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August 28, 2023

TRAVEL GUIDE: My Favorite Spots in Greensboro, NC

      Greensboro, NC is a city that I've spent a good number of weekends in over the past decade. Although I've never lived in Greensboro or the surrounding Triad area myself, I have so many friends and connections in this area. It's kind of funny honestly how many ties I've had to this city over the years (and continue to have). My college friend Michelle and another college friend live here, my friend Cara is from the area and got married here, and I also have a few friends from radio networking that live here and work for Greensboro stations. I've been to multiple weddings in the area in recent years (including one for friends that don't even live there, they just got married in Greensboro!). This summer, I found my way down there for the Wyndham Golf Championship. Basically- life just keeps bringing me back to Greensboro time and time again!

     Greensboro isn't a tourist destination per say, but there are a lot of wonderful restaurants there, and some great lodging options. If you ever find yourself passing through the area or spending a weekend there, I wanted to share my recommendations that I've accumulated over the years of various Greensboro trips.

My friend and wonderful Greensboro tour guide, Michelle!

My friend Cara had a beautiful wedding in her home city of Greensboro a couple years ago!

About Greensboro / Travel:

      When I think of what a stereotypical smaller all-American city would look like, I'd probably think of Greensboro. Greensboro is a mid-sized city of about 300,000 people located right in the middle of North Carolina. It makes up the Triad region, along with neighboring smaller cities Winston-Salem and High Point. Greensboro is pretty spread out with many different neighborhoods. (I feel like I've seen them all at this point since I've made so many trips here over the years!) There is a small downtown area with some larger buildings, and the downtown has definitely been seeing a real revitalization in the last couple of years. As I shared above, it's not really a tourist destination, but there are a fair number of fun things to do here, and some great restaurants and hotels. 

       Greensboro is home to the Piedmont Triad International Airport, but my guess is you're more likely to drive to Greensboro (or stop here for a bit while en route to other destinations by car). Randomly- I did actually fly out of the Greensboro airport once while in college, when a flight for a spring break trip was significantly cheaper from the Greensboro airport than Charlotte. But anyways, I usually drive to Greensboro. There are three major interstates that all converge in this area, so no shortage of ways to drive around.


      I've stayed at my friend Michelle's house for most of my Greensboro trips (she has a lovely guest room and is always an excellent hostess!). I've also joined my friend Cara for staying with her parents before and have also stayed at an airport area hotel once for a wedding. I did stay at a great Airbnb on my most recent Greensboro trip which I'll link below. I also want to recommend two nicer hotels that I haven't personally spent the night at but have enjoyed visiting for meals in their restaurants.

  • Downtown Airbnb - My friend Amanda and I stayed at this two bedroom, one and a half bath Airbnb when we were in Greensboro for the Wyndham Championship. It is very well renovated inside and had plenty of space for us. It's located in the historic College Hill neighborhood of Greensboro, which is walking distance to downtown. We were able to walk to dinner and breakfast! The Airbnb host of this property was very communicative and helpful. I also thought it was very affordable for all it offered! 
  • The O'Henry Hotel - A classic and elegant hotel that's located right near Friendly Center (the main shopping area). My friend Cara's bridal luncheon for her wedding weekend was held at the O'Henry, and everything was just fabulous. The hotel also does Afternoon Tea, which I'm sure would be lovely. It's truly such a nice spot to visit, and I'm sure would be a great choice for Greensboro lodging.
  • The Proximity Hotel - The sister hotel of the O'Henry Hotel! This one is more contemporary in design and overall vibes. The restaurant, Print Works Bistro, is fantastic. I enjoyed dining there several years ago when my friend Cara and I met up with several other North Carolina bloggers. (I think Cara and I have also been back to eat there just us another time that I was in Greensboro?)  It's an equally as nice hotel as the O'Henry- either one would be great choices to stay at in Greensboro. 


      Greensboro is definitely not short on great local food options! No matter the reason that I'm in Greensboro, I've always had great meals. Here are a few local eateries that I've really enjoyed:

  • Barberitos (multiple local locations) - This fast-casual Mexican spot is like a local take on Chipotle or Moe's. Michelle and I have eaten here a couple times when I've visited, and it's always good if you're crazing Mexican and pressed for time.
  • Cheesecakes By Alex (315 S. Elm St.) - A great bakery in the heart of downtown! While cheesecakes are their specialty, they have plenty of regular cakes and other baked goods as well. My friend Amanda and I went here twice on our recent Greensboro trip! Once for dessert after dinner, and also for a quick breakfast the next morning. 
  • Crafted The Art of the Taco (220 S. Elm St.) - A fun taco spot in the heart of downtown. Everything I tried here was delicious! (My only complaint is that the portions were a little on the small side.)
  • Maxie B's (2403 Battleground Ave.) - A cupcake bakery that's a big local favorite in Greensboro! My friend Cara is the first one to introduce me to Maxie B's several years ago, and I've been back a few times since when I've been back to Greensboro other times. 
  • Northern Roots Coffeehouse (300B S. Elm St.) - A great local coffee shop downtown with a modern decor aesthetic. I liked that a lot of their syrups for the beverages were house made! I'm not a big coffee drinker, but I really enjoyed getting a flavored iced coffee here. 
  • Print Works Bistro (702 Green Valley Rd.) - This is the restaurant at The Proximity Hotel. It is a European influenced restaurant that does brunch, cocktails and dinner. I loved having brunch here several years ago with my friend Cara and some other North Carolina bloggers! I'm also pretty sure Cara and I have been another time for drinks and apps, too.
  • The Sage Mule (608 Battleground Ave.) - The best meal that I've had in Greensboro was here with my friend Michelle! The Sage Mule is a phenomenal breakfast and lunch spot. Everything I had was so flavorful! Highly recommend the cinnamon rolls, but everything we had was truly so good. 


  • Greensboro Grasshoppers Game - Greensboro has a minor league baseball team called the Grasshoppers. Their ballpark is right downtown. I went to a game with my friend Cara several years ago, and we had a great time! They also do fireworks for a lot of weekend games. 
  • Greensboro Science Center - I actually haven't been here before, but I've heard lots of good things about this science museum over the years. They have all sorts of marine animals, too! And the tickets are pretty affordable compared to other museums and aquariums. 
  • Shop at Friendly Center - Friendly Center is a really nice outdoor mall area in Greensboro. I've been here many times with both Cara and Michelle. Definitely the best spot if you're looking to do some shopping. 
  • Triad Park - On one of my trips to see Michelle, we had some beautiful fall weather, and she took me here to go for a walk. This large public park also has an incredible war memorial that's open to the public to check out.
  • Wyndham Championship PGA Golf Tournament - This annual PGA Tour event happens at Sedgefield Country Club in Greensboro. My friend Amanda and I visited Greensboro to attend a day of the event this past summer, and it was a wonderful introduction to professional golf tournaments. 

     Writing all of these recommendations has brought back so many fond memories of my various Greensboro weekend trips over the past several years! I'm sure there will be many more to see friends in years to come as well. Aside from some trips to the Hanes Mall in college, I haven't really spent any time in the neighboring city of Winston-Salem. Maybe someday I'll finally make it out to explore that area more, too! 

      Have you been to Greensboro or the Triad area before?

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese


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