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December 4, 2017

Christmas Home Tour: My Girly + Sparkly Christmas Decor!


     I am a woman of contradictions, and I am okay with admitting that. I strongly dislike (dare I use the h-word... hate?) about 95% of Christmas music. I do enjoy The Carpenters Christmas Portrait album in moderation about a week before Christmas... and that's about it. Yet whatever distaste I have for the music side of Christmas, I absolutely overcompensate for in my obsession with CHRISTMAS DECORATING!! In today's blog post, I'm giving you the Christmas decor tour of my Vermont Bachelorette Pad! 

Photography by Amanda Rose Photography

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Christmas Decor from Hobby Lobby, At Home and Dollar Tree. {Ornaments on small tree handmade.}

      The Christmas season last year was such fun time for me, as it was my first time buying large amounts of Christmas decor, and getting to decorate my own apartment! (I lived in dorms all four years of college, so my Christmas decorating during those years was limited to the tiny silver tree that you can see pictured in one of the photos above!) Just like with determining your personal style with fashion, there are many routes that you can take with determining your Christmas decorating style. You can go traditional, neutral, sparkly, bold, multi-colored, modern, classic, rustic, etc etc!! Or combine a few of those things into your own fun style. Where I'm a super girly girl, but my fashion sense is a mix of modern and classic, I wanted my Christmas decorating style to reflect this. I also wanted to go all out and have everything be over-the-top glam and feminine, because in the years where I'm living alone, I totally can do that! 

     My biggest inspiration for decorating my tree last year came from this post from Emily from The Sweetest Thing. #treegoals I could not get enough of her tree from 2015, and wanted to do my best to re-create something like that, but with my own colors and flair. Here is my Christmas tree and decorating blog post from 2016! As you can see for comparison, I kept my fake tree and all of the ornaments and everything when I moved to Vermont. This year I just added more of everything, since I had a whole apartment to myself to decorate! That meant more ribbon and ornaments on the tree itself, and more fun decorations throughout the apartment. I can't wait to keep adding more and more decorations to my collection as the years continue to pass! Fun story about my Christmas tree: it was given to me by my Charlotte blog photographer, Deeana, after she and her husband moved across the city to a new home last year! 

     My dad spent a weekend with me in early November of this year, and we took a day trip over to Upstate New York (across Lake Champlain) to visit the nearest Hobby Lobby, and I bought a bunch more ornaments and ribbon for the tree, and other Christmas decorations for my apartment. I am so happy with how everything came together this year. The color scheme that I go with for my tree decor is hot pink, teal, purple and gold, with other colors as accents. I also like a subtle peacock theme on the tree. I do have a small collection of sentimental and homemade ornaments that  have been given to me through the years that don't necessarily match my big tree, so this year my dad bought me the small tree that's on my dining room table to put all of those on. It's such a fun table centerpiece, and a great way to still showcase special ornaments!

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      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 




  1. Love all the fun colors in your bachelorette pad- decorating is the best!

    xo, Kristina

  2. Your Christmas decorations are SO you and totally adorable! I feel lucky that Jordan doesn't mind me decorating our apartment with super girly pieces, I just think it is so fun. Love your pretty pink dress too!

  3. I love your girly decor! My husband is pretty good about letting me have free rein and do whatever I want, but I think he would draw the line at hot pink ;)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  4. Your home is looking so festive!! I need to step up my decor game ASAP.

    xo |

  5. Your Christmas tree is so fun and girly! I LOVE the colors you used, so vibrant! :)

    xo, Chloe //

  6. I love your ornaments! So many cute colors you paired together.

    -xo, Azanique |

  7. Wow this is such a fun Christmas tree! I love all the fun colors, even though they aren't traditionally Christmas-y

  8. Annaliese, I cannot express how obsessed I am with your decorating!!! Your tree looks amazing! I absolutely love the girly, glam style to your decorations. You're right, Hobby Lobby definitely has some of the best ornaments! I got so many for Madeline's tree there this year. I so enjoyed this post! :)

  9. I can't imagine taking my dad to Hobby Lobby; he would be so overwhelmed! The same goes for my husband too, haha! I love your tree, and then I hopped over to Emily's post and wow her tree is intense! I love how you've decorated your apartment with the perfect Christmas flair uniquely to you. And my I suggest Leslie Odom Jr's Simply Christmas album? It's Christmas songs but in a soft, sweet jazzy way. Not bad at all.

  10. Love your tree! The colors are so pretty and bright!

  11. Your decor is adorable!! Love how colorful and girly it is! This makes me excited to eventually get a place of my own to decorate.

  12. I am loving your Christmas decor, all the colors are amazing!

  13. I love your girly decor! This was my first Christmas in my house too, so I also enjoyed buying lots and lots of decorations!


  14. Love your tree!!!!

  15. I love seeing everyone's Christmas decor! Emily's tree is amazing too, I've never seen it before but it's so cool. Can't believe you don't like Christmas music but I'm just gonna ignore that.....

    Kayla |

  16. I love that joyeux noel sign! And your tree is beautiful.

    xoxo, Paige

  17. oh wow, your Christmas decor is gorgeous!! I love the color scheme of your tree!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  18. I love the fun colors + peacock details in your decorations! You are so good at decorating!

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