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September 13, 2016

Katie Gallagher Presentation at NYFW.

     I was in New York City for a quick and last minute trip this past weekend for a family reunion on my dad's side. The timing of this just so happened to coincide with the biggest week in fashion, aka New York Fashion Week! I knew that I would never forgive myself for being in the city during such a momentous time and not trying to attend any of the events or shows.

     A long story made short for the sake of this blog post, thanks to some kind blogger friends who had already long planned their NYFW trips, I was able to find some PR contacts and start sending out email inquiries about attending events. Many of the events that I heard back on unfortunately conflicted with the family reunion, or were being held after I would have already gone back to Charlotte, but luckily one presentation worked perfectly with my schedule!

     I had the pleasure of attending my very first NYFW event on Friday, September 9th. It was a presentation for the Katie Gallagher Spring/Summer 2017 line. This line was called "Eclipse," and was Katie's third all-black line. The program that I received at the presentation stated that she  is "constantly inspired by this hue that has no hue." A phrase like that definitely makes me see the color black in a new light! 

     The presentation was held at an intimate venue in an open room. Guests stood lined the walls and stood on both sides of the room, and the models walked right down the center of the room. I ended up being closer to the wall so it was harder for me to get close up photos with my phone with some of the people in front of me, but since it was a small enough event I still felt that I could see all of the models quickly! First up I will share some presentation photos from my phone, and next I will share some images of the collection which I was provided after the event, so that y'all can get a better view of the designs.

      The last dress pictured was my favorite item from the collection. Few things are as elegant as a simple yet chic black dress, and the one that Katie Gallagher designed for the Eclipse collection was just stunning.

     It was such an exciting experience and honor to be able to attend my very first New York Fashion Week event! I still can't believe that everything worked out for me to attend this show with the family reunion that I went to- God sure is full of many blessings! :-) I will be sharing in Friday's blog post more details on how I was able to find out about the NYFW presentations and shows open to bloggers in the first place... this will definitely be useful information to anyone who is thinking about going in the future! I didn't know anything about how to attend, and had to pull everything together in just a few weeks to spare. 

     I attended the Katie Gallagher presentation with my friend Audrey from Audrey Madison Stowe - so great to finally meet her IRL! We took blog photos beforehand of our outfits and I can't wait to share mine on Friday! At the show we met up with her NYFW roommates- Amanda from For the Love of Glitter, Taylor from Style is Everything and Brooke from In a World of Bees. I also got to very briefly meet one blogger who I've been dying to finally meet, Alicia from Alicia Tenise (I hope the next time we meet will be for longer!), and get to see Brooke from KBStyled again, who I first met in Charleston at TBSCon. 


     I also got to meet one of my favorite fashion bloggers, the lovely Katey McFarlan from Chronicles of Frivolity! Through reading her blog (and obsessing over her Snapchats #guilty), I absolutely adore her personal style and knack for home decor, and I also admire her huge heart for Christ! Katey is even sweeter in person, and it was just a delight to meet her. 

     All in all, I think that my first taste of NYFW was a huge success! Again I will be sharing this coming Friday all of the details on my outfit (and the story of how I had to put it together last minute!), and some tips for networking and finding NYFW events to attend. For those of you who can't wait for outfit details, I'm linking similar items below:

      xoxo Miss ALK



  1. How fun that you got to attend NYFW- I would love attend one day! I love the last dress you showed from the collection- it would be so pretty for a prom or a wedding guest dress!


  2. First, LOVE your shoes. I have a very similar pair! Second, I think it's so great that you got to attend a part of NYFW -- out of any bloggers I know and read, you so deserve this experience the most! I can't wait to see how you incorporate your inspirations from the presentation into your style.


  3. How fun!! This seems like such an exciting experience! Love your shoes too! So cool that you got to meet Katey too!

    Rachel |

  4. Looks like you had so much fun! What a great opportunity. I can't wait to see the photos you and Audrey took! Xx

  5. It sounds like such a wonderful experience. I am so glad it ended up working out for you and you got to spend time with family as well as partake in NYFW. Loved your outfit. You looked so fab.

  6. That sounds like so much fun!! I'm glad it worked out for you and you got to experience NYFW! Hope you had a wonderful trip


  7. Looks like you had a blast, so glad you got to meet Katie!

  8. How fun! It looks like such a fun event!
    Greta |

  9. Sounds like such a fun experience! Katie Gallagher's got it right- black is the only important colour ;)

  10. How fun! I am so jealous I didn't get to go this year. We should plan on going next year together. ;)


  11. You look stunning look lie you had such great time!! I hope to go next year.

  12. How fun! I would love to attend NYFW one day! It was so nice that you could at least attend one event even with your family reunion!

  13. I am so jealous for many reasons!! 1) NYFW 2) Blogger Friends 3) NYC!!


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