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May 5, 2021

Midweek Ramblings.


{Enjoyed spending Saturday in Baltimore! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}
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  • This week I'm listening to: This podcast episode from NPR about the ongoing legacy of Selena! Her 50th birthday would've been last month, and yesterday the second season of Selena the Series dropped on Netflix. I loved the first season of Selena the Series, and I've recommended it to so many people!! So pumped for this new season, and I think this NPR podcast episode will be a perfect companion to listen to this week! 
  • Story behind the meme: Do you also enjoy hearing stories behind the photos that become popular memes? I definitely do! New York Times did a fascinating story this week about the young woman behind the popular "disaster girl" meme. Spoiler alert: that meme is now paying off her student loans!

Weekend recaps: 
  • Last weekend: Saturday I took a day trip north to see my friend Mercedes, who lives in the DC area! I visited her a few times in 2018 and 2019, but I didn't go up at all in 2020. This time she took me to Baltimore for my first-ever visit there. We had brunch at the cutest restaurant right on the water, and then walked around there a bit, and stopped in DC to walk some more near Capitol Hill on our way back to her place! We ended the day with window shopping and gelato in Old Town Alexandria. Sunday was a pretty chill day with going to Jazzercise, doing some blogging work and running some errands.
  • This weekend: The only weekend this month that I'll be in Charlottesville the whole time. And for a good reason- I'm getting the second dose of my vaccine on Friday afternoon! Crossing my fingers I don't have bad side effects... but I haven't made weekend plans in case I do. Hoping for a chill and restful weekend!

Purchases: No purchases for me this week as May is a big month of gifting- in addition to Mother's Day, it's also one of my best friend's birthdays this month, and I have a couple wedding/bachelorette party gift expenses coming as well.

  • While window shopping up in NoVa this weekend, I saw what might be the most "Annaliese" dress I've ever seen (And it's actually not something Lilly! haha). How gorgeous is this colorful striped dress?! LOVE!!!
  • Speaking of Lilly- I finally got to see this dress in person in-store, and it really is so cute and colorful! I love casual Lilly pieces for everyday. 
  • One of my beloved pairs of summer flat sandals finally broke this week, looking at some of these styles to replace them with!
  • A little under $30 sundress for hot summer weekends. 
  • Love this crop top/sports bra in the black leopard print- it would go so well with a lot of my leggings!

Currently reading: Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close - I find myself reading more chick lit books as the weather starts to get warmer, and this year is no exception. This book is about three women in their 20s who feel like everyone they know is getting married, except for them! I'm not too far into this yet but like it so far- it's light and fun.

Recipe of the week: Gouda Vibes Burger from Hello Fresh - I am still doing and loving Hello Fresh- lately I've been doing one or two boxes a month instead of every week. One of my favorite things to order from Hello Fresh are their burgers- they always have a fun twist! This burger recipe would be easy to recreate at home by purchasing the ingredients yourself- I love the gouda cheese on it!

Song of the week: You by Regard ft. Troye Sivan and Tate McRae - You know that I love dance music so I'm so happy that there's a decent amount of dance-pop on the radio these days! What a great song this is- Troy and Tate's voices sound great together.

Favorite blog posts of the week:
  • Fleurdille - Anna shared some helpful tips that we can all use this summer as travel and seeing family/friends resumes- how to take the best DIY photos with other people with a tripod! 
  • Adored by Alex - Alex and her husband live in Houston, and they were there during Hurricane Harvey in 2017. She shared her top tips for making a hurricane emergency kit- although a lot of these suggestions would work for other types of natural disaster evacuation kits too.
  • Mariah Cooke - Mariah and her husband had to postpone their big 2020 wedding for this year, but they ended up eloping in Savannah, GA last summer! She finally shared all of the details of their first special day and I loved reading it.

On the blog this week:

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 

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