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October 6, 2014

My Instagrammed Life of Late.

     My goodness- what a week and weekend I've had!! I thought that once sorority recruitment ended a couple of weeks ago my life would really calm down, but that couldn't be further from what's happened to me. My life has only seemed to have gotten busier! Last week was another busy week for me with classes, but it was other stuff going on at school that made it even crazier! From playing on my sorority's intramural volleyball team, to guest speakers coming into my classes and the Comm department at my college, picking a friend up at the airport, reviews in my classes for midterms next week, seeing friends that graduated last year, and special guests at my internship, it's safe to say that I was quite overwhelmed. But the most exciting/busiest thing of all happened this past Saturday, which was my chapter of Alpha Delta Pi's annual sisterhood retreat. The highlight of chapter retreat is when Diamond sisters (ADPi's version of Bigs and Littles) are revealed. This year I got a Little Diamond sister!! But more on that in the Instagram recap. :-)

     Usually my Instagram blog posts are filled with pictures of my outfits or recent purchases, but today's Instagram recap is solely pictures of what I have been up to lately because that's how busy I've been!

     A couple Sundays ago I went on a crepes brunch date with my sweet friend Olivia from school. (This is the Olivia behind Olivia Miller Photography who did some gorgeous blog pictures for me recently!) We ate at the Crepe Cellar in Charlotte. It was only my second time there but it has already become one of my favorite restaurants to eat at with my girlfriends! I had the nutella brownie crepe and it was heavenly. I considered it a belated birthday cake crepe. ;-)

     On September 24th, I went to a blogging meet-up hosted by two of my favorite fashion bloggers at one of my favorite Charlotte boutiques! Charlotte blogger Caitlin from Southern Curls and Pearls and Boston blogger (but Charlotte native!) McKenna from McKenna Bleu were the hosts of the evening, and the setting was at Vestique, the cutest little boutique (Which I actually did a couple collaboration blog posts with last Spring!! Found here and here.). Both of these ladies have been such inspirations to me with blogging! I have met Caitlin before and she is absolutely the sweetest (and if you aren't following her blog you need to get on that ASAP!). And I was SO excited to finally be able to meet McKenna- her blog features not only her amazing outfits but also pictures from her travels all around the world!! Other Charlotte bloggers in attendance included my sweet friend Kristin from Lily and Lace, Melissa from Simply Sweet Melissa and Morgan from How 2 Wear It. Another fun part of the night is that I got to meet Janet, the Etsy shop owner behind Made by JH Designs who has sponsored two giveaways on my blog this summer! All in all it was a wonderful evening- I love the Charlotte blogging community!

      On Thursdays at my college, everyone goes out to the clubs in Uptown Charlotte (our Uptown is pretty much the same thing as downtown in other cities, like where the big buildings are). And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. But last year it just wasn't my thing. At my former college people didn't really go to clubs much since it was a Christian school, so it was kind of a culture shock for me when I transferred. I went out once last year and wasn't really into it. I much preferred to stay in on Thursday nights to work on my blog or watch Netflix. #lifeoftheparty But this year I am trying to be a bit more social, so a couple weeks ago I actually went out on a Thursday with all my ADPi sisters!! (This picture is me with a couple sisters before heading to Uptown.) Don't worry y'all, I didn't go too crazy... I was a designated driver. :-) But I did have enough of a good time that I'm planning to go out again sometime this month!

     Last Spring I babysat every Wednesday for a wonderful family here in Charlotte. Sadly my busy schedule this semester doesn't allow the time for me to babysit on weekdays anymore, but I have gotten to babysit for this family a few weekends so far this Fall! They have the cutest dog in the world as evidenced by the picture above. He was my #MCM on Instagram last week!

      After fashion and beauty, the topic that probably write the most about on this blog is my internship with the Charlotte location of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation! I have been interning there since last January. One of my co-interns from last semester was Jessica (in the color-blocked dress), who graduated from my college in May. She will be moving to California in January to pursue her dreams of working in TV production and I am so proud of her!! She was back in Charlotte this weekend and came in to visit the studio. From left to right: Max (my current co-intern from my college), Jessica, yours truly, and Mamie, my amazing boss! Love my Seacrest Studios family!!

     And this was the highlight to the end of a very busy couple of weeks- getting my Little! This is Julie. :-) She is a sophomore, and we actually knew each other last year before she joined ADPi! At my college there are these special support/friendship group things that freshman and transfer students can join to meet other new students and to talk about the transition to life at our college. I joined one last year since I was a transfer, and Julie was in my group! That makes it even more special to me that she ended up joining my sorority and then coming into my Diamond family! The picture frame that we are holding is a picture of my Big, Jess. Jess is studying abroad in Amsterdam this semester and obviously couldn't be there for chapter retreat, so I decided she had to be there in spirit. (It's a funny picture of herself that she gave me last year- I was finally able to put it to good use!) :-)

     And you would think that the craziness would stop this week... but it will only get worse as it's midterms week at school! I would appreciate any prayers as my midterms seem to be exceptionally tough this semester. And then this coming Friday night I fly home to Maine for Fall Break! That hasn't even sunk in yet (nor do I know when I'll have time to pack!). Maybe once I'm home I can finally breath?!

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I enjoyed meeting you! Coffee or shopping date sometime soon! ((PS - congrats on getting your little!))

  2. For some reason it always seems like there's never enough hours in the day! Hope things calm down a little bit for you!

  3. Loved reading this update! Are lives are quite similar still with being so busy!



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