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October 19, 2023

HOTEL GUIDE: The Iconic Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN

       As a travel lover and an avid travel blog reader, I've had a running hotel bucket list in my brain for years. It's always exciting when I get to actually stay at and experience a hotel on that list. And the absolute perfect scenario? When my day job in radio brings me to one of these hotels! It hasn't happened very often, but I'm thrilled that I've now gotten to stay at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN twice for work conferences. This hotel was always high on my travel bucket list, and it has been awesome to experience in person multiple times now. Since I've stayed here twice in the past year, I think it's about time I write a Hotel Guide for this iconic American hotel.

     Even if you don't stay at The Peabody Memphis when visiting the area, I still think it is worth a visit for a drink or a meal! It's truly a historic gem. While there are many pros to staying here, there is one thing that I've found to be a con on both visits. As always- I'll give an honest review of the good and the bad!

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History of The Peabody Memphis and The Peabody Ducks:

     The original hotel opened in 1869 in Memphis and became very popular over the years. The hotel moved one block away to a new spot in downtown Memphis in 1925, which is where it still stands today. The Peabody Memphis is fondly known as the "South's Grand Hotel." It's been an AAA Four Diamond Hotel for years, which is quite an honor in the hospitality world. The Peabody Memphis is a large-scale hotel that has over 450 guest rooms and lots of event space. 

      What makes The Peabody Memphis one of America's most unique historic hotels is the five famous residents that call the hotel lobby fountain home. Since the 1930s, The Peabody has been home to five mallard ducks. The ducks reside overnight in the Duck Palace on the hotel rooftop, and each day they are led downstairs by the hotel Duckmaster for the famous March of The Peabody Ducks. Every day the ducks arrive in the hotel lobby fountain at 11am, and then leave promptly to go back up to the Duck Palace at 5pm. You do not have to be a hotel guest to enjoy watching the Peabody Duck March each day. It's open to the public! You can also ask to take a photo with the current Duckmaster, which I've done on both visits. 

The Peabody Rooftop!

2022 Duckmaster

2023 Duckmaster

Hotel Location + Travel Info:

     The Peabody Memphis is located in the heart of downtown Memphis. It's walking distance to the Memphis Redbirds ballpark, the waterfront of the Mississippi River, several museums, and lots of bars and restaurants (including the popular Beale Street entertainment district). 

      If you're driving, the hotel offers both valet and self-park options in a nearby garage. If you're flying to Memphis, the airport is about a 15-minute drive away. The Peabody does not currently provide airport shuttle services. (The conferences that I've attended have always provided their own airport transportation for attendees.) 

Room Info:

      Rooms at The Peabody Memphis are cozy and nice. Both rooms that I've stayed in have had duck themed art on the walls- so fitting! The hotel beds and pillows are very comfortable. I especially appreciate the evening turn down service that's included with your stay. I feel like so many hotels have started skimping on housekeeping services post-pandemic, but I can vouch that The Peabody still has excellent daily housekeeping services. 

      Ready for my one con of staying at The Peabody? There is a severe lack of soundproofing in the guest rooms. This was the case for me on both stays (despite staying on different floors and totally different parts of the hotel on each stay). I've been able to hear everything that my neighbors are doing, from conversations to the TV to alarms. Even quiet conversations I can still hear clearly! And hallway noise too. This year I came prepared with earplugs to sleep in, so it wasn't as brutal as my first stay. But definitely still a problem. I don't want to say that it isn't worth it to stay at The Peabody because of this (it's still an amazing hotel!), but where this has been an issue for me on both visits, I did want to be transparent and honest.


     Most of the meals that I've had at the Peabody were served in the ballroom for attendees of the conferences I've attended. I have to say- as far as event food goes, I've been very impressed by the catering kitchen at The Peabody! On my most recent trip, everyone had a phenomenal dinner for the cocktail party night. Steak, salmon and what were the best mashed potatoes I've ever had in my life! As far as actual restaurants at The Peabody Memphis, here are the options:

  • Chez Philippe - A fancy and famous French restaurant in The Peabody. It's the only AAA Four Diamond restaurant in Memphis right now! I'd love to eat here for a fine meal if I ever have time on a future trip. This is also where Afternoon Tea is served at The Peabody!
  • Capriccio Grill - An Italian a steakhouse that's also open for breakfast and lunch. I had breakfast here on the last day of my first trip to Memphis, and it was great! 
  • Peabody Deli & Desserts - My most visited food spot in The Peabody, since it's the perfect destination for a quick hot beverage and snack during conference craziness. This is the best spot to grab an amazing dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth. The incredible pastry chefs at the hotel whip up gorgeous tarts, pies, cakes and other delicacies that you can find here! They also have sandwiches, ice cream, and lots of coffee and tea beverages. They also sell some unique hotel merchandise here that's different than what's in the main gift shops. 

Things to Do: 

  • Watch the March of the Peabody Ducks - The Peabody Duckmaster marches the Peabody Ducks down to the lobby via red carpet every day at 11am, and then the ducks march back to their rooftop home every evening at 5pm. It's truly the most unique and adorable sight to see! You don't have to be a guest of The Peabody to enjoy watching the Duck March in the lobby. It's open to the public! You can grab a drink from the Lobby Bar while this happens. They even have some duck themed cocktails! 
  • Hotel History Tour - The Duckmaster leads a daily one-hour tour all about the hotel's rich history each day. It costs $10. I'd love to have the time to do this on a future trip.
  • Afternoon Tea - I love doing Afternoon Tea anywhere, and I feel like The Peabody would be an especially lovely place to do it! It's held in Chez Philippe restaurant. Fingers crossed if I ever go back, I can do this! 
  • Go Shopping - The Peabody has some incredible lobby shops to browse. In addition to having two great gift shops (one that's duck themed and one that's Memphis themed), there are two phenomenal boutiques in the hotel. One for men and one for women! Lansky's at The Peabody Men's Shop is inconic men's clothier that once clothed Elvis Presley! Today they sell some really unique men's pieces. Lansky 126 For Her is the sister boutique that sells women's clothing and accessories. I love the women's shop! They sell great brands like Queen of Sparkles, KARLIE and Spanx to name a few.
  • Visit the Rooftop - The Peabody Rooftop has some incredible views of Memphis! You can also check out the Peabody Duck Palace, which is where the ducks live when they aren't downstairs in the lobby fountain. The Rooftop is open to guests and the public unless there is a private event going on. Sunset is a really nice time to be up there! 

      As I mentioned earlier in this post, staying at The Peabody Memphis and seeing the Peabody Ducks had been on my travel bucket list for a long time. I feel very lucky that work has brought me to this hotel twice now! If you're passing through Memphis and decide to stay elsewhere for yoru lodging, I still highly recommend visiting The Peabody to browse the lobby and shops and watch the Duck March! 

      God Bless,

       xoxo Annaliese 


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  1. I love that shot on the roof! It's been a minute since my last visit - do they still have the Francis Scott Key piano on the Mezzanine?


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