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February 4, 2014

February Goals!

     Last month was the first time that I shared some monthly goals here the blog. I did it mostly because I had seen some of my favorite bloggers do it for a few months, and I figured why not? Well- it turned out to be a great decision! Blogging my goals and having y'all comment on the post was a wonderful way for me to stay accountable to myself! Although I didn't get everything done, I'm pleased with what I did accomplish, and I'm also excited for my second month of goals! But let's first take a look back at what my January goals were:

  1.      Keep maintaining my main goals for the year 2014 (which were to exercise regularly and have quiet time with the Lord most days). I did okay with this! As far as exercising... I made it to the school gym to work out on the machines only once. :-/ BUT- on a different week my sorority sister P and I visited a zumba class at a local gym. And another thing that I did for exercise was  on the weekend that I went to Columbia, SC, to visit my roommate's family, we took a long walk through the whole downtown of Columbia. So I didn't do great in the exercise department, but it's a start! And as far as quiet time: I've been making time for devotions and prayer about 2-3 times per week. I'd like to increase it, but it's a good start that I was able to maintain for the whole month!
  2. Take a friend from my new school out to see my old school. Check! I took my big sister in ADPi, Jess, out to visit my old school one Friday night! Afterwards we headed into SC to stop at Charming Charlie, my favorite jewelry store! It was a wonderful night- not only did I get to take a friend from my new college out to see what my life was like last year, but I also got to spend some quality one-on-one time with my Big. 
  3. Beging my freshman year scrapbook. Check! At the start of the month I selected all the pictures that I wanted for it, and headed over to the nearest pharmacy to print them. I had a busy start to January so it took me awhile to find the time to work on it, but as of now I have two of the pages done. Now that I've started scrapbooking again I'm eager to keep working on it! 

      And now here are my goals for February 2014:

     1. Finish my freshman year scrapbook. Four pages down, 16 pages to go! Now that I've been re-bitten by the scrapbooking bug, I don't think this will be a problem! Scrapbooking is such a fun creative outlet and it also makes for a great homework break.

      2. Continue storing my receipts. In January, I decided to start saving all of my receipts. This is something that my parents have always done, but I never really saw the need for it until I realized that there were often things that I bought and would have liked to return but couldn't because I would always lose all of my receipts. After New Years, whenever I made a purchase somewhere and got a paper receipt, I'd tape it to the side of one of the closets in my dorm room. By the end of the month the whole side was filled from top to bottom with receipts, but they were all there. When this month began I took all of last month's receipts and put them into a zip lock bag. This method seemed to work well for the first month, so I'm planning to continue to do that unless I find something that works better!

     3. Remember to take my vitamins. This seems so basic and silly that I almost feel badly for posting it. For pretty much my whole childhood (and my first year of college!) I did a great job of this, but this year for some reason I keep forgetting to take my vitamins. One of my February goals is to change that. :-)

     4. Plan out an awesome schedule of things to do for when Shara visits! I have some pretty awesome Spring Break plans coming up (which deserve a blog post of their own!), but I will say that the start of my SB will involve a visit from one of my favorite Mainers, my sweet friend Shara! I feel crazy blessed that I have a second Maine friend coming to visit me during this school year (read about my best friend Jules's visit to NC in this post!). Shara has been down South before, but she has never been to the Charlotte area or to South Carolina. I want to do a good job of planning out some fun things for us to do while she's here, both in the Queen's City and a couple of day trips! Any suggestions for things that we should do are much welcomed- Shara will be visiting at the end of February/beginning of March, so hopefully the weather will cooperate for us then!

Shara and I doing some Christmas shopping when I was home for Thanksgiving!

     Here's to a productive February! I'm excited for all that this month has to offer. :-)

     xoxo Miss ALK



  1. I think it's great to make goals for the day or month to up the productivity! I'm big on saving my receipts. I've cleaned out my receipt box and had receipts from years prior! I have to remind myself to throw out the old ones :)

    Ivy xx
    Style Life Lovely

  2. what a great thing. we all need to do more goals.

    Come join the hop and tell us how you and your significant other met. How you met your boyfriend, husband, fiance etc.

  3. your facebook doesnt work hun. just a heads up

  4. I need to take my vitamins too! My mom is an RN and works for a wellness center so she's super in to vitamins and she sends them to me constantly....any tips for ACTUALLY taking them? I just can't seem to remember and she keeps asking me if I need more haha


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