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May 1, 2024

Wedding Wednesday: Our Engagement Photos!

     This is a Wedding Wednesday post that I've been very excited to share!! We took our engagement photos in mid-March, but I have waited share them on the internet until our guests had received our save-the-dates in the mail. I feel like there are so few things these days that are truly a surprise, and I wanted our guests to have the magic of seeing our engagement photos for the first time when they arrived in their mailbox. I have no regrets on that, and would recommend to any other brides-to-be as well. 😊

    Without further ado, here are our photos!! Our wedding photographers are Jake and Jennifer Vinluan from Vinluan Photography, who are based in Virginia Beach. Jenn is the one who did our engagement photos!

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     It was always my dream to have balloons in my engagement photos. (This was a longtime dream from before I even met Ryan!) I was so glad that Ryan and Jenn obliged my wish. The helium in one of the balloons exploded over the backseat of my car earlier in the day, and then it was very windy during the photos. The balloons were not cooperating in a lot of the pictures. But there were still some great shots as you can see here!

     I really wanted to channel Kate Spade advertisement vibes circa 2013-2015ish...and I think we nailed it! The city backdrop helped a lot too. I am obsessed with the views on E. Main Street in Norfolk, VA, which is where we did this more formal look with the balloons. The views on this street feel so "big city" to me, and I just love how my city balloon Kate Spade vibes photoshoot idea came to life here. 💗

     We also did a more casual second look, which you can see below! Our second look photos were taken a block or two away in front of Slover Library in Norfolk, VA.

     All of these beautiful engagement photos are credit to Vinluan Photography! We are so excited for Jake and Jenn to photograph our wedding later this year. 

     And a quick note about my outfits, since it took me a little while for each of these looks to come together. I realized after getting engaged that picking out your engagement photos outfits is a big deal, since you will have these photos for the rest of your life! I found my white bow dress through another blogger (Rachel Timmerman) last fall. She wore the same dress in hot pink, and I clicked on her LTK link for it and was delighted to see that the dress also came in white. How perfect for the aesthetic that I was going for with engagement photos!! While I loved this dress and it was exactly what I wanted style-wise for these photos, I need to add PSA that it does run small. I had to return and exchange it twice, and ended up getting the dress in two sizes larger than what I normally wear. 

     I always thought I would wear a bright and classic Lilly Pulitzer dress for at least some of my engagement photos, but as our photoshoot got closer I started thinking that I wanted to wear pants and a top instead of a dress for our other look. (I am planning to wear a Lilly dress for our engagement party, so there will still be a Lilly dress involved with an exciting pre-wedding event!) My beautiful blue silk top that I ended up wearing is Lilly though! Had to have some type of Lilly for these special photos. 😊 I paired it with my favorite white crop flare jeans.

    I broke out the two most expensive and special pairs of heels that I own for the shoes with each outfit! I'm obsessed with both my hot pink pumps and my shiny gold heeled mules. They were the perfect finishes touches to each outfit! 

     God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese


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  1. Super photos and from a former wedding photographer - kudos to your photographer. It is tough to get the one shot the client likes, you loved a bunch of them.


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