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July 28, 2021

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021: The One Thing I Got + Things I Love in the Sale.

      The 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens for the general public to shop today! (For the past couple weeks, it's been Nordstrom cardholders only that could shop.) I know that a lot of people find the Nordstrom Sale to be very overhyped in the blogging world. I agree that it can get a little overwhelming the way that some bloggers and influencers post about it extensively. Hopefully my one post today (my only post about it this year) won't be too much for you! 😉

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     I always strive to share about things authentically here on Southern Belle in Training, and what's authentic to my lifestyle is that I do enjoy browsing the Nordstrom Sale every year, but I usually only purchase two or three items. This year it was only one item! Last year I returned the one thing I bought. I don't shop this sale "just to shop," I only make purchases if it's things that I actually want and will use fairly often. 

     This year, I only purchased one thing! The beautiful tan suede boots pictured above. Even as part of the Nordstrom Sale they are still around $150, which is a lot for a pair of shoes. Shoes though are one thing that I don't hesitate to purchase at higher price points if I know they're a style that I'll wear often and for years to come. For the past few years, I've had a pair of similar tan suede boots from a cheaper brand. While I love the style of them, since they aren't as well made they're about at the end of their lifespan after a few years of wear and tear. Since I knew I really like tan suede boots and wore the ones that I've had often, I knew I could justify buying this more expensive pair in the Nordstrom Sale. They just arrived a few days ago! It'll be too warm in Virginia to wear these until probably October, but I do like them! I think I'm also going to buy a suede protector and treat them so they will stay nicer for longer. 

     I also wanted to share with you five items that I've purchased in previous years from Nordstrom (some things during the Anniversary Sales, and some not on sale at other times of the year). These five items are all things that I love wearing and using and would highly recommend. And they're all included in this year's sale!

  1. AG Jeans - The most expensive pair of jeans that I've ever owned, but so comfortable and flattering!! I purchased my first pair a few years ago in a past Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I was blown away by how much I loved them. At full price they are over $200, so this sale really is a great time to try them for yourself. 
  2. Laura Mercier Caviar Eyeshadow Sticks - Okay so on the day that the Nordstrom Sale opened to my level of cardholders and I was able to shop, I could've sworn this eyeshadow stick set was included in the sale! As I'm writing this post, these appear to be listed at full price. Hmmm. My bad on that before putting them in the photo collage above! But sale or not, I love these eyeshadow sticks! I purchased a few as part of a holiday gift set as a Christmas present to myself these past year, and I've been so impressed. The quality and staying power is fantastic and they're so easy to use!
  3. Kendra Scott Jewelry - I'm a big Kendra Scott jewelry fan, and did you know that there are Kendra pieces included in the Nordstrom Sale every year?! This is a great time to get a pretty decent discount on popular Kendra Scott styles. I thought these earrings in this year's sale were so pretty for summer!
  4. Barefoot Dreams Cardigan - I haven't tried the famous Barefoot Dreams blankets yet ($100+ for a blanket?!), but curiosity got the best of me a few summers ago and I finally tried a Barefoot Dreams Cardigan from that year's Nordstrom Sale. I was and still am very impressed! My cardigan is incredibly comfortable, soft and warm. It's perfect to wear for winter travel! It's held up very well with washes and wear over the few years I've had it. Not a cheap cardigan, but you'll get your money's worth. 
  5. Hanky Panky Underwear - Didn't want to include a picture of this in the collage above hahaha. But I do like these! They are still fairly expensive even with Nordstrom Sale prices.... I personally wouldn't buy them full price as they are that high for underwear. But I get it! They're truly so comfortable and you're able to wear them with many outfits. I prefer the regular thong style to the low rise style.

     Let me know if you're shopping the Nordstrom Sale this year, or if you have any favorite past purchases from Nordstrom! Also- how do you feel about bloggers covering this sale? Too much- or do you enjoy it?

     God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese


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