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October 22, 2014

Stress today, a memory tomorrow...

     So far my week has looked a lot like this! Fall Break already seems like it was months ago (even though it wasn't even two weeks ago). Midterms are finally behind me (this Instagram picture was taken as I was studying for my last midterm was was in my Monday night class this past week), but now begins the part of the semester when projects start happening, as well as more demanding homework assignments!

     One mentality that I'm trying to think about lately to try and put all of my college (and life!) stress into perspective is how this is such a fleeting time in my life. I am already past the halfway point of being done with undergrad! Today in one of my communications classes we got into a discussion about where we want to be living and working after college. It seems like such a grown-up topic, but in reality it's less then two years away (or a year away for anyone in my class that is graduating early). So soon my college years will be just a memory, and I do know in my heart and mind that all of this craziness that I'm dealing with now will help lead me to my dreams someday down the road. And maybe someday isn't that far away!

     On top of school being very demanding right now, I'm currently looking into some different internships for next semester, dealing with a very uncomfortable spider bite on my foot (Don't worry too much y'all- my school's health and wellness center diagonosed it as coming from a non-poisonous spider so at least there's that!), procrastinating on cleaning my room, and now possibly dealing with part recall isssues for my car? Never a dull moment I tell you!

     Not really sure where I was going with this post today, but I felt the need to write a little bit before bed. :-) Hope it made sense at least a little bit! Stay tuned for some more fun fashion posts coming up soon!

     xoxo Miss ALK

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