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October 27, 2015

ADPi Recruitment & Bid Day Recap 2015.

     One month ago today was the most wonderful, bittersweet and emotional day of my college career (to date). I originally wanted to blog about these events right away. But now as I write this post several weeks after Bid Day, I am happy that I took a good amount of time to reflect on everything before writing out my thoughts.

     Just to recap a little bit on my journey in Greek life for those of you who are newer readers of my blog: when I transferred colleges after my freshman year, I went through Formal Recruitment in September 2013 and was so excited to be going Greek at my new school. I fell in love with Alpha Delta Pi on the first night of recruitment, and was ecstatic to be offered a Bid to join ADPi at the conclusion of recruitment.

My Bid Day in Fall 2013!! (Only two years ago but I feel like I look so young here... and my hair was so short!) 

     Older members of my sorority told me that the first year as a member of any sorority is often the hardest. Looking back, I would definitely agree with that. While my first year in ADPi did have some very special memories (like getting matched with Jess, my Big, and getting to experience all of the sorority traditions for the first time), getting used to Greek life was overwhelming at times as well. I was ready for the year to be over and excited to start my second year in the chapter!

Shirting a new member on Bid Day 2014.

     My junior year of college was my first year of participating in the ADPi side of sorority recruitment. Going through recruitment with your own sorority is a huge undertaking- both with time, emotions, and of course all the excitement that leads up to Bid Day. My second year of being an ADPi brought different types of new memories, like getting Julie, my Little, and then having the honor of representing Alpha Delta Pi on a national level through an internship with the Fraternity Communications Conference this past spring.

Throwing Diamonds at Churchill Downs in Kentucky during my internship with the FCA.

     All of my prior experiences in ADPi and Greek life are what prepared me for this year's recruitment season. My college holds sorority recruitment near the end of September each year, which means that all of the chapters have about a month of practices and preparations to prepare for the main event. It is definitely an undertaking!

     Despite the time commitment, I thought that recruitment this year would be such a breeze, since I had already been through the ADPi side before. I couldn't really picture myself being emotional through the process at all, and I was just ready to get it going.

     ^ HAHA. Well, I was in for quite the surprise.

     The month of September continued on, and with each week of recruitment practices, I found myself getting more and more emotional. I became emotional for a lot of reasons: that although recruitment is such a huge undertaking- that is was my last year of it and I knew I would kinda miss it in the future, it was hitting me that I was actually a senior (and OLD!), and I was also nervous about the fact that I had a personal connection to a few of the girls who were going through recruitment this year. The time commitment of sorority recruitment is also insane. My chapter frequently had weeknight practices until midnight or 1 am.

A pre-recruitment photoshoot that my sisters did!

     Finally, the main event was here! Night one of recruitment was on Friday, September 25th, and the second and third rounds were on Saturday, September 26th. Bid Day was Sunday, September 27th. The Charlotte weather did not cooperate with the Greek life calendar, and all of these days fell in the middle of two weeks of rain.

Senior sisters in the chapter.

Our sweet President, Emily!

Lilly Pulitzer letter twins with my sister Jamilynne!

     I didn't get any pictures during round two on Saturday morning, because my school actually experienced a power outage right before the round began, due to the weather!! Everything had to be postponed a couple of hours, so there was no time for pictures.

Night three of recruitment with Julie, my Little!

Night three with sweet Mary.

      Round three of recruitment, or Preference Round, was absolutely wonderful. I cried, I laughed, and there were moments when my heart literally felt like it was going to burst with pride for ADPi. I couldn't wait for the next day.

Sassy seniors on Bid Day!!

     Due to the weather not cooperating, Bid Day was held indoors this year. But that didn't dull any of the enthusiasm, and as you're about to see, this was truly one of the best days ever for me!

      And then our new members (we call them Alphas) began running home to us! :-)

     As you can see in these last few photos, there was SO much happiness and excitement to welcome all of our sweet new Alphas home!! There is a saying that sorority Bid Days are like Christmas morning, and I think that's an excellent analogy.

     All of our new members are such wonderful girls and I can't wait to see what each of them will bring to ADPi. 

      And lastly, two more special moments from Bid Day!

      My beautiful suitemate Caroline took all of the Bid Day pictures featured in this post! She was so kind as to take over my camera for that morning, and take Bid Day pictures for my whole chapter. I will treasure these pictures forever! 

