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August 9, 2021

4th of July Wedding Outfit.

     Originally I was planning to share two 4th of July themed red, white and blue outfits on the blog before the holiday this year... this casual patriotic outfit, and today's outfit! But the quick timing of my unexpected new job and move to Virginia Beach had me get behind on blog things. Today's is dressier and I feel like it would be the perfect thing to wear to a 4th of July weekend wedding. Anyways- better late than never to share this right?! Maybe some inspiration for next year? Haha!

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     True story- I found this beautiful dress for just $10 at my favorite local discount store in Maine, Marden's! Marden's is a Maine-only chain that's kind of like TJ Maxx or Ross... but the deals are much better. (Learn more about Marden's in this blog post!) I was home over Memorial Day Weekend a couple months ago, and had to squeeze in a Marden's trip. I couldn't believe this dress was just $10. It's perfect for a summer wedding, especially a 4th of July one since it's red, white and blue!! I also plan to wear it to church soon.

     While you could pair this dress with more appropriate heeled sandals, I decided to wear it with my closed-toe Sarah Flint pumps. I have a full review of my Sarah Flint pumps in this blog post, and a special Sarah Flint discount code too! And how cute are these pearl Chanel earrings?! These are made from repurposed designer buttons, and sold by a darling little online shop called Lottie and Lucy that is Charlottesville based! I finished the outfit with the watch I wear everyday and my current favorite crossbody bag.

      These photos were the last blog photos that I took as a Charlottesville resident! The mural behind me is one of the many located in IX Art Park in Charlottesville. Later this week I'm hoping to finally post a Charlottesville Mural Guide post! I am also hoping to finally get up my general Charlottesville Travel Guide this month too. It's so funny to me now that when I lived in Charlottesville I would do lots of guides for other Virginia cities I'd visit, but never one for where I was actually living. I definitely want to get all my Charlottesville travel content up on the blog soon while everything is still fresh in my head from visiting! 

God Bless,

    xoxo Annaliese 


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