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July 7, 2021


      I have felt like I've been keeping the biggest secret lately. The big news: I am moving out to Virginia Beach and I have accepted a new job in radio!! Oh and I should probably add... this is all happening ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!! Moving Day is Wednesday, July 14th! 

     I hate feeling like I'm keeping a secret from the online/blogging part of my life, so I am breathing the biggest sigh of relief while writing this blog post today. I am incredibly excited to be beginning my new radio job! I will still be a morning co-host, but I will be back to working full-time for a country station! (Some of you might remember I originally moved to Charlottesville for a job on a country station, but six months later I got moved to do the morning show on my company's AC station.) Country radio has so many unique opportunities that other types of radio doesn't, and I am just thrilled to be continuing my radio career in the country community. I will have a new co-host as well! His name is Cash, and I'm very excited to get to know him better and be working with him. 

     Virginia Beach is part of the Norfolk/Virginia Beach/Newport News radio market (radio markets are the term for metro areas that stations cover/the population they serve), and I am so excited to share this this market is a TOP 50 RADIO MARKET in size!!!! It's market 45 to be exact. Charlottesville, where I've been working for almost the past three and a half years, is only in the 200s in market size since it's a smaller area. It is an incredible honor to be jumping market sizes from the 200s up to Top 50 for my next job. There will be so many more career resources and opportunities available to me that I wouldn't have had access to in Charlottesville, or in Vermont (where I lived and worked for my first job in 2017-2018). 

     I am also beyond thrilled to be living in VIRGINIA BEACH!!!! What a dream come true to stay in the South, be living near the ocean, get to work and play in a much larger city, and still be within drivable distance to my friends up in Charlottesville, Washington DC, and everyone I know back in North Carolina. The biggest irony is that I just visited Virginia Beach for the very first time a few months ago... little did I know in March that I'd be moving there in four months.

     I can't believe the move is happening in just one week!! I am planning to take the next two or three weeks off from all blog posts (and the whole month of July off from Midweek Ramblings posts), but please make sure you're following me on Instagram and Twitter for lots of real-time updates about the move and starting my new job! 

     One of my first blog posts back in a few weeks will be a Q&A answering all of your questions about moving to Virginia Beach and my new job!! I'll put up a Q&A box on Instagram Stories this week, but feel free to also leave any questions here on this blog post, and I'll be sure to include them. 

    Thank you for sharing in my joy! God has given me the biggest blessing with this move and new job and I will be forever thankful to Him. It is crazy that I started this blog back in 2012 as a college freshman who dreamed of being on-air for her career... and now I'm still blogging and about to move for my third radio job! 💗🎤🎧

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese



  1. Sooooo overjoyed for you friend! Cannot wait to see all the incredible things you will do!

  2. Major congratualtions on your new job, this is soooo exiting!! :) Can't wait to tag along on this adventure with you!


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