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July 5, 2021

My Interview on the Like a Local Podcast!

       Popping in quickly today with some fun news: I was interviewed last week on a podcast! If you've ever wanted to visit Charlottesville or are curious about local attractions in the area, this episode is for you.

     The Like a Local Podcast was started by two former coworkers, Katie and Stephanie. When they worked together, they realized their mutual love of travel and how much they both enjoyed planning itineraries for their trips. Katie and Stephanie both preferred to find spots that were local hidden gems instead of chain restaurants, major attractions or tourist traps. This is how the idea for Like a Local was born! They wanted to do interviews with local residents of popular destinations to highlight how to visit the town or city like a local would. Such a great concept, right?!

     Katie and Stephanie reached out to me a couple weeks ago about being the guest for Charlottesville! I was so honored that they did. I've lived in Charlottesville now for just over three years, and I've tried my very hardest to immerse myself in the local community and culture as much as possible. I've been to over 40 local wineries, I've attended some of the most popular summer events like Fridays After Five, Sunset Series at Carter Mountain Orchard and Polo at King Family Vineyards, I've hiked in both Shenandoah National Park and off the Blue Ridge Parkway, and I've dined and drank my way through Charlottesville's Downtown Mall area. I'm kind of an anomaly in that I moved to Charlottesville without any ties to the University of Virginia- I don't attend UVA as a student nor do I work there. But despite that, good ol' UVA has still become part of my life over the past few years. I've attended UVA sporting events and cheered for the Hoos, and also spent a year and a half volunteering as an advisor for chapter of my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, at UVA. And for the past two years I've lived with a UVA PhD student, and some of my other close friends work for the school and are alumni! You just can't be in Charlottesville without ties to UVA in some way. 

     I hope that you enjoy my episode where I share all of my Charlottesville favorites and local recommendations. This area is such a great spot for a weekend getaway at all times of the year- for real! I actually touch on that in the podcast. Charlottesville truly is enjoyable to visit in all four seasons. Before the end of 2021 I promise I will finally try to get a comprehensive Charlottesville Travel Guide on the blog, but until then, enjoy this podcast interview. 



      God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


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  1. I love the concept of this podcast, it's amazing! Traveling is one of my greatest passions as well and I have always wanted to explore more of the South (lived in the midwest for college), but never had the chance. Charlottesville seems like such a great city! :)


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