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August 11, 2023

My First PGA Golf Tournament Experience (2023 Wyndham Championship)

       I attended my first professional golf tournament over last weekend! My friend Amanda and I decided early on in the year that we wanted to attend a PGA tour event in 2023 together. We ended up going to one day of the 2023 Wyndham Championship in Greensboro, NC. I wanted to write a quick recap blog post before I forget too much about the experience. This was also our second annual girls' trip! Last year we went to the iconic and luxurious Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia.

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      The Wyndham Championship is an annual PGA Tour tournament event that's been held in Greensboro, NC since the 1930s! It was called the Greater Greensboro Open for a long time, but Wyndham Hotels became the title sponsor in 2007 and the name of the event changed. It's held annually at Sedgefield Country Club in Greensboro. I had actually been to Sedgefield before- I went to a wedding there in 2021! Small world. I feel like the Wyndham Championship is a perfect first PGA Tour event to attend. There's a lot going on and stuff to see and do, but it doesn't feel overwhelming. We were there about four hours on Saturday, which was plenty of time to see a lot of the golfers play and check out sponsor tents and food tents. 

     Amanda and I decided early on in the year that we wanted to go to a PGA Tour event together in 2023. We didn't specifically have the Wyndham Championship in mind, but Greensboro is only a few hours away from Hampton Roads, and the dates worked well for both of us. We purchased tickets for the Saturday of the Wyndham Championship (it's a five-day event) and started to get exciting! I would've loved to be there on Sunday for the final round, but I wasn't able to take that Monday off of work, so Saturday it was. 

      The Wyndham Championship provides two large parking areas throughout the city of Greensboro, and you take a shuttle bus over to Sedgefield Country Club. The shuttle service ran continuously throughout the day. We never had to wait more than five minutes for a shuttle to arrive both ways. The transportation system definitely seems like a well-oiled machine.

     As far as my outfit, I decided to go the athleisure route instead of the sundress route. I wore this scalloped exercise dress. It comes in a few colors but of course I gravitated towards the hot pink! I think that was the right choice, as it ended up being a very hot and sunny August day! As far as what other female spectators were wearing at the tournament, I think it was half athleisure or golf outfits like I wore, and half sundresses. Comfortable sneakers for walking and a long day on your feet are a must!

     I didn't recognize a lot of the golfers in this year's Wyndham Championship, but I was excited when I learned that Justin Thomas would be competing. He was featured in the hit Netflix docuseries Full Swing earlier this year, and I really enjoyed his episode. At one point on Saturday afternoon, Amanda and I ended up right by the fence surrounding the 8th hole. A ball was hit from far away that landed right by us. It turned out Justin's ball! When he came our way for his next shot, we were able to get so many great photos of him. We followed him to the 9th and 10th holes as well. 

      I had a wonderful time at my first PGA Tour event! I would definitely like to go to more golf tournaments in the future, and hopefully take Ryan as well. The only thing I'd do differently is maybe try to attend one earlier in the season- it is hot in August in the South. 

      Attending the Wyndham Championship also made me so excited fully get back to golf lessons very soon! As you might know, I've had to take a break from most sports and workouts this year due to my hip bursitis, but that is finally on the mend, which I am thankful for.

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese

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