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February 12, 2014

Blog Q&A.

     Last week one of my new favorite bloggers, Seersucker Sass, tagged me in her Liebster Award post. For those of you who don't know, the Liebster Award is a virtual award that is often given to blogs with smaller followings, and with the award come some questions that the recipient is supposed to answer on their blog, as a way for followers to learn more about them. I was honored to be nominated for the Liebster a few times on my old blog, and a couple times with this blog as well! So thank-you SS for nominating me again, it's always so sweet to be thought of!

    Anyways, as I was getting ready to fill out my questions for this most recent Liebster Award, I realized to my both sadness and excitment that I no longer qualify for it!! It is supposed to be given to blogs with 200 or fewer followers, and between my GFC and Blog Lovin' followers I have now surpassed this amount! It did make me happy to see that my blog has grown so much lately, and I hope that it only continues to grow!

     But I really liked a few of SS's blogging related Liebster questions, so I decided that I will answer them anyways! :-)

     1. What was your favorite post to write? I have two answers to this, since I would consider my blog to be both a fashion and lifestyle blog. My favorite fashion post to plan/write was definitely my collaboration a few months back with Pink Bubbly Shop! I love so many of the things that I receive through blogging, but the necklace that Michelle sent me to review was one of my all-time favorite items that I've gotten to review through blogging! I had so much fun styling the necklace and putting the post together, and it got a lot of great feedback.
     As far as other types of posts, my other post was from June 2013 and titled "Guy Lessons From Reflection (part 1)". I definitely got very personal with this post, and in it I wrote in detail about a guy that I had fallen for at the start of my freshman year of college, only to realize that he wasn't what I expected. Both of us didn't consider each other's feelings in the best way when it fell apart, and it was definitely a learning experience for me. Finally blogging about all of it was a great stress relief and way to finally make closure with the situation.

     2. What was your hardest post to write? The part 2 of Guy Lessons From Reflection. It was about a different guy then the first post in this series... and it took me many, many months just to build up the courage to write part two. Unlike part one, was written with the hope of encouraging other ladies who may be in similar situations, this was a post though that I had to write mostly for my own benefit. Blogging is a great stress relief for me sometimes, and writing this post definitely helped improve perspective on this situation.

     3. Who/what was your inspiration to start a blog? My real life childhood friend Katie, who I actually just mentioned in another post on here recently! :-) Katie and I have known each other since elementary school- we were both homeschooled for most of our childhoods and our friendship is my oldest continual friendship! Anyways, through most of her high school years Katie always had a blog. She blogged more as a creative outlet, and I found her blog one day through Facebook during my junior year of high school and I was so inspired! At the time, I was spending way too much time on Facebook, and I wanted another online outlet that might have a more positive affect on me. I loved reading Katie's posts, and they inspired me to start my first blog, Confessions of a Maine Teenager. Even though I ended up starting this blog and ending my old one, I have continually stuck with blogging for over three years now, which I think is pretty cool! And Katie just recently got back into blogging, I'd love it if y'all stopped by her awesome new blog, Welcome to the Wackadoodles!

     4. What advice do you have for new bloggers? First and foremost: be patient!! The followers, business offers, and blog friendships will come with time. Second, don't be afraid to blog about a lot of different things! I feel like a lot of bloggers use there blogs to only get really, really personal, or there's others that them solely on things like fashion or food. This might be just me but I like to see a mix between personal posts and interest related posts... posting diversity keeps things interesting. :-) And lastly, blogging is all about how much you put into it!

     I would love to see any of your answers to these questions as well!! I love hearing what bloggers have to say about their blogs, and what blogging means to them. If you want to answer these questions then be sure to leave the link to your post in a comment so I can check it out! :-)

     Hope that y'all are having a good Wednesday! It's a snow day for me here at school... the second one in the past couple of weeks! I guess my assumption that coming to college down south meant the end of snow days was wrong...

     xoxo Miss ALK

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  1. I loved your answers! Thanks for being one of my blogging inspirations!

    XX, SS


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