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May 6, 2021

Spring 2021 Purchases Try-On + Review.

     It is pretty overdue for me to share a round-up of recent purchases and a try-on with you! In full transparency, I didn't do as much personal shopping this past fall and winter as I normally do. Part of that was wanting to save money with a few increased monthly expenses, and part of it was that with COVID going strong and cold weather making it tough to socialize outside, I wasn't going many places for several months. And that didn't really motivate me to buy many new clothes and accessories.

     I have recently picked up a few things for spring that I'm excited about! One of the most common requests I had in my blog reader survey last month was to share more try-ons, so with making some recent spring purchases I thought this was overdue! In addition to share things I'm keeping, in the spirit of full honesty I'm also sharing a few things I bought and have returned. 

     For sizing info, I am just shy of 5'7, and I am typically a size 6, or a S or M depending on the clothing line.

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Green sundress - size M {not online, similar linked!}
      This first item isn't actually a purchase of mine- my mom got this for me while she was visiting recently! We had stopped by Marshall's one afternoon, and she found this on their racks and thought it would be cute on me. I honestly wasn't sure when I saw it in the store, but I liked it more once I got home to try it on! It is super lightweight and I know it'll be a great dress for very hot summer days. This one isn't online since it's from Marshall's, but this is similar!

      This is such a great Target dress find! I found this through my friend Amy- she wore this dress in a different color for her birthday celebration. I was excited to see it comes in a bunch of colors, I didn't previously own anything in neon yellow, so I thought this would be a fun colored dress to add to my closet! This dress is very comfortable and flattering to wear. The one downside (which might only be for this color) is that it is a bit see through in the back especially, so I'll only be able to wear it with nude colored undergarments. But that's okay for something that's this cute and this well priced! 

Blush pink cocktail dress - size M {sold out online, very similar linked}
      My first big social event post-second vaccine will be a friend's bachelorette party! The bride-to-be has requested that all of the girls coming wear a blush pink outfit. Get this- despite the fact that I love hot pink and own a ton of hot pink clothing items, going through my closet I realized I didn't currently own a single blush pink item! I browsed a few things online, but ultimately decided to hit up a few local stores to hunt for a blush pink dress. I lucked out and found this darling cocktail dress marked down in-store for under $25! This specific one is sold out online, but this one is from the same brand and a similar shade of pink. 

     If you've been a J. Crew fan for any length of time, this style of skirt is not new to you! I've owned various styles of this iconic preppy staple over the years (see me styling it in navy back in college in this old blog post!). Although I've owned this type of skirt in the past, I never had it in black before, which is obviously such a staple color! 

      Another spring skirt staple! I have had a denim mini skirt for the past few years that I've worn all the time in spring and summer (styled here). I liked this one because it is slightly longer than the one I previously owned and passes the "hand test," so I'd feel comfortable wearing it to work since we have a super casual dress code. This skirt fits true to size and is very comfortable. 

     Why are good pairs of jorts for women just so hard to find? My last great pair of jorts I actually found a few years ago from JC Penney of all places! I remember getting a great deal on them too, and I've loved wearing them for the past few seasons. They don't make that exact style anymore- last year I tried a different pair of JC Penney jorts and wasn't a fan. So I've been on the hunt for replacement everyday denim shorts ever since. To be fully honest- I think $70 is very high for denim shorts, which is why I held off so long on trying these. But I'm glad I finally did! I love them- they're comfy and flattering! I know I'll get my money's worth by wearing these for the next few summers for sure.

     Next up- I wanted to share a few things I've bought this spring and returned! 

     Another Target spring dress find. Looking back at the photo I snapped in this, part of me is wondering why I returned it! The color is pretty, and it's super affordable. Lately though I've been trying to only buy and keep things that I really *love,* and something about this dress just didn't wow me when I tried it on. So back it went!

      This was one of my Shopbop Spring Sale purchases, and I was so sad it didn't work out for me. I still think this dress is absolutely stunning- the colors are even more vibrant in person. Unfortunately the one that I was sent didn't have the best zipper, and it was a real pain to put it on, and hard to do by myself. For the higher price point of this dress, I felt the zipper problems didn't make it worth it to keep. But I would definitely try something from this designer again in the future!

     My last recent return I forgot to get a picture of. It was these sandals! They are not cheap and they would've been the most expensive sandals I've ever owned, but for a really good pair of shoes that will last me several years, I'm willing to invest. I've seen other bloggers rave about them in recent years, and during the Shopbop Sale I finally decided to take the plunge. While they sure are cute- they were SO uncomfortable!! The straps were digging and cutting into my skin just trying them on around my apartment. Maybe they have a break-in period? Either way- I wasn't willing to wait around to see if it got better, especially since they were so expensive. 

     I'll also be sharing some try-on videos on IG Stories for some of these pieces at some point today, so stay tuned for that too. Thanks so much for reading! Have a great rest of the week- my second vaccine is tomorrow and I'm a little nervous for this weekend, but also happy it'll be over soon!

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 


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  1. I love getting a peak into your closet! This was a fun post. I always appreciate try ons because it's so true that not everything is a winner. Seeing clothes on real bodies helps me a lot!


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