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December 27, 2022

2022 Apartment Christmas Tree + Decor!

      I'm a bit belated in getting this year's apartment holiday decor blog post up, but even though it's late I couldn't skip the tradition to document it on my blog. Here are a few snaps from my second Christmas season in my little Virginia Beach apartment!

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      This was my fourth Christmas season with this affordable white Christmas tree. Since it is on the more affordable side, I am not sure that it's built to last as long the more expensive fake trees. I'm hoping to still get at least one more year out of it next year, but if it's time to replace it that will be okay too. I just love all of my brightly colored and girly ornaments and decor! The pops of bright colors just make me so happy during the holiday season. I have nothing against more traditional Christmas decor, but for this stage of life and living in my own bachelorette pad apartment, I say bring on the bold colors! 😊🌈

     My ornaments are a mix of probably 60% colorful and sparkly balls, and 40% sentimental or themed ornaments. The sentimental ornaments I have that don't match the tree colors at all go on the back of the tree. I also have a small green tree on my kitchen counter that I put all of my felt ornaments on, as I don't think felt meshes well with the vibe of my big white tree. All of my ball ornaments are either from Hobby Lobby or At Home. 

     This year I also got to help my boyfriend Ryan buy a new fake tree for his apartment and decorate it. He definitely likes the more traditional Christmas decor colors, but it fits him and his apartment well! Here's his tree all set up, and his dog Arrow! 

      I'm definitely leaving my Christmas decorations up through New Year's Eve, but I'll take them down soon into January. I am already sad to take them down after the first of the year, but I know my apartment will feel a lot less cluttered to have everything put away. Just more to be excited for next holiday season!

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     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese

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