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September 14, 2023

{Monthly} Midweek Ramblings

 August 2023:

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Highs of the Month:

  • Getting to start golf lessons again after a 7+ month break from golf due to hip bursitis. What a joy to be slowly easing back into one of my new favorite activities again! 
  • Taking Ryan to one of my favorite places on earth for the first time- the charming town of Edenton, NC! We spent a great weekend in late August visiting my aunt and uncle, and I also got to show Ryan all of my favorite local Edenton spots. I think my favorite memory of the weekend was feeling like we had the beautiful Albemarle Sound all to ourselves Saturday afternoon for the most peaceful swim. 
  • Taking a second annual girls' weekend trip with my friend Amanda and getting to see my first PGA golf tournament as part of our trip. Another huge highlight was having brunch at the famous Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, NC!

Lows of the Month:

  • I hate being vague on the internet since it's a pet peeve of mine when other bloggers/influencers do this. Ugh! But there were a couple tough / unexpected situations in my personal life in August that led to some tears and frustration. Not the best month for me on a personal level.
  • I didn't get as many beach days and pool days as I hoped. Honestly that's true for the entire summer, but I guess earlier in the summer I kept thinking I'd make up for all of that in August. Hoping next summer is a bit different on that front!
  • I got super carsick out of nowhere on the drive down to NC for my girls' trip with my friend Amanda. I used to get carsick a lot as a kid, but it hasn't really hit me like that in years. Not a fun way to start off a road trip! Ryan and I have a longer road trip coming in October, so I'm really hoping I'll do better on that trip.

August Weekend Recaps:

  • 4th- 6th - My friend Amanda and I went to Greensboro, NC for the Wyndham Championship PGA golf event, and our second annual girls' weekend! I also got to have dinner with my Greensboro friend Michelle while we were there. Read about the golf tournament here and see my Greensboro Travel Guide here
  • 11th-13th - My second weekend trip of the month of August was back up to Charlottesville. My friend Megan was celebrating her 30th birthday all weekend long, and it was so great to be there for the Friday evening festivities! Always great when a fun excuse like this brings my Charlottesville friend group all together. (See my Charlottesville Travel Guide here!) I visited with my former radio cohost Marc on Saturday morning, and then rushed back to Virgina Beach to work and attend the Jelly Rolly and Ashley McBryde country concert in Virginia Beach! I took Ryan's cousin Carley as my plus-one for that! I rested on Sunday and then went out to dinner Sunday evening with my friend Emily.
  • 18th-20th - The only weekend of August that I ended up being in town. On Friday evening, Ryan and I went out for a dinner double date with some new couple friends. I had to work at a big event that my company put on for most of the day on Saturday. Ryan and I did an impromptu Virginia Beach Oceanfront date night on Saturday when I was done with work which was fun! We walked the boardwalk and went to a candy shop. We had church on Sunday, and then we ran some errands and met up with my good friend Caroline and her husband for lunch in the neighboring city of Chesapeake. They were driving through our area and I'm so glad we got to see them! 
  • 25th-27th - I finally got to take Ryan to one of my favorite places ever, Edenton NC! We had a great stay with my aunt and uncle, and I loved showing Ryan my favorite Edenton spots, and going for a ride on my uncle's new boat. (See my Edenton Travel Guide here!)

August Purchases:

  • I needed a new clear crossbody purse for concerts and sporting events, and so happy I decided to go with this one
  • This is a little edgy for me, but I'm excited about this faux leather mini skirt that I got. I was in between sizes and went one size up so it was slightly longer and more appropriate to wear to work this fall and winter.
  • End-of-season is the best time for deals on swimwear. I picked up this bikini top and bottom for a great deal. 
  • I also got a great deal on some new denim shorts, which I'll definitely be able to enjoy next summer. 
  • This summer I kept re-wearing a lightweight t-shirt dress that I had on the really hot days. I found another one just like the one that I love, and I got a great deal on it!
  • My final purchase of the month was a pair of straight leg jeans for fall. I cleared out a lot of my old jeans earlier this year, so I've been needing a couple of new pairs. 

August Blog Posts:

     God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese


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  1. My deepest sympathies on car sickness! I'm the same way. But, just on this last trip we took, I took a Dramamine, and was able to do some work on my laptop and even read a book on my Kindle without getting sick - honestly a miracle! Maybe give that a try on your trip with Ryan?


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