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September 19, 2023

Lilly Pulitzer Birthday Cake! (And my 29th Birthday Recap)

     I turned 29 earlier this month. This year was a very low-key birthday, but it brought me the most beautiful birthday cake that I've ever had! The cake honestly deserves a whole blog post to itself, I think. 😉 But here's a little birthday recap today:

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     Last year, I spent my 28th birthday in Covid quarantine. I tested positive about a week before my birthday and was unfortunately still very symptomatic on my birthday. Woof! Definitely one of the worst birthdays ever. The one thing that I really wanted on this birthday to make up for last year was a fancy custom birthday cake. I've always wanted a really special birthday cake for a year in my 20s, and it never happened on the more milestone 20s birthdays like 21 or 25. 

      Ryan kindly obliged my birthday wish and had the most beautiful birthday cake that I've ever seen made just for me! I sent him the information for a fantastic local baker, Bri of Baking It Caking It. Bri did a beautiful and delicious cake and cupcakes for a Junior League fundraiser in January, and I knew I wanted to save her information for any cake needs that I might have in the future. Ryan told Bri the flavor and filling that I wanted, and that I loved bright Lilly Pulitzer inspired colors. She ran with those instructions and absolutely nailed it! I feel like this cake is literally me in cake form!! It was almost too pretty to cut into and eat. But I'm so glad we did, since it was delicious! It was a citrus mimosa cake with buttercream frosting.

This cake made my birthday so special. If you're in the Virginia Beach / Hampton Roads area, I can't recommend using Baking It Caking It enough for any special custom cake, cupcake or cookie needs! 

     Otherwise, my birthday was very low-key this year. Historically, I have always been a really big birthday person, but there is something about turning 29 that just seemed a bit "meh" to me. 30 will obviously be such a fun milestone next year to look forward to! And I can't wait to celebrate big in September 2024. But for this year, I felt like I was finally too old to do any sort of big celebration or party with friends. My parents got me an early birthday cake when Ryan and I were in Maine a few weeks ago, and we brought it to a get-together with my mom's side of the family. While that cake wasn't quite as spectacular design-wise as the cake that Ryan got me, it was still very pretty and tasted great! This cake was almond flavored with raspberry filling, and a sweet vanilla frosting. I also got to open some presents with my parents on the last night of our Maine trip at home. 

      My actual 29th birthday fell midweek this year. I spent some solo time at the beach that afternoon since it was a beautiful day! Ryan cooked me my favorite meal that he makes, chicken piccata, for dinner that night. We formally celebrated my birthday on Saturday night a few days later. We went to dinner at a local restaurant on the water called The Porch. The Porch is one of my favorite places in Virginia Beach for great cocktails and views. We then came back home to enjoy the amazing cake, and I opened presents. 

     I got some awesome Amazon items as birthday gifts from Ryan and friends this year that I wanted to link for you quickly! Ryan got me this cute gold paperclip necklace that I asked for. When it comes to very trendy jewelry, I don't like to spend a ton. But I was pleasantly surprised that the quality of this was better than I expected! My best friend Ciera got me this classic and chic dress in a dark green color that's perfect for fall. I can't wait to wear it. And my dear friend Caroline got me two wonderful sweaters from Amazon! The first is this striped pullover sweater, and the second is this awesome quarter-zip that will look great both for golf but also for everyday casual looks. 


      I am already thinking of many ideas for my 30th birthday next year!! Very excited for that milestone, but also excited to enjoy the next year of being 29!

      Here's some of my birthday recaps from years passed:

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese

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