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July 18, 2015

8 Photos of Happiness Tag.

     Blogger Brittany from the blog Southern Soul recently tagged me in this fun little post idea called "8 Photos of Happiness" (the tag was originally created by the blog Ariel's Little Corner of the Internet). It is pretty straightforward: each blogger tagged has to write a post in which they share eight photos which to them represent the happiest memories or parts of their life! And then you tag up to ten other bloggers to join in on the fun. :-) Thank-you Brittany for tagging me in this challenge! I'm excited to participate, and to show y'all some fun photos and memories from blog posts past and also from my personal life.


     This picture is from my most recent Spring Break, which was spent in the Dominican Republic! This blog post was apart of a collaboration that I did with Aerie, for their Spring 2015 swim line. To date this was the biggest collaboration that I have done here on my blog, and doing this post was the moment for me when I was like "Wow, I'm legit now with this blogging thing." There can be a lot of competition and pressure in the blogging world, and sometimes it can be hard to see other girls get opportunities that you wanted. But at other times, there are amazing moments- like this one!! I'm also a big fan of the Aerie brand and their #AerieREAL campaign! 


     Last summer, before heading back to school in Charlotte, I wanted to get together with some of my Maine besties to get some updated pictures together! We were able to do that one night on the beach... but before we were able to break out the camera, a big seagull flew over me and went to the bathroom all over my left pant leg!! You can read about it more in detail in the blog post recapping that night's adventures... what a night! On the bright side though, we were still able to get some wonderful pictures together (as well as this fun jumping one!).


     Oh my gosh... my friend Lily is going to kill me if she knew I was posting this here haha. :-) But this is one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE PICTURES so how could I not include it in a post called "8 Photos of Happiness"?? So the story behind this picture is that at my (very small) college each year there is an event in the winter where the school rents out a local ice skating rink in Charlotte and holds ice skating at Midnight! It's a really fun school tradition, and since I used to figure skate competitively as a kid I really look forward to it each year! Anyways, this past year, they had someone taking "candid" photographs of people throughout the night, and then posted all the pictures on one of the school Facebook pages. Well, candid photography and public skating don't mix very well... y'all, the pictures were so funny and bad, I literally had tears running down my face when looking at them. I can't say this is the most flattering picture of me ever taken... but just look behind me at my friend Lily in the red jacket! I promise that she really did have a great time that night, the camera must have just caught her at a bad moment. But this is now one of my favorite pictures ever.


     This is me and my sweet friend/future suitemate Caroline at our school-wide semi formal, which is called Casino Night, last year! The theme was A Night in Las Vegas, and I'm obsessed with anything Vegas related (after I visited there a couple of years ago!). Caroline is an absolute gem and one of my favorite people at school, and I had so much fun with her at Casino Night! Being suitemates this year is going to be too much fun!


     My Bid Day for Alpha Delta Pi in 2013! (That is my Big who got to shirt me!)


     My very first day back in January 2014 at my internship with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation! As of now I have completed three semesters of interning for RSF, and this internship has truly changed my life! From time to time I have blogged about my experiences with RSF and my career goals in radio and broadcasting. :-)


     Check out this incredible hidden waterfall that I got to visit on a day trip to Northern Italy while studying abroad in France during the past month! This picture is from my Instagram (@miss_alk)... it IS edited- but I promise the water truly was close to being that color blue! 


    And lastly, nothing makes me happier than my beautiful, sweet, perfect Charlotte! (And my favorite spot to take pictures and look at the skyline in Charlotte!) How I miss you and can't wait to be back soonish

     So those are my eight photos! Thanks again to Brittany for the tag! I picked eight bloggers who I am tagging to participate: 

*Bailey from Becoming Bailey 
*Katie from Chic in Carolina
*Morgan from How 2 Wear It
*Cara from Caralina Style
*KTM from Pick Your Beau

     Happy Weekend y'all! Mine is not too eventful... since I had the past month off from work, I am spending my whole weekend working (and the next two weekends as well!). But not a bad price to pay when my boss gave me four weeks off so that I could study abroad!

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. LOVE this post! This is such a fun concept!


  2. That's such a fun idea!! Xo
    Kristine - My Little Box of Tricks

  3. Love this post! The problem would be picking only 8 photos though!

  4. So fun! Thanks for nominating me Annaliese!


  5. This is such a fun and adorable idea! I love it! You are too cute and I love that Aerie shot! It's nice to read about your professional goals too.

  6. I absolutely love this - thanks for nominating me Annaliese!

    Pick Your Beau

  7. I love this concept! Such a great way to reflect on moments of happiness!

  8. Oh this is so fun! I love seeing what makes other people happy!

  9. I don't know if my post went through (I never know here!) but YAY so happy you tagged me.. now I have to find the photos! Kinda nervous, hehe. Loved your 8 photos of happiness!

    The Fashionista's Diary

  10. Such a cute post! Just looking at these photos made me happy :)

    xo, Alicia | Alicia Tenise

  11. Literally reading about your happiness has me feeling happier!

    Coming Up Roses

  12. These are all incredible shots! You have some amazing memories. We just did the challenge as well and loved how it made us reflect on amazing moments! :)


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