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February 15, 2022

Best Amazon Jewelry Buys.

      A couple months ago, I decided to order a bunch of affordable costume jewelry on Amazon. Like most people these days, I've bought a lot of random items on Amazon over the years, but I had never really purchased any jewelry on there. I guess jewelry is usually something I prefer to buy more in-person? As I do with any fashion related Amazon purchases, I made sure to read the reviews on everything before buying. I was so pleasantly surprised that I loved five out of the six items that I got!! (I won't be sharing the sixth one that was a dud.) I'm sharing my five favorites with you today:

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     1. Colorful Tube Bangle Set (Allie+Bess Dupes) - $15.99 

      I've seen a lot of my favorite bloggers wearing Allie+Bess bracelets over the past year or so, and I loved the look of these chunky and colorful bracelets. The price of the actual ones is a bit higher for what I like to spend on fashion jewelry though. I waited for a long time to see if I could find a good affordable dupe, and I snatched these up quickly on Amazon when I finally did! They sell these bracelets as single ones or in sets of three. I opted to go with a set of three, and I love the look of them together. I have to be honest that I haven't worn them a ton yet, but I think that's because the colors I got will be more suited to match my spring and summer wardrobe. I know that later this year I'll get a lot of use out of them. 

     2. Rainbow Stretch Bracelet Set - $8.99

     These are a little different from my normal style comfort zone... honestly I'm getting some Gen Z vibes from them- ha! I thought they would be really cute to wear with casual shorts and tank top outfits in the summer. Now that I live by the beach, I expect to spend a lot of time in more casual outfits like this during the summer, and these will be a great accessory for beach and pool days. Kind of like the bracelets above, I haven't worn them much yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to wearing them more later this year. 

     3. Glitter Stud Earring Set (Kate Spade Dupes) - $13.99

     I'm sure that a lot of you who are fellow preppy style enthusiasts have seen these Kate Spade glitter stud earrings. Even though I do own some Kate Spade jewelry, I've never owned a pair of these. I saw this dupe set with tons of pairs in all different colors, and for under $15 I figured I had to try them. I like them! I will be honest and say that the glitter on certain pairs of them is not as sparkly or shiny as the real deal Kate Spade ones. But then again... for the price point difference I feel like that makes sense. They are comfortable studs to wear for a long period of time, and I do like how many colors this set came with! Since they were so affordable, I wouldn't mind wearing them for things like going to the beach this summer. If you see these earrings as something that you'd wear all the time and for a long time, maybe save up for the Kate Spade ones. But if you don't mind a cheaper dupe to wear less frequently, these are great! 

     4. Gold Flower Earrings - $11.10

     I know I found these through a blogger who styled them- I think it was maybe my friend Angela of Thrifty Pineapple? I thought these looked so chic, and honestly looked way more expensive than they are!! They make quite a statement and can easily be dressed up or down. I've been impressed since I got them in the mail and I've been wearing them quite a bit. They are a little heavy, but not too bad. These earrings might be my favorite item out of everything featured in this post, as I think they're so beautiful! 

     5. Champagne Bottle Earrings - $10.99

     While these aren't an everyday jewelry item, they're so fun as a statement piece for a certain type of outfit or occasion! I actually wore them this past weekend for a Galentine's brunch that I went to. I've seen a lot of similar earring styles sold at smaller boutiques for like triple or quadruple the price of these. Since it is a type of earring that you probably wouldn't wear everyday, I would say going the Amazon route for this style is the smart choice financially!! I got them in pink, but they also come in a few other colors. 

     My top is also from Amazon and can be found here (runs true to size). My exact jeans aren't in stock anymore, but these are super similar. Please let me know in the comments if you've found any great Amazon jewelry finds- I'd love to hear about more!!

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 


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  1. What a fun post! BRB need to grab those first stack bracelets! :)


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