      My sweet friend Jess, a friend of mine who went through recruitment, became a sister of Phi Mu on Bid Day!! SO happy for her!! Truth be told, I think I cried the hardest of the day hugging Jess. 

        Shout-out to anyone who made it through the end of this very long post. :-) Sometimes I like to share the more personal parts of my life with y'all. Usually when I do write a personal post, it's about a topic that's a little deeper or even hard for me to write about, but today I was so excited to just share a bit about the very happy way that I started off my senior year! 

     Are you in a sorority, or if you are out of school, were you Greek in college? If so, did you ever get the chance to welcome one of your best friends into your sorority? (Or see a dear friend find her home somewhere else?)

     To read some past posts about my Greek life experiences:

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. I do have one question for you, is it harder to get a bid when you are a second or third year? The university I attend doesn't have greek life, but I am transferring and I really want to rush!

    Looks like you had a blast!

    xoxo Lex // LexMeetsWorld

  2. LOVE this recap. You were so young in that photo from 2013! Bid Day must have been such a rush of emotion for you. Your happiness shines through!

    Alessandra |

  3. LOVE!
    I miss bid day so much. It really was one of the best days of each year.
    I didn't have any best friends join my sorority but that's because I joined my freshman year and didn't know anyone younger than me coming through.
    Although a few of the members coming through the year after me did become my best friends over time which was so fun.
    I'm so happy you had this experience!

    xoxo, Jenny

  4. This is seriously such a sweet story! I loved reading more about your sorority experience and welcoming one of your best friends as your sorority sister (so special!) Your story definitely made me nostalgic for my sorority experience, I was only in a sorority for 2 years (because I also transferred schools) but my memories truly makeup my college experience. So glad you have had such a positive experience with Alpha Delta Pi (that is my bestie's sorority too by the way)!

  5. Reading about your Bid Day experience gave me all the feels. It took me right back to my college days and how emotional the whole process is (in a good way)!

  6. This is the cutest thing ever. You melt my heart. Words can't even explain the feelings I had going through recruitment and finally being welcomed home. I couldn't have done it without your love and support. You're amazing.

  7. As you well know, I didn't rush in college.... but posts like these make me wish I did!

  8. Sororities give you the opportunity to meet people you might never have before and a network that will always be there for you after graduation - so great to be a part of one! x Nicole |

  9. So so cute! I wish Greek life was bigger at UM but it really isn't... I was in a sorority for a semester but dropped it! The first year is definitely the hardest... I couldn't adjust!


  10. You are so adorable and I am totally in love with these pictures. My sorority really made college so interesting and fun. I met a lot of amazing people and participated in incredible opportunities. Your Churchill Downs picture is awesome!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

  11. Such a cute t shirt ideas! Looks like os much fun!

  12. Ahh, it was great reading about your journey through recruitment! I had friends in ADPi who absolutely love it and were really nice to share their stories with me as well!
    xx, Southwestern Prepster

  13. Ahhh I love reading stuff like this! It's so fun to see how it's done at other campuses... That's so exciting though and what great decorations!!

    You should check out my company for your chapter. It's called Frill Clothing and we do recruitment clothing, letter shirts, graphic tees and sorority totes for both bulk order and individuals! Plus, we were just on Shark Tank!

    Sara Kate Styling
    Frill Clothing

  14. I was greek in college (I am ADPI too) and it was one of the best decisions I made. Many of the people I consider my best friends were active with me. One thing I can say is that when you out of college and start living your lives with kids and full-time jobs it is hard to keep up with people but when you do get together, it's like it was in college. I do have to say that I do have friends that weren't in the same sorority as me (one is a Zeta and the other is a Phi Mu). Being greek is about the connection of being apart of something that is bigger than you. I am from the "Land of Greek Life" (I live in Alabama and went to a smaller school) and being greek is just something you do especially if you are a legacy.

  15. What a sweet post! I totally understand the rule about not speaking to PNMs, but I hate that stupid rule so badly! It almost turned me off from rushing completely. So happy you get to share your sorority memories with Mia!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  16. Oh my gosh, I love all of these pictures Annaliese! I love how excited you look in all of your pictures, especially when you "shirted" your roomie! I can't wait to rush in college!


  17. I have always wanted to be great but I couldn't afford the fees although I got invited several times! But I am glad that you made it !!!


  18. What a wonderful experience! I wish I would've been involved with Greek life while I was in school!


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