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February 13, 2014

Southern Snow Days!

     A couple of weeks ago, it snowed about half an inch here in Charlotte, and my college had a snow day. I couldn't believe the fact that classes were actually getting cancelled when the grass on the quad was still quite visible under the "snow"... but it happened. I figured that was the most snow that I'd see in Charlotte this winter, and that was fine with me! Oh, how I was wrong...

     Charlotte and the rest of North Carolina is currently getting hit with a Southern version of a blizzard!  The snow began on Tuesday morning, but since it was a wet and mild snow all of the morning classes and the annual spring convocation were still held that day. But all Tuesday night classes were cancelled, and then yesterday (Wednesday), we had our second full snow day! And today it is still storming outside, so we are having our third snow day of the semester. Snow days were a common occurence for me in high school, seeing that I'm from New England. But they're something that I thought I'd only see down here maybe once a year, if that? Certainly not three times in one semester (so far)! 

     So what exactly does one do on a Southern snow day? I am here to fill you in! :-)

The snow beginning to fall on Tuesday

     I had set an alarm for 10:30 am on Wednesday, but after waking up with a headache, I decided to forget about waking up and go back to sleep. I ended up sleeping until 1 pm! But hey, how often do I have the chance to do that?!

     Once I was up, I bundled up as much as I could and headed to the caf for the snow day brunch, and then to our school's bagel shop to get a hot beverage, as they were the only other eatery that was open on campus during the storm. A chai latte was necessary to get through the snowy weather!

     I spent the afternoon watching Netflix and also catching up on last weekend's sermon from my chuch here in Charlotte. I had such a busy weekend that I slept in too late to attend the Sunday services, so I'm happy that this church posts all of the sermons online so I could still tune in! I had a few homework assignments, but nothing was due the next day so I decided to put everything off. :-)

     By early evening, there was over three inches of snow! Being from Maine, this doesn't seem like very much, but for North Carolina this was a BIG storm! Even up North though no one messes with freezing rain, and the fact that it had already started to freeze over was leading everyone to guess that we'd have the next day off from school as well.

     I went to dinner with some sorority sisters, and like all sorority girls of course we had to take some snow pictures!!

     After dinner, a bunch of friends came over to my room. The mix included a sorority sister, a CRU friend, and various friends of theirs, including some girls that I had never even met before! But we decided to watch what is possibly the best movie for bonding girls together... The Lizzie McGuire Movie, and by the end I felt like I knew everyone a lot better. ;-) Because of my weird schedule this semester I don't have friends over in my room that often anymore, so it was fun to entertain and have the room full of new and old friends! We then watched a bit of the Olympics, and while that was going on I got to try out some Pinterest-inspired nail art designs on some of the girls:

Dream catcher nails

Bow nails

This design is supposed to be lemons for "Pink Lemonade"

     I had a wonderfully relaxing day, and I'm so thankful that the power stayed on!! Since winter weather related power outages don't happen much in the South, my dorm isn't hooked up to a generator, so I would have had to leave my room and head to a different building for goodness knows how long. I'm praying that the power continues to stay on through our second snow day tomorrow! 

     At first I was a bit angry about the snow, because it means that my Valentine's plans had to be cancelled. Even though those aren't supposed to happen until Friday, I highly doubt that the roads down here will be clear by then. I was supposed to have a fun girls' night with two good friends rom my former college, but we just decided to postpone our plans until next weekend! I had a cute Valentine's outfit picked out for an OOTD post, but that will just have to wait a few more days. :-)

      How's the weather where all of you are at? If you're also in the Carolinas, stay safe until everything clears up!! 

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. Yay for snow days!!!! Sadly where I live we didn't get anything but rain :( I am pretty sure EVERY county around us got 3-4 inches and it's still snowing lol. To be honest though I am OVER this cold weather and just ready for spring and summer!!

  2. We have had so much freezing rain and snow that schools were closed for a week here in Kentucky! But, my college still didn't cancel classes even though the parking lots were full of ice.

  3. how adorable. ;) I wish I lived in snow

  4. Hope you are staying safe and warm! They let us leave work early from work yesterday & gave us today off, so I've used the time to really work on my blog :) The nail designs that you did are adorable. I'm glad you're enjoying this Southern Snow!

    XX, SS ||

  5. SO FUN!! I'm loving your bag in the snow pictures! SO FAB!


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