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December 19, 2018

Midweek Ramblings.

{A snapshot from brunch a couple weekends ago. Side note: I can't believe this is the final Midweek Ramblings posts for 2018! Follow me on social media @miss_alk}

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  • NYFW bound: Whew - has this been a week! Announcing my new job definitely took took the spotlight, so I wanted to make sure to share in today's blog post about the other exciting thing that happened in the last seven days. I'm going to February NYFW!!! Talk about a dream come true for this little blog of mine. The flights are officially booked and the hotel is reserved! The best part is that my partner in crime for the long weekend in the city will be Gentry from Girl Meets Bow (you must follow her if you don't!). I am glad we booked our travel really early so that we can now spend this week and next enjoying the holidays! Full on itinerary planning will resume in January, as NYFW will be here before we know it in mid-February. 😉
  • NYE plans: I was originally planning a five day trip to Charlotte over New Year's and the weekend leading up to it, but with starting my new job the day after Christmas I will have to postpone that. It ended up working out though- as now I have two different fun plans for NYE night! I'm now really excited to be here for my first Virginia New Years!
  • What blog posts I've loved: I thought I'd wrap up today's Ramblings by sharing a few blog posts I've read lately and really enjoyed! I loved this round-up on the best eyeshadow palettes from Cort in Session, a guide to buying designer bags on eBay from Southern Curls and Pearls,  and this holiday outfit from Oh What a Sight To See

Weekend Recaps:
  • Last weekend: Whew- it was a busy one! It kicked off with the Dave Matthews Band concert on Friday night (they're from Charlottesville- very cool to see them in their hometown!). On Saturday, I had work brunch and then went to my friend Kelly's winter orchestra concert! This past Sunday it was my week to teach Sunday School at church, and then that afternoon some girlfriends and I went to lunch at the Melting Pot to celebrate my new job. I love busy and full weekends like this one!
    Next weekend: I'm only able to get home for a few days for Christmas this year, but I plan to make the most of the time! I leave for Maine on Saturday morning. I am really looking forward to seeing my parents and a couple of my close friends up there!

  • This was a total fun buy, but I bought this trivia game this week! I can't wait to play it with friends (and possibly on-air for my new show?). 
  • If you got a reward at Victoria's Secret for shopping there on Black Friday- now is the time to use it! I think it expires soon, or maybe it did this week. Anyways, I used mine this weekend! (Not going to link what I bought there because that might be TMI for a blog- haha! 😂)

  • I keep looking at these gorgeous heels! I love the colors that they come in, and I think they would be perfect for NYFW. 
  • I seriously never need a winter scarf again (I have SO many), but if I did need one... this one is so cute!
  • I have heard great things about these lip balms- and this holiday set is a great deal on them. 
  • A gorgeous dress coat for holiday festivities. 
  • I've never tried jewelry from Shein... but I do love these earrings. And what an amazing price!

Recipe of the week: Coconut Chocolate Blondies from My Baking Addiction. These were super easy to make, and a perfect weekday treat to snack on!

Song of the week: Got It All by UpsideDown ft. The PropheC. If you follow along with the songs that I pick each week, a lot of times they're international! I love discovering new world music. This week's song is a really fun upbeat pick! (The music video is also hilarious!)

On the blog this week:

    This is the last Midweek Ramblings for 2018- I have my year-end recap blog posts planned for next week!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


  1. SOOOO Excited to be your partner in crime at Fashion Week! Cannot wait to experience it for the first time!!

  2. It sounds like you have been one busy bee! So much FUN planned for the coming year! You go, girl!

  3. That trivia game sounds fun! Congrats on your new job girl.

  4. Congrats on the new job - so exciting! And you will love NYFW!


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