I can't wait to see! I hope you have the best birthday celebration this weekend in Charlotte. Staycation weekends can sometimes be the most fun!

  6. Love the blanket scarves from Zara. :) Have an awesome staycation.

    xoxo, Jenny

  7. I love staycations! They're so much fun. Enjoy yours!

    Greta |

  8. It sounds like you've had a busy, but fun couple weeks of traveling! And hooray for blanket scarves! I used to be against them, too, but then I had someone send me one and it is now my favorite fall accessory!

  9. I have yet to get a blanket scarf, but I love the one you got!

    Alix |

  10. Yes I love a good staycation, with my program at university I don't really get anytime to go travel so embracing staycations is what I need to do for a few more years!

  11. I'd love to hear a recap of your concert! :) And I saw your snaps from NYFW...looks like you had a great time! Also, I'm so excited to transition my closet to fall. P.S. LOVE the blanket scarf you got!!

  12. I love staycations! I'd rather travel during vacations, but they're great for recharging and relaxing!


  13. Ah I love Zara blanket scarves! I have three - they're amazinggg!
    XO Amanda |


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