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August 3, 2021

What I Purchased for My New Apartment.

      As difficult as moving can be, it can also come with some fun perks. The excuse to purchase new house related items is definitely one of the positives! A new space is a great reason to start fresh with some new furniture or decor. Here are all of the miscellaneous items that I purchased last month for my new Virginia Beach apartment.


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1. Dish drying rack // 2. Oven mitts // 3. Food storage containers // 4. Bathroom or desk organizers // 5. Blue and white jar {one I purchased not online, this one is very similar} // 6. Blue and white peel and stick backsplash // 7. Blue and white kitchen mat // 8. Pantry storage containers // 9. Blue pots and pans set // 10. Fridge containers // 11. Living room rug // 12. Gold placemats {ones I purchased aren't online, this is very similar} // 13. Fridge liners // 14. Rug stoppers // 15. Wine rack // 16. Car vacuum // 17. White curtains // 18. White bathroom rug // 19. Blue doormat // 20. White bookshelf  //

      It was so much fun picking out all of these things for my new place! The two white bookshelves that I got from IKEA are really the only furniture items that I got- everything else is either kitchen accessories or decor. As far as the bookshelves, I wanted two new white shelves that looked just like the ones in my last Charlottesville apartment (those shelves belonged to my roommate). IKEA had white shelves for a great price! I love styling statement shelves, and have tried to recreate how the shelves looked in my last apartment. 

     I priced out the options for using movers to transport all my apartment furniture vs. selling it all in Charlottesville and buying everything new. It did end up being cheaper to go the movers route. With very long distance moves over many states, it probably would be cheaper to start fresh with furniture, but for in-state I opted to keep everything. Whenever I move to my next place, I'll probably start looking for a new bedframe and couch, but for now the ones I have will continue to be just fine.

     The other main things I purchased for the new place were various rugs/mats and kitchen items! I especially love the comfy foam blue and white kitchen mat that I found (I just ordered a second since my kitchen is big enough for two), and the white and multicolored living room rug that I got- both of which are from Amazon. 

      You can see that I'm going with a blue and white theme for my new kitchen! In my past apartments I've never done any sort of a specific color scheme, so it's been fun to finally do that. I'm planning to do a separate blog post on this soon, but I absolutely love the blue and white peel and stick backsplash that I did in the kitchen (see it here!). Easy to use and it looks so great. I'm also so excited about my set of non-stick blue and white pans. In the past I've always used miscellaneous pots and pans that are a combo of old ones from my mom's kitchen and random ones from Walmart or Target. I feel quite grown-up to finally have a nice set of matching pots and pans!

     It'll be a little while before I do a full apartment tour of the new place, but I am definitely getting excited to share at some point. It's always fun to make a new apartment a true home!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese



  1. Big heart eyes for all the navy and white!!
    I relate to this post so much. It's just crazy how much you end up buying when moving into a new place.

  2. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

  3. Congrats on finding an apartment that can be soooo hard right now and making it yours.


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