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May 28, 2020

Spring/Summer Try-On: Quarantine Shopping Purchases Vol. 2

     I know I'm definitely not alone in using online retail therapy as a way to cope and cheer up during this pandemic. I foresee my online purchases slowing down significantly for the rest of summer (scratch that- rest of 2020) now that I have a car payment each month, but for the past couple months I've been having a steady stream of packages arrive each week.

    I shared a try-on haul of my March and early April buys last month in this blog post, and today I'm sharing my more recent purchases from late April to now!

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     I have a fairly decent sized portion of my closet devoted to Lilly Pulitzer dresses, but amazingly I had never owned a Lilly maxi dress before! I thought that the surprising spring sale that Lilly held a few weeks ago would be a great time to finally try one. I love this new print Fished my Wish and really wanted something in it, and since the Marcella maxi dress was offered in it I decided to get it. I am so glad I did, I love this dress so much! It's incredibly slimming and flattering on, it has a breathable cotton fabric that's super easy to wash and dry, and the colors are even prettier in person. 

     Another Lilly item that I've surprisingly never owned is a popover, so this was the other item I scored a few weeks ago in the spring sale. Lilly Pulitzer occasionally does special prints dedicated to certain cities or states, and I just love their new one for DC!! It features all my favorite colors, and since Charlottesville will probably never have a Lilly print of its own I figured this was close enough. My friend Mercedes lives and works in the DC area and she also bought this- I can't wait to twin with her next time I can go visit! 

     I purchased my first Lilly Pulitzer dress in December 2012, and the iconic print Let's Cha Cha was released for Spring 2013, which was very soon after I had discovered and fallen in love with the brand. So I think this will always be my all-time favorite Lilly print! I do have a skort in Let's Cha Cha, but it's a size too small for me now, and I really wanted something else, even though it's been long since discontinued. After actively searching for a couple years, I found this Let's Cha Cha shift dress a few weeks ago in my size in a Lilly resale group on Facebook! I know I'll treasure this dress for a long time to come. The current Lilly print Fished my Wish has similar colors to Let's Cha Cha- this shift dress is close to mine! 

     Pink Colony, a Lilly Pulitzer boutique in Vermont, designed these custom t-shirts with a classic Lilly quote on them! $10 from the sale of every t-shirt goes to support the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Vermont Hospital, to help with COVID-19 relief. I paired mine with a new pair of denim shorts. While these aren't my most favorite shorts I've ever owned, they are an incredible deal coming in at under $15! 

     LOFT had an incredible sale a few weeks ago where you could get one new item for a whopping 70% off!! I've been needing a basic white button up shirt, so this seemed like the smart one to get one. I really do like this shirt from LOFT and I can't wait to style it multiple ways- the possibilities are endless with a shirt like this. 

     This dress was such a fun and affordable find. I love the bright teal and pink colors, which reminds me a lot of Lilly. Another fun detail is the tassels on the back of the straps (which you can't see here, but they sure are cute. This dress is under $20 and a great deal for summertime! 

    I'm also wearing these affordable metallic sandals with every outfit in this post! They're pretty comfortable and fit true to size- I know I'll be wearing them more soon. 

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


  1. I have to say, you look amazing in both maxis!!

  2. All I love all of the Lilly, beautiful! Okay I am going to have to snag that last dress. I need some good nursing friendly dresses and I think it would work actually.


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