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October 13, 2014

(Much belated) October Goals!


     This blog post is coming to you from at home in Maine! I apologize for my unplanned blogging break over the past week- my midterm exams ended up being a lot tougher then I expected, and I left to go home to Maine the day after exams ended. I have been having a great weekend at home so far! This is the first year that I've been in college that I've finally made it home in the Fall early enough to see the beautiful foliage, and that has been the biggest blessing! The above picture is the view that I had at dinner at a restaurant in Portland (Maine's biggest city) a couple of nights ago with my favorite girls Shara and Katie

     The month of September felt absolutely overwhelming for me, but let's see how I did with my September goals:

     1. Stay on top of my homework with sorority recruitment. The Formal Recruitment season (which ran during the first month of school) was definitely stressful, and it provided a few really late nights of homework and cramming for tests, but overall I think I did a decent job of staying on top of things.
     2. Look into getting a Charlotte library card. This didn't happen this past month- most of my free time in September was on weekend nights and the local libraries aren't open then! I'm hoping to do this sometime before the end of the semester though. 
     3. Have a memorable and fun start to my 20s. Check....ish. I had an interesting birthday this year! The whole morning was spent in a mandatory three hour sorority recruitment practice, and I ended up babysitting the whole night of my birthday. But some sorority sisters of mine baked surprise cupakes for me and brought them to our morning practice that day, and that afternoon two of my friends from my former college came to Charlotte to have lunch with me (and my roommate came too)! So that was fun. :-) I did feel a little stressed the whole weekend from recruitment and homework, but I am still happy that I got to do a few fun things. I have big expectations for the Big 2-1 next year though!
     4. Get better again with reading the Bible/daily devotions. Sadly I didn't do very well at this! My church attendance also wasn't great for the month of September because of everything happening at school, but it is getting better again. I attend an amazing church in Charlotte (Forest Hill Church) and I seriously feel like I learn so many new things about God and His word after every sermon! 

     And here are my October 2014 goals!

     1. Start trying more new beauty products again. My "beauty favorites" posts each month have been absent for the past couple of months... not because I have been forgetting about them, but because I have really been stuck in a beauty routine!! Over this summer I tried not to buy new beauty products to save any extra money that I could for this school year, and since school started I have been so busy that I have barely that the time to go shopping! Each day when I get ready I find myself gravitating towards the same few products that instead of experimenting my own make-up collection. I absolutely love buying and trying new make-up though, so I'm hoping to break out of the routine that I have been in soon! While home this weekend I picked up some goodies from the Too Faced Holiday 2014 collection that I can't wait to review here on the blog! 
     2. Actually celebrate Halloween this year. Halloween is one of the holidays that college kids go crazy over. And I have sadly missed out on that for my first two years of school! My freshman year (when I went to a Christian college) I had a HUGE test in my Old Testament class the day after, so I spent the whole night in a study room with my classmates cramming for the exam. Last year I wasn't into going out at all so my friend Perrin took me to Hobby Lobby for some craft shopping (it was my first time there and I loved it!) and then we got Mexican food with her family. Both years I didn't dress up or celebrate at all and I was okay with that. But this year I'm hoping to change things... I'm not really sure what I will be or what I will do but I know I want to celebrate somehow!
     3. Do a good job on my Little's crafts. I posted recently that a couple weeks ago I got my Little Diamond Sister (ADPi's version of Bigs/Littles)! It is Alpha Delta Pi tradition for the Bigs to shower their Littles with crafts and gifts before initiation. Our chapter's initiation is in November but I want to get a head start on some of my Little's gifts this month so that it will be less stressful as the deadline gets closer (and so that I do a good job!). For me to do a good job at crafting it takes me a long time, so I will need the extra time. ;-) 
     4. Make a LinkedIn profile. This is something that my boss at my internship encouraged me to do, and I think that I am at the point now in college where I am starting to network with different professionals, faculty and other students and this would be useful! It would be great to already have a LinkedIn profile up and running well before I graduate college (especially if I want to pursue other internships during my college years). 

     Here's to a productive rest of the month! Although the foliage has been beautiful here at home, the temperatures have been chilly- ranging from the 40s to the low 60s. I am hoping that weather this cool will stay away from Charlotte for a little bit longer!! 

     Stay tuned for some fun OOTD posts from my trip home coming to the blog soon!

     xoxo Miss ALK 



  1. Let me know when you're on LinkedIn & we can connect! Ahhh, I miss Big & Little season sooo much!

    I am trying to get in a better routine for doing devotionals and prayers. Let me know if you have any suggestions :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  2. Good luck with your October goals! Can't wait to see some of your beauty favorites!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner


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