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December 15, 2014

(My Crazy) Life Lately via iPhone.

     Why hello there! Long time, no blog! I am so thankful to say that my first semester of junior year is finally over! In many ways this was a difficult semester. It definitely had its good moments, but it also brought a lot of new challenges and I am thankful to be on Winter Break at last! 

     I feel like since Thanksgiving I haven't had time to stop and breath at all. I can't even remember how much I blogged about this, but I spent Thanksgiving at school this past year instead of coming home to Maine since I had a very short vacation that week and knew that I was coming home for a full month for Winter Break.  The two weeks after Thanksgiving were literally hell for me with school. I have never had so many final assignments due or such tough exams! And I had so much else going on as well. I thought that I would do a little picture recap via my iPhone to show y'all what I have been up to over the last few weeks- right up through this weekend when I came home. 

     Last week I finished out my internship at The Ryan Seacrest Foundation for the semester. I am so excited to go back again in January, but the end of this semester brought some really fun things, like getting a visit from a muppet! Lenny the Lending Tree muppet came to visit Seacrest Studios and helped me and my boss host Bingo one afternoon. He was a hoot and the hospital patients loved him! :-) 

     Another thing that wrapped up for the semester a couple of weeks ago were sorority events and chapter meetings. Here is me and Julie, my Little, and ADPi's annual tacky sweater Christmas party! 

     Separate from sorority events, the end of fall semester brings several events that are unique to my college. I go to a small private university, and my college has lots of holiday traditions that happen each year after Thanksgiving and before Christmas Break. This year I tried to attend as many as I could between exams and homework! My favorite annual holiday event is when my school rents out a local ice skating rink on the night that classes end of the semester. A fun fact about me is that I grew up as a competitive figure skater. :-) I bring my old skates to school ever year for this event and it's a chance for me to pull out the ol' moves!

     My roommate from this fall came ice skating and this was one of the first times this semester that we got a picture together! (She is studying abroad next semester and I will be getting a new roommate.)

     Props to my college for inviting cute puppies in holiday outfits to visit the library during exams week to cheer up studying students (like myself!). This cutie was named Paco and I couldn't get enough of him and his little Santa suit!

    Sweet snapchats of encouragement for finals week from my bestie Katie (who I couldn't WAIT to see as soon as I got home- more on that in a sec!).

     This past Thursday night I was finally done my exams, and I treated myself to a little shopping at one of my favorite Charlotte boutiques, Vestique! I just loved all of the fun holiday decor in the store. (And I found a great winter top that I can't wait to style on the blog soon!)

     So as I mentioned earlier in this post, I was so excited to get to see my friend Katie once I got home! She is one of my best friends from Maine (we have known each other since childhood). And we had quite the exciting plans for my first night home! Katie rushed this past fall and pledged for Alpha Xi Delta. Her first formal was the night that I flew home for Winter Break, and she asked if I would be her date! Of course I said yes... the only thing was that the event literally started at the same time that my flight arrived. But this was a challenge that I was willing to accept! (Picture Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother saying "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!") Friday was the craziest day for me as I rusehd to pack up a month's worth of clothing and all my Christmas gifts for Maine friends and family into two overstuffed suitcases, AND changed into formal attire and did my hair and make-up and somehow made it to the airport just in time to get through security and board my flight...

    ...BUT I made it!! Here is me and Katie in the Maine airport right after I arrived! Somehow it all worked out. Katie and her dad picked me up and we headed right to her formal. (Let me just say too that flying in formal attire and with an updo isn't quite conducive to trying to nap on a plane. Staying awake to stay pretty ultimately won out this time...) 

    I'm so happy everything worked out though because formal was SO much fun! I loved being able to see how another sorority did their events. Katie's sisters were incredibly sweet and welcoming and I loved meeting her Big and all of her pledge sisters. Kim, in the red dress in the photo above, is in Katie's pledge class and is actually a fellow fashion blogger! (You can check out her blog Mainely Fashion here!) Isn't that a small world?! (Other fun fact: my high school best friend Jules is also an Alpha Xi Delta in the same chapter! Sadly she was unable to make it to this event though- but I love how she and Katie are sisters!!)

     And my crazy few weeks ended with spending the whole rest of my weekend (after the big formal event) at my retail job here at home! It was a very busy weekend with a lot of tourists up doing their Christmas shopping. I do enjoy my job and it was nice to be back in the store and seeing my co-workers. I also loved seeing the store all decked out for Christmas! But, I am so happy to have today off to sleep in and finally rest. :-)

     So that is all that I have been up to, and I hope that gives a good explanation for why the blog has been fairly quiet! I am looking forward to blogging a lot more over Winter Break though! I actually do have a list of goals that I hope to accomplish this month before I head back to school, so stay tuned for my December goals later this week. (As well as another giveaway!)

     xoxo A


  1. Cute puppies!! Ahhh soo cute!! And yay for all the fun things this semester! You look like you would be an ice skater :) That's so fun! And I'm so glad that you had a good time at Katie's formal. You guys look so fabulous!

  2. aww so much fun you have been having!! I want to go to a dang tacky sweater Christmas party!! ha!

  3. So much to comment on, so I will just say that I love this post, and I'm glad that you are getting to take a little break :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  4. I completely understand needing to take a short break from the blogging world, finals has taken over my life & now that I'm actually done with those I feel exhausted & just kind of want to enjoy the holidays and relax a little!
    I'm glad you're home safe & I hope you enjoy the Christmas holidays though :)

    xoxo, SS

  5. thanks for the update, seems like you're enjoying life!! a blog break is necessary sometimes!

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