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December 19, 2022

Stroll Through Colonial Williamsburg at Christmas.

      Williamsburg is one of America's most historic towns, and (without traffic) it's under an hour away from where I live! Christmastime in Williamsburg is especially charming. There's something special about a very classic and historic area being decked out for Christmas. Most of the buildings within Colonial Williamsburg participate in an annual wreath decorating contest. All of the materials and decorations for the wreaths have to be naturally sourced, and things that would've been around in the 1700s. So that means no Christmas lights, modern ornaments, or tinsel! Instead, you'll see lots of pinecones and sticks, fruit, shells, and more natural items. You can read more about the history of the wreath contest here!

     I had to share some festive photos with you from a recent day trip to Williamsburg a couple weekends ago. I feel extra lucky this season as I also got to go back to Williamsburg for another day trip this past weekend, so I got to see all of this twice! 

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      Last year, my friend Caroline and her mom met up with me for brunch one December weekend at Gabriel Archer Tavern, which is the restaurant at Williamsburg Winery. We then headed to walk around the downtown area and Colonial Williamsburg to see all the decorations and festivities. We had so much fun that we decided to make it an annual tradition! We did the same thing again this year, and I think now it's solidified as a tradition for us every year. This year Caroline's sister also got to join us for brunch! 

      After our brunch this year, we headed to walk Colonial Williamsburg and see the wreaths from the decorating contest in their fully glory. I had to snap some pictures of my favorite ones to share with you!

     Did you know that Williamsburg, VA is actually the very first place that I ever visited in the South? My family took a vacation here when I was eight. I absolutely loved it! But I never came back down to the southeast until nine years later, when I was looking at colleges in North Carolina. I think it's so funny how now I live so close by to the first place that I ever visited in the South!

      Already looking forward to next year's visit tradition with the Coleburn family ladies! 


God Bless,

xoxo Annaliese


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