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January 3, 2023

LILLY PULITZER SUNSHINE SALE: Winter 2023 Sale Dates! 🌴🌸

      Starting off a new year my favorite way... with Lilly Pulitzer sale news!! The next Sunshine Sale kicks off this Thursday! (Yes- starting midweek this time!)

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   I don't cover many sales on my blog anymore, but I will always try to get a blog post up when my favorite clothing brand Lilly Pulitzer does a sale! When I look at my blog's analytics year after year, several of the top posts are always related to Lilly Pulitzer sales. I take that to mean that y'all are still just as big fan of Lilly as I am. 😊 And let's face it, it isn't cheap to buy Lilly at full price! I would guess that 70-80% of the Lilly Pulitzer pieces that I own were bought either during a sale or from a consignment shop. 

      Typically, Lilly Pulitzer only steeply discounts their merchandise twice a year, during the winter and end-of-summer Sunshine Sales. (They used to be called the After Party Sales.) And this year's winter edition of the Sunshine Sale is the one that's about to start! Best-selling Lilly Pulitzer apparel and accessories will be marked down to 30-70% off their original prices. The Sunshine Sale usually includes a whole mix of women's apparel, men's and children's apparel, accessories, shoes, jewelry and more. 

     This Sunshine Sale will be a little bit different than the past one in September. This is the first time I can remember in several years that the Sunshine Sale will be starting on Thursday, instead of a Monday or Tuesday! The Winter 2023 Sunshine Sale opens at 8am EST on Tuesday January 5th, 2023 and will run through Friday January 6th at 11:59pm EST. Lilly Pulitzer corporate stores will not be participating in the Sunshine Sale, but some Lilly Pulitzer signature stores will be doing their own versions in-store.

     If you log on to shop right at 8am EST, there will be a virtual queue line to wait in to prevent website crashes. Sometimes I luck out and get in to shop within 5-10 minutes. A few times it's been the opposite and I've had to wait over two hours. Usually it's about a 20-30 minute wait. As exciting and fun as it can be to shop the sale right when it opens, don't worry if you're busy at that time and can't shop until later. There are hundreds of items in the Sunshine Sale! I guarantee you'll still be able to find many items you love in your desired size later on. Lilly also often adds new sale items on the second day of the sale, so stayed tuned on Friday for new additions.

     Here are some categories of items that I find tend to sell out the fastest in past Sunshine Sales:

     Lilly's website will also be down starting Wednesday (tomorrow) night until the sale opens on Monday- so I highly recommend signing into your account and updating your card info and mailing address if needed! It will make things much faster on Thursday morning for you.

     Here are some of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer blog posts from years past:

     Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who shops the sale through clicking through links here on my blog! I use affiliate links on my blog, and each Lilly sale I have sales goals that I try to hit. Your support of my blog truly means the world to me, and I love sharing my love for Lilly Pulitzer with you.

     Have fun shopping!! Feel free to DM me or comment on Monday's blog post with what you purchased!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


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