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March 18, 2013

Web Wish List {1}

     I'm so excited to share with y'all my first Polyvore collage! Being a college student on a limited budget I don't have the funds the buy everything that I want. But the beauty of the internet is that I can browse my favorite brands and stores' websites to my heart's content, and share my favorite items with my fabulous blog readers!

Web Wish List {1}

  1. Purse: "Flicker Fabric Tenley" by Kate Spade I must confess, this first item isn't exactly a web find. My one excursion over spring break was short day trip to a mall in Masschusetts with my mom. Since I was still recovering from being sick I wasn't feeling too well so we weren't able to hit up many stores, but I did spot this lovely little purse in Nordstrom on our way into the mall. Isn't it just darling?! I think I've said before how much I adore anything bright and floral, and this bag is no exception! Yellow isn't typically a color that I'm crazy about, but I think that the white strap and bold flowers look perfect against it. In the past I've been a fan of big purses, but after getting a small cross body Michael Kors bag for Christmas from some family members I've been looking at other bags in that style. I really, really, really wanted to get this bag but at $158.00 it's just a little too much for me to afford.
  2. Cover Up: "Embroidered Cover Up" by Aerie A good beach cover up is something that I've been in need for for awhile. I prefer ones with sleeves for when the beach gets a little bit breezy! Back in March 2010 I picked up a great Old Navy beach cover up, but sadly the last few years have taken a toll on it and there's a large tear in one of the sleeves now.  Anyways, this Aerie cover up is the closest thing that I've seen to what I'm looking for in my next beach cover up. I love the way that the bright lime green embroidery pops against the royal blue, and the tassles are a fun touch. It's priced at $39.95, maybe if it goes on sale anytime soon I'll buy it!
  3. Dress: "Jordan dress" by Lilly Pulitzer I am so in love with this dress that it's not even funny. The first time that I saw this on the Lilly website I was like "Gahhhhh I NEED that!" Probably the thing that I love most about it is the color combonation of pretty blue and green stripes set on a white background, but the adorable bow and feminine cut of the dress just add to its charm. It would be perfect to wear to a spring wedding or for Easter if I'd be spending it in the South! I'm going back to Maine for Easter weekend so it would probably be too cold to wear anything like this... but that's unrelated. This beauty is priced at $288.00.
  4. Pumps: "Love Me Nude Patent" by Michael Antonio Out of all four of today's feautured items, these are the ones that I'm most likely to buy (Or something similar to them, as I would never buy pumps online since I couldn't try them on first).  I've been wanting a pair of nude patent pumps forever. Nude pumps are such a classic fashion statement that match almost anything and never go out of style. Their coloring gives them a less severe look than a black patent pump (Which is another fashion staple that I am proud to own!). According to (where they come from), they have a 4 1/2 inch heel, which I think might be a little difficult to walk in, but definitely would be worth it. They're reasonably priced at $49.00 with free shipping, but my guess is better deals can be found on similar nude pumps in retail stores.

      Did y'all like this post? I hope to do more like this again soon since it was a lot of fun for me to compile all of my favorite finds into one cute collage. :-)

     xoxo Miss ALK



  1. that little kate spade bag has my heart. adorbs!

    1. Mine too, mine too! Haha. It's super cute indeed!

      xoxo Miss ALK


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