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January 25, 2013

Fun Fact Friday {1}.

     Today I'm linking up to my real-life and blogging friend Emily's blog The Adventures of Rosie. She's been doing "Fun Fact Friday" posts for the past couple weeks and I thought I'd join in on the fun! I used to occasionally do "Facts" type posts on my old blog, but I like the idea of having a set day and number of fun facts to post per week! I'll try and make my fun facts pretty unique and interesting.

January 25th, 2013

  1. 25 is actually one of my lucky numbers! I've just always liked it, not really sure why. :-)
  2. At college I sleep with a jar of Nutella on the nightstand next to my bed. It's been there for months. I don't eat it very often but I think it adds a unique aspect of "decor" to my bed area!
  3. I love Pasty Cline's music. My mom used to play a cassette of her greatest hits in the car when I was little. It was one of the few types of music mom and I could agree on. ;-) I now have a special playlist for her songs on Spotify.
  4. I refuse to get a Pinterest account. It looks like a lot of fun, but Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and blogging take up too much of time already. My college is big on Twitter so I'm on there a lot.
  5. My mom keeps asking me if I've gotten a flu shot yet this year, and I keep telling her I will... but shots scare me! The thought of taking myself to a flu shot clinic by myself is quite terrifying.

     If you would like to participate in Fun Fact Friday please give credit to Emily in your post and follow her blog! It's a private blog to the public, so shoot her a friendly e-mail at and she'll gladly approve you as a follower!

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. oh, this is fun, girl! ;) i follow Emily's blog, and this is a lot of fun to read. :D (oh, and Nutella? too good. :)) and Pinterest is addicting. you are very wise. ;)


  2. Glad you enjoyed it! Hope you join in on the Fun Fact Friday fun! :-)

  3. Thanks for reminding me I needed to do this! My post is up....
    I'm really glad i got a flu shot this year. Pinterest is SO addicting. oh gosh. it's horrible but i've gotten some really good ideas for my 16th birthday party :)


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