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December 26, 2014

An extended blogging break...

     I was so excited to come home for Christmas Break this year because I thought it meant that I would finally have a lot of catch up time for my blog! I had such a busy semester in general between tough classes and a generally busy daily schedule, my first time going through the "other side" of sorority recruitment, taking babysitting jobs when I could, interning, and more! Blogging regularly on top of all of this was hard, and more often than not my blog took the back burner to everything.

      But sadly, blogging will have to be put on hold for most of my Christmas Break as well. Upon arriving home I dealt with some unexpected computer issues, and my laptop had to be sent into a computer repair place (I am fondly calling it "gone to the doctor"). The place that it went to is one of the best in the area that I live in, but they were a bit backed up due to the holiday season, and I probably won't be getting my laptop back until right before I leave to go back to school. This means that for the duration of my month at home I have been/will be using my good ol' HP laptop from my freshman year of high school. It's half a miracle that my old computer still even turns on (it had a lot of issues back in the day which is what lead my parents to eventually get me a MacBook), and to say that it hates Blogger would be the understatement of the century. I have been having so much difficulty writing posts, and I don't even want to think about uploading photos onto it.... so I think it would just be safer if I took some time off from blogging until my main computer returns to me!

     For some good news though- those of you who follow me on Instagram (@miss_alk) know that I got a very big Christmas present this year- a beautiful Canon DSLR camera!! I am so excited! This is something that I have wanted for a long time, especially to help take my fashion blogging to the "next level." :-) In the next few weeks I'm going to be trying to learn as much about my new camera as I can before going back to school, and then hopefully once I get my laptop back I can upload all of the pictures that I've taken while being home to share with y'all!

     Leaving all of you with a picture of my family's little white Christmas tree. (Thanks to the weird Blogger formatting on my old laptop I have to put the picture in after I'm done writing... I don't understand this computer... haha!)

     xoxo Miss ALK



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